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  1. "lemme get a cake with Spider-Man shootin' ropes." "Say no more, fam."
  2. Don't read this. ^ If you read that, you gotta get stoned today.
  3. Thanks, man. I was devastated. Watched it live and you knew it was bad instantly I know every team is banged up, but this will be the third year in a row where the nuggs enter the playoffs with one of their starters out for the season. So friggin bummed.
  4. When it's Monday morning and you're not in the mood...but you're still reppin'.
  5. I'm low-key growing tired of your little jabs. I woulda been kicked your ass in front of the RTT crew years ago if it wasn't for your prosthetic ankles. Because apparently beating up a crippled nerd from Orange County would make me a bad guy
  6. I'm soft, but the first pfizer had my arm sore af for like two days. Groaned and moaned like a little ****.
  7. Man, that Beyond stuff ain't all that great, IMO. Highly recommend giving the Impossible brand a try if you can find it. Their impossible ground beef is the real deal and they make sausage, too.
  8. Just watched the Shameless series finale. Hit me pretty hard in the feels when they showed flashbacks to S1. I can't believe it's been an 12-year run. Shameless is one of the few shows we've been rockin with since Day 1. The first 6 seasons or so were really, really good, but it fell off a bit the final few years, and especially when Fiona (Emmy Rossum) left the show. William H Macy is one talented man, Frank Gallagher a top 10 TV character of all-time.
  9. Have you seen your quads in the mirror lately?! Who doesn't want that that hog. Jokes aside, you on that warzone tonight?
  10. You're my baby bro, and I love you. So I'm always gonna keep it 100. Your man wanted to eat, alright...but he wasn't planning on cooking. He wanted that rump roast raw, my dude.
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