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  1. WFT will have to play just about perfectly to have a chance.
  2. I'm chuckling now remembering the "experts" who said the Cowboys bested the Redskins in hiring McCarthy over Rivera. It's like they'd never watched any recent Packers games.
  3. I start thinking, "maybe they're turning the corner," and then I remember the Cowboys are beyond bad...
  4. I don't know if the problem is Alex or the blocking. Both?
  5. That is some special playcalling there by Kellen Moore
  6. Always bad juju around Skins/Cowboys on Thanksgiving. I think the Cowturds get a convincing win.
  7. I sorta watched this one on and off as I had it playing in the background. Neither team looked any good, though some of the young guys for the WFT are starting to show something.
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