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  1. I think we have to amend the old saying. The most popular man in Washington is the second-string QB practice squad QB who'll never make the roster but lit up the FCS.
  2. The way he shut up that Diggs guy is just an all-time classic.
  3. I can think of a recent first-round pick who might be available right now!
  4. I'm still thinking back to that hilarious off-season feature on McCarthy about how he spent his year off in his converted barn with a bunch of coaching buddies learning about all that "fancy analytics type stuff." When I saw that, I immediately became scared that Snyder would hire him.
  5. Kyle's mobility is the key. Turner should find more creative ways to use it, not that I'm advocating for the read option.
  6. I did. With the Packers, I never felt like he was even close to getting the max out of the talent there Plus, his game management was atrocious. In fact, I'm starting to wonder whether Garrett was secretly doing a great job in getting Jerruh's rosters as far as he did. Remember, Jerry is sort of a slightly more talented version of Dan Snyder when it comes to running a football team.
  7. This is amazingly early to have such a hot race for the top pick. It's like there's no "middle class" in the NFL this year. Teams are either contenders or palookas.
  8. Good performances from some of the young guys. Allen is a gamer. He got lucky not to be picked a couple times. WFT needs a couple more offensive threats, but you can start to see some good things coming into focus. This Cowboys team isn't supposed to be rebuilding but sure looked like they should be. They could well go 2-14 and pick at 2 or 3. Me, I'd rather see the WFT build on this and start to develop something than win the race to Trevor Lawrence.
  9. Cowboys are threatening to make Thomas look like a viable pass-catching TE.
  10. I was having visions of Clint Longley, there, but this kid doesn't have a chance behind that line.
  11. We might need to see where all the youngsters are at the end of the season before coming up with draft strategies.
  12. Wasn't he notorious for getting a massage at halftime once in GB?
  13. Can we get a camera shot of Jerruh? That'd increase my enjoyment of this even more.
  14. How is it even possible that the horrible Giants might actually be the best team in our peewee league of a division?
  15. This is like the third quarter of the third preseason game, when the teams are playing a mix of starters and second stringers.
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