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  1. Sometimes it's good to plan international trips with your sis when you are both fairly lit up. No, my ex just messaged me! Apparently he got married, had a kid, is getting a divorce and wants to talk. Wish that had been deleted... AM EDIT: Good Lord.
  2. I'd bet (with a HIGH level of confidence) that about 99% of the American population doesn't know this. I mean, I had a discussion with several family members at dinner tonight, all with a Master's level of education or higher, and none of them hadn't the slightest clue what the refugee application process consisted of until I explained to them the basic outline and highlights...
  3. I think we realize certain areas of the world ARE breeding grounds. That's a no duh. A country can be cognizant of the political landscape of other regions and increase vigilance without passing additional fear-based laws that don't do anything they're purported to do by our politicians. And like I said, the problem is that this whole subject hasn't been a discussion, it's propaganda vs. facts.
  4. Wasn't sure if you knew that. I figured if you did know, you would just assume it's a rhetorical question and move on. I never said you were going out on a limb with Syria. Of course Syria is a breeding ground for terrorism. So are a lot of countries. I was just pointing out the faulty logic in your response to Hersh's question. As far as the whole having a big problem with people who aren't "discussing" the issue, the problem there is that this is not anywhere close to an honest discussion: it's facts on one side versus false, crazy **** that goes against everything America sta
  5. You do realize that people from ALL OVER the world have pledged allegiance to ISIS and even traveled to Syria to fight with them? Additionally, refugees from countries OUTSIDE the Middle East have been admitted to the United States and been charged with aiding ISIS. Further, most of the terrorists who carried out the Paris attacks were French or Belgian citizens Based on your rationale, Belgium and France could be considered "breeding grounds for terrorism" and we should not admit French or Belgians immigrants into this country. So, how do you propose legally establishing which co
  6. This is an extremely weak argument: European borders and border policies are very different from the US policy. Further, It takes 1-2 years for refugees to go through the vetting process as is. How much slower should the process be made to ensure refugees are "more thoroughly vetted?" What additional measures do you want to put into place to "ensure" America is not infiltrated by ISIS operatives posing as Syrian refugees? I have yet to hear reasonable answers to these questions. Based on the absence of reasonable answers, really, the only conclusion one can make is that this oppositio
  7. My Facebook feed is almost unbearable right now. I'm ashamed this country is even having such a heated debate about this. Not only is accepting refugees morally right, but the rhetoric used in the argument to keep refugees out has no basis in FACT. The ignorance regarding the refugee process and the number of people buying into baseless bull**** is scary. Actually, that graph is incorrect. There have been refugees who've come to the US and been charged with terrorism-related activities. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3322649/The-enemy-Nearly-SEVENTY-arrested-America-ISIS
  8. Between these (looking more and more true) accusations against Bill Cosby as a sexual predator and Lee Harper's "sequel" to To Kill A Mockingbird, I'm starting to come to the realization that my entire freaking childhood was a fraud.
  9. You're right, "groupthink" can be dangerous. However, I certainly wouldn't classify a plethora of scientific data and published studies "groupthink," unless you're just looking for excuses to disregard scientific data. To me it's like looking at published studies about the efficacy of vaccines, or antibiotics or a million other modern medical breakthroughs this past century and disregarding them as "groupthink."
  10. TWA - I don't deny that there are natural fluctuations in weather patterns that cause periods of heating and cooling in the Earth's atmosphere. However, to lump all recent climate data into that category, particularly with the overwhelming amount of scientists and climate experts saying and publishing studies otherwise is to be either willfully ignorant or willfully dishonest. I would agree since both sides use local data to "pimp" their causes. I probably didn't articulate it very well since my observations were just about this current season, but in describing NorCal condit
  11. Yeah, I live a few hours north of you, near Mt. Shasta, and in the 30 years my family has lived here I've never seen conditions this bad. Just a few examples: - This past winter Mt. Shasta ski resort opened for maybe 2 weeks, and even at that, only 1 chair lift was open. The other ski resort I grew up skiing at, Mt. Ashland (about 40 min. north, just across the Oregon border), wasn't able to open at all. - I've never seen Mt. Shasta's snowcap so small during the summer months. - As of yesterday, we currently have 26 wildfires in Siskiyou County alone. - With the water levels
  12. Watching a documentary on the genocide in Darfur. I'm ****ing disgusted we turned a blind eye to that catastrophe and allowed that to happen.
  13. It's clearly because I'm a Redskins fan. At least that's what I tell myself! lol No, it's all good, everything happens for a reason
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