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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders vs. The Eagles - A divisional battle!


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It's gonna be hard for our offense to score a lot when Philly's offense is on the field all day.  I can see them going for (and getting) the quick, chunk play scores early, but as their lead builds, I see them switching to the run game, which we will have no answer for.  Wentz and company will grow cold on the sideline as Hurtz pulls a McNabb and makes our LBs look like absolute fools as he runs and runs and runs.  By the late 3rd and into the 4th quarter, Wentz is gonna push HARD to get us back into the game and in the process fire a few INTs.


Haven't seen the Eagles play Game 2 yet, but this is the early feeling I'm getting.


I'm thankful that his game is not a prime-time game...but it'll feel like it.  The heat from the fans and media is gonna get turned way up after this game, putting an immense amount of pressure on this team heading into the Dallas game.


Philly south will be rocking hard on Sunday.


Eagles 45

Skins   24

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Watching the Eagles now....they're going to crucify Washington.  


The Eagles organization is going to show Dan's exactly how you go about rebuilding and just how little team-wide progress Ron has really made in his 3 years.  I have a gut feeling we're going 1-4.  The Eagles game is going to start the slide.  

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Hurts is incredibly accurate tonight making great decisions in the passing game. His scrambles have been strong and smart and now results in 2 TDs.


He's not a top 10 qb but he's better than last year. Next week is going to be nasty between FedDex turning into a sea of green, piling injuries, offense playing for one half, defense playing for no halves and the seemingly brewing in-house drama involving JD.

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The only way to win this game is start fast so we aren't playing from behind.


It's not impossible to force the Eagles to reconsider how much they run the ball, but they won't any time they are within one score or have the lead.


Have to see how this Vikings game ends...see if they have a problem closing out games or not after what happened against Detroit last week.

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This version if the Eagles that am watching is too much for this defense




24 minutes ago, Riggo#44 said:

This is going to make the Monday Night Massacre look like the Monday Night Massage.


49-17 Eagles.


lol, I was at that game.  I might fly up to see this game, toying with it, hopefully I don't see round 2 of it but agree its possible. 

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The Eagles are for real. Just saw them against the Vikes and they will destroy us.


I predict another trashing before half-time and then they take the foot off of the gas. Why bother? They know we are flaccid.

They will run for 200+ yards and sack Wentz at least four times. Our running game will be non-existant yet again. A couple of dinks and dunks that turn into big gains, but that's it.


Commodores: 9

Phily: 36



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