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  1. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Veganism, more specifically plant-based, is incredibly healthier than a diet that includes meat and dairy. No real argument to be had there. I do vegan when I want to drop some weight because it works really well for me. I don't care at all about the cows and chickens. Yes, I've seen all the documentaries about poultry farms and about how cows have feelings, too. That sucks, I'm sorry the universe chose you for a crap existence this time around. Life sucks, and it certainly isn't fair. Hopefully in the next life the chicken I ate last night be a prince.
  2. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    You not been lifting lately? Cuz that was weak af. I deserve better insults than that.
  3. Chew

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Yep. The bumpage of this thread just annoys me all over again Spoiler alert: THE SHOW DIES IN SEASON 8
  4. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    0 days since your last cornball incident, unfortunately. Because you're breathing.
  5. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Jesus. Scrolling through my posts on here and social media yesterday, I see why I quit drinking. 3 drinks and I was teetering on awakening LFtT - Lightskinned Frank the Tank Me arriving at lunch yesterday and crumbling under peer pressure: An hour later:
  6. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Joe Rogan & Roman Craig.
  7. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Man...just had my going away luncheon. 38 people showed up to say farewell to a brotha. Some folks that had retired and others that had moved onto other agencies came out to wish me well. The love was real. It quite literally was standing room only to bid farewell to Chewdy. They asked for a speech, and I may....may have leaked a bit of awesome. And I don't drink anymore.'s been years. But they managed to talk me into having 3 margaritas. I was chatty as hell, posing for pictures, and they got me to pose with a teddy bear downtown I've been at my current job since 2013, and it's just now really hitting me that I'm outta here. I'm the only one not teleworking tomorrow, so it'll be an empty office. Going to be a legit Fresh Prince finale type moment A lot more responsibility at my next job, but I think my dick's big enough to **** all of it.
  8. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    "Symphony of violence." Jesus, that's beautiful. I just leaked a little awesome.
  9. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Takes a real man to shed tears, and I leak awesome like a faucet.
  10. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Hell yeah, dawg. That scene gave me goosies. Sawing bammas in half with the sharpie-sized rounds. Right up there with the Predator and T2 minigun scenes, and Vasquez and Drake thumpin' with those incinerators in Aliens. Heavy on the testosterone. RAWR!
  11. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    You end up talking about my penis quite a bit.... Look, Doc -- you're a cool dude. I know you better than most of the other RTT homies. I have no issues with your lifestyle, I don't judge anybody. But to be clear, it's a no, bro. NO.
  12. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Doc's like what...22-23? Is he a tail-end millennial? Or a senior Gen Z'er? Eh, either way, he's your typical 20-something d-bag. Oh well, least he's got big muscles.
  13. Chew

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Off to an 0-3 start in fantasy. In one league, I had 5 players combine for 42 a PPR. That team was predicted to score the most points this week. Unreal. Gotta love fantasy -- sometimes you're on cloud 9, and other it ****ing sucks. 0-3 start in fantasy on top of our meltdown yesterday in philly....**** week 1.