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  1. Why futbol is the most beautiful game in the world. Watford lets this PK in, their hopes of playing in the final for a chance to get in the EPL is over. What ensues is beyond epic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wf0B9iqgefE#!
  2. Should have told me earlier. All I can DVR now is the 2nd half
  3. Very exciting game so far. Cheering for an all German final.
  4. It's a little jacked up if she didn't tell you until just recently. When Ren and I started dating she let me know that she had already accepted going to grad school in Minnesota. She knew all along that she was going there. I was cool with it because I knew what I was getting into. If it worked out, it worked out but if it didn't then at least we tried. 4 years later here we are.
  5. Watching E:60 and there's a story about Auburn and all the failed synthetic marijuana tests players had. Gene Chizik sounds so ****ing insincere and like a total tool. ---------- Post added April-24th-2013 at 07:59 PM ---------- And just saw Bill Parcells cry. I really love this series.
  6. 13 of 21 titles in the PL era for Manchester United? Beautiful and amazing soccer in that league but wow how boring is that?
  7. Because getting razor burns over my face especially the mustache area is SO ****ing manly. I don't have any facial hair except for my sideburns. Sorry youngchew
  8. It's very rare that I use a shaver on my face now. My skin is sensitive like whoa and constantly taking a razor to it almost every 3 days was causing hell on my face.
  9. Ugh. We've had on Comcast for some time now but still no HD.
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