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  1. profusion

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    2-3 with that schedule would be very Gruden-esque. Just enough promise to ultimately deliver a numbing 7-9 conclusion.
  2. It's an even debate whether the greatest QB in team history is Sonny or Sammy. Congratulations to Sonny on an amazing career and a well-earned retirement.
  3. There's no chance the Skins get a 1st for TW absent a season-ending injury to another elite OT on a contender. That's a lot of ifs. I'd probably just take a reasonable offer now to move on.
  4. He's green, which is probably partly why he fell all the way to where the Redskins could draft him. He needs to play a lot in the preseason, even if he isn't the starter in Week 1. If we're not seeing measurable progress in his skillset over four preseason games then you begin to worry. But my goodness, it's extremely silly to write him off after one week of preseason. With this line, it's probably best not to throw him to the wolves in Week 1, anyway...
  5. profusion

    Does Doctson even care?

    Doctson has flashed potential, but we need to start seeing reliability.
  6. profusion

    A little insight on Case Keenum.

    Keenum was a solid signing. I'd start him at the beginning of the season unless Haskins just blows everyone away in preseason. I'd also say that the roster on offense isn't great, but not as bad as some make it out to be. Clearly needs to be a ball-control offense, though.
  7. profusion

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    By late November, we may be wondering whether Josh Johnson will take the Redskins' call this time around.
  8. Trent is (maybe) threatening not to play if he doesn't get more money or a trade. The Redskins have every right to call his bluff, if they want, and not pay him if he sits out. As a fan, I want him on the field this season. His business dealings with the team are his, not mine. It'd be like taking it personally how much a famous actor or musician makes. Not my concern.
  9. Too many wild "sources say" articles/tweets on this to know what to think. If it's money, then Trent has the Skins over a barrel and knows it. It's business. He'd be stupid not to use his leverage. They'd cut him in a heartbeat if they wanted.
  10. profusion

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    TV ratings are down for the NFL nationally, and the league hasn't yet figured out what to do about cord-cutting and streaming. So, that big shared pot of gold that Snyder counts on may not be so reliable in the future. It's the off-the-field stuff that makes Snyder go from bad owner to evil clown. The on-field product is just depressing, but not actually any worse than several other NFL franchises. An apathetic owner would just sit back, stay quiet, and count the TV cash. Snyder's arguably worse than that...he's actively trying to win but is simply far too incompetent to do so. He's tried every different strategy over the last two decades but has no eye for managerial talent (not to mention his apparent delusion in making any football-related decisions himself).
  11. profusion

    A Needs-based draft

    I'm just pleased that the Redskins haven't reached on anyone or done anything weird this time. Solid picks all around, so far. The Giants, on the other hand... I almost feel for their fans. Almost.
  12. profusion

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The FO has done a good job, so far. Anyone needed to plug holes on the starting OL is probably going to have to come from other teams' cuts, though. I am a little concerned about that.
  13. Welcome to DC, Terry! I must have landed in a parallel universe where the Skins' FO is doing a top-notch job...
  14. I defer to no one in my dislike of the Redskins' FO, but I simply must congratulate them on an excellent First Round. My preference going in was for them to trade down, but I feel like they made the right decisions in the end. Gruden's said there will be an open QB competition in camp, and I hope he sticks with it.
  15. profusion

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Well, he's our guy, now. Didn't get a chance to watch any of his game, but let's hope he can manage with a subpar WR crew around him.