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  1. profusion

    Starting QB 2019???

    Agreed. Too many other needs to be trading away draft picks. The QB situation is going to be a hot mess for at least a couple years. Why not improve other parts of the roster?
  2. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Baltimore and Washington are separate media markets, and that's what the league really cares about.
  3. profusion

    Starting QB 2019???

    At the Redskins' budget, any veteran they can afford to sign isn't going to be much of an improvement over Josh Johnson. I expect they'll draft a late-round QB. It's not going to be pretty next season.
  4. profusion

    Spurrier comment

    Top 5. Spurrier was a joke from day one. It made me wonder how he was so successful at UF.
  5. Yeah, I always got the impression that Rattay was one of those guys that never really had a chance due to the teams he was on. Seems like a big jump from Louisiana Tech to the NFL with no prior NFL coaching experience, though.
  6. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I guess I'd forgotten about that. But before that, Snyder seems to have given Spurrier all the Gator QBs he wanted. This brings back so many memories of that era. Like someone said, though, at least Snyder and Cerrato were extravagent and entertaining in their incompetence back then. The Snyder/Allen show is just boring and depressing, by comparison.
  7. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My guess is that Snyder will just find a way to stay at FedEx Field if he can't get the stadium. I just can't picture him relocating the franchise. First of all, his two best relocation options are San Diego and St. Louis, where the locals were hostile to ponying up for the teams they already had--or at least they didn't want to do so in the NFL's preferred manner. Snyder is well-known as a toxic owner, so I can't see voters in either place being all that excited about opening up their checkbooks for him. On a completely different subject than the stadium, but one oddly relevant to this thread, I found this laugher from Steve Spurrier in an ESPN article about the new AAF: Now even the Ole' Ball Coach is throwing Snyder under the bus! So, Mr. Ball Coach, you're saying it's a complete 100% coincidence that a bunch of third-tier washout UF quarterbacks showed up on the team at the exact same time you did. It's amazing how those things can happen. Snyder/Cerrato was a terrible GM pair, but even they probably weren't bad enough at the job to think that signing Danny Wuerffel was a good idea...
  8. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Boswell is very much a Redskins fan...he goes back to Griffith stadium as a kid and probably knows more about the team's history than almost anyone here. That said, he's more of a baseball fan overall. In the short term, Murray would make a lot more money in football, but he has to be really honest with himself and decide whether he has what it takes for a 10-15 year career as an NFL starter.
  9. In a purely rational world, that'd be true. We're talking about the Redskins here, though.... NFL teams aren't immune from the laws of supply and demand. If Snyder wants to build demand for his in-stadium product, he needs to either increase product quality or reduce prices to better reflect the current slapdash version. The reality is that Snyder is a free rider. He gets an equal share of TV and official merch revenue without contributing any value towards said revenue. The Redskins are a nonentity in terms of league revenue; they're the east coast version of the Cardinals.
  10. profusion

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    McVay will be fine, as long as he learns from this. He got out-coached by the greatest coach of all time...who brilliantly exploited the flaws in the Rams' roster. Brady looks done, however.
  11. I almost wonder whether we're in a Bengals situation where the owner settles for a decade-plus of mediocrity from the senior staff. They can all go enjoy some Coors Lights together, after all...
  12. profusion

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    They'll bring in some second-tier "name" like McCarron, whether through trade or FA. It'll screw up the cap even more. But I'm also sure it'll be timed for maximum publicity impact. Like next weekend, for example.
  13. A good reporter develops other sources when given the runaround like with Bruce the other day. Problem is, in a paranoid, fear-driven organization like the Redskins, you'll never get anyone to go on the record. So, what you end up with are endless anonymously sourced stories that get criticized here just as much as Dan or Bruce do.
  14. Dan and Bruce are winning the offseason in terms of entertainment value. Albeit a campy sort of entertainment. Based on past experience, I'm expecting some sort of splashy move during Super Bowl weekend.
  15. I'm choosing to be a laughing fan, because the organization is just that ridiculous.