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  1. Was skeptical as hell about the Ghostbusters reboot, but wow, looks like they've recaptured the magic of the OGs. Paul Rudd is so perfect for this. Janine still fine as hell
  2. Beckett, could look up the value of cards. They had something similar for coming books too. Wizard, I think it was?
  3. Finished Atypical last night. One of the most underrated shows out there. It watches like Kim's Convenience in that it's a "light," easy watch. I'd go out and a limb and say it's a top 5 Netflix series. Casting was perfect, Rappaport and Jennifer Jason-Leigh are subtle but very good as the parents to an autistic kid. All the people in this show are very likeable and it feels like you're watching a real family with real life problems we the audience can relate to, not an overly-dramatic tissue fest. Highly recommend.
  4. Maybe this whole microdosing thing for work isn't such a good idea
  5. Random, I didn't know Angela Lansbury is still alive. she'll be 96 in October . Have a good week, RTT fam. Been a god awful August at work, five more business days and the nightmare ends.
  6. Peaty can't be beaty. I came up with that myself.
  7. Wow, wasn't aware they covered that. Dope! But no they didn't play it, I would've recognized the theme had I heard it. I'm not a yuge Station 9 fan, but their live shows are incredible. And congrats on the Tempur, I've heard those things will change your life.
  8. Went to see Sound Tribe tonight, one of the best concerts I've ever been to. They played 3 sets from 7:30 to midnight. Straight crank. Sat next to some friendly wooks from Austin, this chick offered me a shotgun and then put glitter on my head
  9. Jesus, man. What were you thinking? Go sit your little big ass down.
  10. Hey man, look at it this way. At least you've still got a hairline at 33 LOL.
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