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The Game Prediction Thread - The Commanders vs. The Eagles - A divisional battle!


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It is a home game so we get a home game advantage. So that mean we will lose by 3...lol okay j/k. 


I still believe we can beat the Eagles as long as we can play all 4 qtrs. The Lions game would have been nice to win but this one is definitely a must win if we are to stay relative in the division. It is hard to believe but the Giants are #1 right now in the division. 


Wentz can't lose to his old team. Need to beat the **** out of them or close to it. 


Commanders: 34

Eagles: 27


21144780_EaglesSuck.gif.f452ab9445d4ab2704f85601d30234ac.gif 21144780_EaglesSuck.gif.f452ab9445d4ab2704f85601d30234ac.gif 21144780_EaglesSuck.gif.f452ab9445d4ab2704f85601d30234ac.gif 21144780_EaglesSuck.gif.f452ab9445d4ab2704f85601d30234ac.gif 21144780_EaglesSuck.gif.f452ab9445d4ab2704f85601d30234ac.gif 21144780_EaglesSuck.gif.f452ab9445d4ab2704f85601d30234ac.gif

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They are going to destroy us on the ground. Its going to be just pure chaos on the ground from them all day long. They will score fast but hopefully we can hold them to 3 a few more time then they can us and we just out score them. I actually think its possible too. we will see. 


33-35  Manders. 

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Hurts is going to destroy us next weekend. We couldn't contain him last year, when he had a decent offense around him, but now that they have AJ Brown, and their running attack is even more potent than the Lions running attack, we are going to get massacred on the defensive side of the ball.  Offensively, we should be able to score on them (provided that we don't wait until halftime to start scoring).  This will be a shootout, but since the Eagles can run the ball at will, they will have a 5-6 minute drive to put the game away at the end with a TD, and we will not have enough time to pull off the win:


Eagles 41

Commanders 35

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Let's see. In week 1, after a good start; the offense stalled before bouncing back in th e 4th quarter. Yesterday,  we stunk in the first half before rebounding in the second.So, for Sunday; our offense will play good in the first half. Then stall in the entire second half.


Eagles 37

Commodes 24


I also think Eagles at minimum will get 200 yards rushing.

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Not worth watching a "Professional" club that takes 3 years to 'rebuild' half a team.

Washington has once again taught the people about nepotism, status quo, and entitlement.

No ****ing way this pathetic defense will get another minute of my attention.

All you Jamin Davis and Cole Holcomb lovers enjoy the taste of your opponents sweaty nutz!

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2 minutes ago, TheShredder said:

All you Jamin Davis and Cole Holcomb lovers enjoy the taste of your opponents (censored)

1) there are Jamin Davis/Cole Holcomb lovers? Where? If you can find them for me, I owe you a beer


2) I’m pretty sure it would be impossible for those fans (again, if there are any) to even taste that from their own homes :P 

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