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  1. Chew

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    His story was shaky at best from the start. Clown. Lock him up.
  2. I've seen two (unconfirmed) reports on Twitter of of at least 4 police officers shot....
  3. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Let me start by saying that I need this in my life. That said, man...I just can't imagine Breaking Bad I never got into the prequel spinoffs, even though I've heard good things.
  4. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    We drove right past that joint on the way to Canon City a few years ago. Scary looking LOL. Some very bad people in there Low key's out in the middle of ****ing nowhere. Not sure how heavily armed the staff are there, but a well-armed group of 50 or so bad guys and a few compromised employees (compromised as in "we'll cut your daughter's head off if you don't cooperate"), and a chopper....ya never know. It made local news out here last year that union officials said guards at the Supermax were in danger because the prison was understaffed. I wonder if El Chapo moving in will have any impact on security measures. Lots of bad guys living out their days there, but nobody like Chap.
  5. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    How long have you been there? Is your education level similar to theirs? You guys all perform the same duties? Did you go into the position with any salary demands or did you negotiate at all?
  6. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Those who can't fight....slam.
  7. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Slept your man
  8. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    on what, exactly? #downwarddoc
  9. Chew

    R. Kelly... Smoke and fire it seems.

    Hell yeah, lock his sick ass up. Dude is a ****ing monster.
  10. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Be sure to sample the international mushu
  11. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Take my hat off
  12. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Submit to the BDE, pansy.
  13. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    If by "getting rides from strange men" you mean "punching cornballs from California with trash Score Per Minute stats in Battlefield 5," then yes.