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  1. Guardians is proof that all the good names really have been taken. Just go with WFC at this point and get it over with. I guess Wolves is okay, though it makes me think of Wolverhampton FC. Better than Redwolves, which is straight up directional school stuff.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR Washington Trademarkables!!!!!!
  3. I believe Stan Kroenke funded the new Rams stadium himself. Snyder's toxicity is a national reputation. I don't think St. Louis or San Diego politicians will open up their checkbooks for him in the #MeToo era.
  4. So, does this mean that the NFL is going to install microphones throughout the Snyder household to ensure that Danny Boy isn't discussing team operations with his newly installed co-CEO while he's "away"? What's funny is that the league thinks that grown adults will buy this stuff. I never thought the NFL would overtly force Dan out, but I was hoping that he would be given an "offer he couldn't refuse" behind the scenes. The league is also a loser out of all this, because they're still stuck with this toxic schmuck who's bad for business. I assume the payoff to make him
  5. Is there any aspect of the NFL that Jerruh doesn't get paid from?
  6. If there was a carryover starter on the team, it'd be different. In this situation, any QB who would whine about having to compete probably shouldn't be in the locker room. The only worry is the eventual starter not getting enough reps in camp.
  7. You kids with your "helmets" have gone soft. Real men have no problem having their ear torn off by a raging linebacker. It's a badge of honor.
  8. Presumably, Jason Wright and company are engaging data/survey professionals to gauge large-scale feelings about team names, not relying on a handful of people on a team forum. Nobody here, including me, has any idea what the larger current and potential fanbase thinks of any of the potential names. It has to be capable of being trademarked. It has to be marketable nationwide, not just in this area--and it also has to serve as a base for marketable merchandise. It has to project the league's overall desired image. There are a lot of considerations in play.
  9. Taylor is in camp. He's got his shot. I have confidence Ron will treat all the QBs fairly. Can't ask for more than that.
  10. I almost don't care anymore. So many passionate arguments about a whole bunch of bad choices. As long as it's a group of good players in burgundy and gold, that's what matters. The rest is marketing. I'll probably still call them the Redskins out of sheer habit and stubbornness.
  11. I assume Dan is trying to get a more attractive mixed-use proposal together to present to local jurisdictions, since no one seems to want a big concrete bowl in their backyard that's associated with him. For the politicians involved, "mixed use" = more opportunities for tax revenue. Much more appealing from their perspective than a simple stadium that mostly benefits non-constituents, generates relatively little tax revenue, and causes traffic nightmares 8-15 times per year. An upscale mixed-use development might also attract more affluent neighboring residential and commercial dev
  12. I strongly doubt Snyder is anywhere close to having the approval or funding for a new stadium. Public attitudes seem to have softened a bit since the playoff run, but getting a deal through is going to take time. I can't imagine he'll get public funding in this environment.
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