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  1. Cord-cutting is killing ESPN. The NFL would be wise to insist on ABC as Disney's broadcast vehicle if they want the NFL contract. I'm sure the NFL is exploring streaming options, too.
  2. "Lock up the division in February." Did this guy actually watch the Cowturds last year? Dak Prescott ain't fixing all those ills by his lonesome.
  3. Alex made it about five games before his leg started giving him problems. I just don't see how he can realistically be on the roster next season. Too bad, because he'd be a good bridge to the next guy if he could hold up.
  4. One thing I've noticed over the years is that there is a lot of blather and misdirection out there this time of year when it comes to free agency and the draft. Teams aren't going to tip their hands (and actually seem to try and deceive others), and the media guys need to stir up stuff to attract clicks and eyeballs. I pretty much just stop following NFL coverage during the winter unless it's actual news of cuts or signings. I'm also at a disadvantage to some of you in that I don't follow college FB. My assumption is always that we never know how any given college QB is going to do in the pros
  5. Mariota's injury history is a concern for me. Plus, he's just not been that great in the pros. I'm not that enamored with any of the QB options this offseason. It wouldn't bother me if they applied a band-aid for 2021 and focused elsewhere.
  6. The reality is that it's always going to be tough to make someone sell something they don't want to. The other owners aren't going to take that step unless they're also looking at losing money, too. And believe me, Dan's best buddy Jerry would sell him out in a heartbeat if the money was enough to matter.
  7. I'd be fine if they moved on from cheerleaders altogether. That was a college thing that the hated Cowboys brought into the NFL. Pro fans should be able to watch the game without a T&A show on the sidelines. Whatever they do, the team needs to ditch the sleazy and seedy image that crept in after Snyder bought the team. Take it upmarket.
  8. It often seems to. Makes me feel a lot better about where the WFT is right now.
  9. I'm still aghast that Reid went into this with backup OL and a hobbled QB and didn't try to run the ball. Did they even try a single rushing play?? Somewhere, Donovan McNabb is out there saying "yep, I recognize that."
  10. Should definitely put a damper on the Jameis Winston enthusiasm...
  11. Mahomes is fantastic, but the Chiefs just ran into a team with a better defense and a better running game. It's almost like no one ever thought of those things before...
  12. This is just a classic Andy Reid Super Bowl stinker. Knows his QB is gimpy and comes up with...nothing.
  13. It's amazing how Jerruh had a front-row seat to our Kirk Cousins debacle and still might pull off the same boneheaded move. No fool like an old fool, I guess. I've never been *that* impressed with Dak. I mean, he's good, but "mortgage the next decade" good? I don't see it. The Cowturds have too many other problems. I'm really hoping that Rivera isn't getting an itchy trigger finger and doesn't for a bad option this year. I know there's a lot of pressure to fix the QB situation, but making it worse with a bad contract on a dud would be terrible.
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