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  1. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    I listened to it on YT last night, Doc's little song is pretty chill or whatever. A little soft though, even for me. But yeah...we need to sneak Doc some edibles, take him to a rave, and just watch his inhibitions melt away as his body becomes one with the dance floor. Let's help that young man open his third eye and taste the music. "Renegade, Chew, and Doc walk into a rave......"
  2. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Great. So about that blunt....
  3. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    He's listening to Chillwave/Dreamwave. Nuages. Now open YouTube, sync your phone with your headphones, and light up.
  4. Chew

    Let's Talk about Pets

    I say shower him with treats
  5. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    This. We just tried to toughen your Northern California ass up. You're a better man having been fried by the RTT over the years. And your ankles are more stable. We cook you with love.
  6. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Flourish, young man. Good luck. And when you start making bank, don't forget about your uncle Chewdy.
  7. I really enjoyed Hold the Dark. D.C.'s own Jeffrey Wright was so good, as was Skarrsgard (who will forever be "Eric" from True Blood). Crazy friggin' movie. One of those slow burn films like The Revenant and Wind River. There's something about those desolate, winter backdrops used for suspense thrillers that just kick it up a notch. I'm kinda bummed that Wright's career didn't' really start to flourish until the last 10 years or so. He's in his mid-50s, and I didn't really start to notice him until the mid 2000s. He's a strong enough actor to carry the lead role in big movies, and this was the first film that I'm aware of where he's been the lead dog. And he crushed it. Hope to see more.
  8. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Big facts. Can't imagine life without it. The thought of a gyro without feta makes my heart weep.
  9. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Company holiday party is tonight, everyone around the office today is talking about getting trashed. Open bar in a private room at Fogo. I'm gonna be in the cut watching the shenanigans unfold.
  10. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Did you swipe right?
  11. Chew

    2018 Fantasy Football

    I didn't make the playoffs in the ES league, but I outscored 3 of the 6 teams that made the playoffs. It's all about the points against, and all six of the teams that made the playoffs have fewer points against them than I do. Add insult to injury, with Dalvin Cook's performance last night, I outscored 11 of the 12 teams this week, so I should be gearing up for a deep playoff run. Oh, fantasy bring out the ultra-competitive Type A in me. But so much of fantasy is pure luck and situations beyond our control.
  12. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Speaking of Ealy, there's a lot of good looking beige brothers that come outta Silver Spring, Maryland. Just sayin' Ugh, all this beige love.....I'm getting verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here's the topic: "Drake is God, God is Drake." Discuss. Travolta is entering Cuba Gooding Jr territory with all the trash, straight to DVD movies he does these days. Critics agreed Gotti was one of the worst movies of the 21st century
  13. Chew

    Random Thought Thread

    Been following KTO for a while on YT, and he dropped this yesterday.