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  1. Alex lasted five games before his bad leg started giving him trouble. It's over, even if he can't accept it.
  2. Before I judge Lamar as a passer, I need to see what a more traditional QB would do with that same set of receivers. For whatever reason, the Ravens have always had a subpar WR lineup, going back to their championship days. Slow and unimpressive. Lamar does seem to come up short in the big games, and that's a big red flag. The champion QBs all seem to have that gift for making something happen when everything else breaks down, whether it's with their arms or legs.
  3. Fitzpatrick is a stopgap if you draft someone. If the WFT is going to bring in a vet, it needs to be a quality starter for an immediate playoff run. They've already got a couple guys who could serve as stopgaps. Stafford might be okay, but that depends on analysis of whether his impact on the cap and draft situation will prevent the team from addressing their other pressing needs. Stafford throwing to Terry and a bunch of scrubs isn't much better than Heinicke throwing to Terry and a bunch of scrubs.
  4. As long as Rivera's choice works well with him and helps build the culture, I'm good. Scouting isn't done by just a single person--the department needs to be good from top to bottom, and the scouts need to be listened to (i.e., not drafting guys with fancy combine numbers or who went to the right school).
  5. There is the Lions factor to consider. They've had two of the best players of all time at their positions (Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson) and managed to drive them both to early retirement while winning nothing.
  6. That was out of necessity. If there had been a full offseason and preseason schedule, I don't believe for a minute that Haskins would have been the Week 1 starter.
  7. Of the names mentioned in that article, only Watson and Stafford move the needle for me. No way in hell Watson is going to be available (or at least without trading too many draft picks), and Stafford is on the downhill slide and will want $$$$$. The others don't bring much more upside than we already have. Wentz? Are memories of Week 1 really that distant? Trubisky? Are memories of yesterday afternoon really that distant? Tyrod Taylor? He brings nothing that Allen and Heinicke don't.
  8. Nice post. I got to watch the entire Gibbs run (and do remember the George Allen years as a young child), so maybe that's why I've hung on a little more over Snyder's reign of error. Nevertheless, it's been tough. There was always something askew since the opening week of the 2000 season. I won't recount it all here. But even the high points, Gibbs II and the RG3 year, just had something "off" despite the glimmers of hope. Maybe the Rivera Era will turn out the same way. Snyder is somebody capable of messing up the greatest situation. Yet, somehow, this fee
  9. Browns seem to be getting a little too casual. I've seen this movie before.
  10. He'll undoubtedly be in camp and get a chance to shine. Not much more to say.
  11. We cut the cord, or I'd absolutely be watching this on Nickelodeon. SpongeBob would have caught that pass...
  12. Nice wrap-up. This is honestly the first time since Gibbs II that there's nothing weird, awkward or embarrassing about the WFT (on the football side). Somehow, despite the odds, it's now a class organization run by a first-rate gentleman. The future looks bright, if Snyder can just stay out of the way. Free agents and coaches will want to come here. Young players will be properly mentored and developed. Around here, we tend to focus on the flaws in the roster. Remember, every team has flaws. WFT doesn't have to fix every flaw to be a contender next year, the
  13. I understand, but if they resign Heinicke they'll essentially already have three of that type of guy on the roster. The point to drafting a QB this offseason would be to find someone with higher potential and fewer downsides. I don't see much point in it, personally.
  14. I think they'll have to draft higher than they did for those guys if they want someone whose potential is greater than Allen or Heinicke. That'll be a tough decision for Rivera, as there are a lot of other needs on the team, not to mention depth, that can be filled with third- or fourth-round picks. It's not just about the starters. You need OL, LB and DB who can rotate in and keep the ship moving. Edit: trading down out of the first round might be a wise move, all things considered.
  15. You have to keep trying the run to keep the defense honest. Gibson's injury reduced their rushing options. I agree that there were some rushing plays that I wouldn't have called. Ultimately, the rushing game was weak all season. They need to address this in the offseason in some fashion, even if they don't intend to be a rushing-first team.
  16. And that's unfortunately probably the caliber of veteran we're looking at unless they want to fork over a ton of money for Stafford. Assuming they can sign Heinicke, the WFT already have guys who know the system and are a better fit. If they had no one besides a rookie, then yes they'd need Tyrod or Bridgewater or Fitzpatrick or some such.
  17. I don't have Ron's phone number, so I don't know what he's thinking. That said, the performance of both Allen and Heinicke shows me that signing or trading for an available vet would just be gobbling up cap space without a clear benefit above bringing those guys back. The draft is where it gets unclear for me. At number 19, I don't think it makes sense to draft a QB. The "best player available" will be elsewhere, and the available QBs will all have significant downsides or be development guys. It might make more sense in the second or third round if there's a guy avail
  18. Also, the playoffs ratchet up the intensity level. Not many rookies are ready for that, from all the years I've watched. Chase had a great rookie year and is set to be a "Monster of the Mid-Atlantic" for years to come. He'll be even better if the WFT can find some LBs and DBs who are capable of making the opposing QB hold the ball just a little longer. Brady had guys open almost instantly, and he's never going to hold the ball for more than a split second in that circumstance.
  19. I think we have to move on from Alex, regardless of whether he's willing to take a pay cut. He's too competitive to accept being a backup, but he was only able to make it a few games before his repaired leg started giving him trouble. It wouldn't surprise me if Rivera is going to talk to Dan ASAP to ensure that the organization is on the same page re Alex not being in the plans. I'm also guessing that if "the plan" was to draft a guy and start him next fall, then the meeting wouldn't be so urgent. If they intend to bring Allen and Heinicke back as "Plan A", with maybe a
  20. Since the cameramen didn't seem to see anybody on the WFT sideline except Chase Young, it's kind of hard to know what Alex was doing. He probably did plenty of coaching and instruction when appropriate. Remember, Heinicke is not some raw rookie who just learned how to snap on the chinstrap, and he might know this offense better than Alex. Alex's advice might not have been as critical in-game last night.
  21. Peyton Manning made a similar statement before he hung up the cleats. This has been Alex's life since he was a kid. Tough to give that up. He's a smart guy and it sounds like he listens to the people in his life. He has nothing left to prove to me, you, or anyone else. My guess is that he will retire.
  22. The producers prepare a limited amount of special material on certain players, and the announcers often don't seem to be able to deviate from that. Give Dungy credit, though. By the 4th quarter, he was raving about Heinicke's play almost nonstop. Tirico was sticking to the script more (Brady and Chase).
  23. I'm pretty sure that Rivera is not the type of guy who gets swept up in hysterical fanboyism.
  24. I'm pretty sure Dan Snyder will make sure Heinicke is in our camp this spring. He got this unexpected gift, and he really can't afford to eff this one up right now. If there's one thing Snyder is good at, it's getting guys to sign on the dotted line. If the WFT goes into next season with Allen/Heinicke/Montez...I could live with that. Those draft picks would go a long ways to helping get the OL, LB and DB situation improved. WR probably needs to be addressed in free agency, because they need another immediate starter.
  25. They played a contender, an 11-5 team that was on a four-game winning streak and had a +137 point differential this year. There wasn't even a slim chance the WFT was holding the Bucs to 20 points or less. Heinicke did enough to win, but the WFT didn't have enough weapons around him--especially with McLaurin and Gibson being gimpy. The Bucs' offense matches up well with the WFT--strong running game and quick strike passes negate the pass rush and expose the LBs and safeties.
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