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  1. He looks bigger, maybe because he's tall. I stand corrected, then. Either way, Haskins is basically a statue compared to Lamar, so we're dealing with a traditional NFL offense for the foreseeable future, I'm guessing.
  2. profusion

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    Jack Kent Cooke gets the blame for hiring Norv, alas. Alex might have a brilliant FO career ahead of him, but he shouldn't start out in the top job just because he briefly QBed here.
  3. Thing is, Lamar is basically the size of a TE and yet can run like that. The prototypical RB is too short, and the prototypical WR is too frail to play QB like Lamar. That's why I think he's almost one of a kind. I'm sure there'll be others like him in the future, but not at the moment.
  4. Lamar Jackson is one of a kind. You can't replicate that with just any run-heavy QB. If the Skins want to build around Haskins, they to try to make him the next Ben Roethlisberger.
  5. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Most likely. It'll probably be the new HC who decides the new FO executives. It just feels like time for Dan to go with another splashy hire, and he'll get more publicity value out of the coaching hire than by hiring a new executive.
  6. profusion

    Next Coach?

    My pure speculative guess is that Jerruh is more likely to land Lincoln Riley, which would open the door for Dan to get Meyer--he'll have to wildly overpay, though. On the other hand, a college coach used to complete control of a program (heck, of an entire university, really) might find working for Jerry worse than working for Dan. Dan will meddle occasionally, albeit in annoying ways. Jerry thinks he should be involved in every decision.
  7. The article I read on ESPN said they were allegedly forging doctors' orders for medical stuff, so there wasn't actually any equipment being ordered or delivered--they would have just been pocketing the money.
  8. First thing I thought, too; this would be our "Donald Sterling moment!"
  9. I'm just a fan, but I don't feel after several weeks that I have a better idea of Haskins' potential than I did before the season. So much turmoil and stupidity with this franchise...
  10. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Riddick is exactly the sort of publicity-driven hire that Dan would make. To be honest, I wasn't paying such close attention to the FO when he was here, and to me he "came out of nowhere" to his TV gig. The obvious answer would be to find an assistant FO guy on a team with recent success, but that wouldn't give the kind of splash that Dan likes in a situation like this.
  11. Does this mean he's out of the running to be the next GM?
  12. profusion

    A Look Back at where the current fiasco began

    Looking back to that time and comparing it to the present, it feels like we're back to the Big Splash phase of the Dan Snyder Cycle. That would indicate Dan is looking primarily for another Big Name Coach who's good for ticket sales and also foolish enough to think that big bucks and a promise of "total control" will do the trick. The primary executive toady can be named later, if at all. It almost has to be a Big Name Coach who's out of the game and not anyone else's top prospect at the moment. For some reason, the name "Urban Meyer" comes to mind.
  13. profusion

    A Look Back at where the current fiasco began

    Wasn't Bruce touted as being just the "cap guy," with Shanahan making all the decisions? As I recall, Bruce had a reputation for being able to make the numbers work, and he was supposed to come here and break us out of salary cap jail. The notion of him picking players, hiring football staff or spearheading stadium projects wasn't even on the table. Quite a journey over the last decade...
  14. profusion

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

    Eagles 24 Redskins 13 A healthy Eagles team would score a blowout, but they've got some problems, I believe. Dan enlists the Maryland National Guard to help him retreat from Occupied RalJon in his Escalade.
  15. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread