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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team

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2 minutes ago, dc1 said:

You have it backwards Conn.


Anytime we push the pause button to consider all aspects of an offensive operation as we consist QB play is not arrogant.   


However to evaluate a player who is having up and downs in his first 16 games and under a new offense as a bust is something else.

We’re not engaging in the same conversation, not sure why you quoted me to say this. I’m simply saying that more QB talk is expected than any other position group because they have an outsized impact on the game and touch the ball every offensive play. 

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1 minute ago, justice98 said:

Man, he had better have hit that.  Because that miss on Terry was bad, but nobody will remember because they converted the next play. 

No his OC needs to be on him for that one. Has to trust his eyes, but he was still worried about the under coverage.

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