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  1. GIF's are being weird so insert D. Haskins saying 'Cut it out' gif. Good drive. Glad Young is back!
  2. I was incredible impressed with his arm, looks like he is going to be a stud. Lucky Chargers.
  3. Go Redskins!!! Whoops, sorry ma'am. I mean Football Team!
  4. Groin injury, he was limping a bit. No other update as of now. Doesn't look too bad.
  5. Hope Chase can stay healthy. If not he could bail to the Ravens after a few years and probably always stay healthy. Cursed franchise which concerns me when we do get a great player.
  6. I really miss the 90s. Words can’t express how much. I forgot about the fight song. At least I detached a bit from sports so it’s not as bumming. I avoid the net at all costs now but I hope everyone here is well. Was curious at the name change thoughts from you guys.
  7. Yes!!! I’m pumped! Welcome to DC. They hit the lay up
  8. Yeah that weighs on me just a little. I just keep in mind that Russell Wilson went in the 3rd, so it's rare of course to snag a dude in that round. Aaron Rodgers went 24th just before us (damn!) so that can happen and if we are picking there then that is good news. Hopefully Haskins has a nasty good year and we don't got to worry about it. He just needs to be good if our D is top notch and we will be competitive. Trading back may be dangerous because who knows if the Giants go for Simmons. Getting him and the 18th pick and a 2nd and 1st next year would be cool with me, but
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