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  1. Did she retire? She used to be all the rage a few years back.
  2. On the roller skates? It's Gianna Michaels.
  3. OMGGG I'm crying!!! (NSFW language) <<< Go the **** to sleep - by Samuel Jackson So funny because it has a beat! And it's like he's rapping!!
  4. haha yea I have a few tats, just couldn't tell! lol looked legit! still pretty darn funny! I'm sure there are people out there with Angry Birds tattoos too!
  5. Hahaha is that real? If so, that's awesome! lol
  6. That picture of that Orangatun can't be real can it?
  7. Lmfaoooooo!!!! Is that from the post? holy cow that's hilarious!
  8. I'm sure everyone has seen this, but it's ****ing funny as ****!
  9. Just beat Pokemon Fire Red. Well didn't catch em all yet, but have been addicted to this game for the past 2 weeks. Hooked up my old controlled to my laptop and have played like every day. So addicting. And lmfaooooo at the moon walk grocery cart and awww I wonder if that dog got hurt.
  10. Awwww where my Dead heads at? Lil somethin to relax ya after a tough work week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQL9B4WTNrE&feature=related
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