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  1. I guess I did see him. The pandemic has turned my brain to mush.
  2. That's a good point. I never watched any of Allen's Carolina games, but from the accounts it sounds like he's a high-floor, low-ceiling guy. If the season goes south and Haskins doesn't get it in gear, I'm sure Allen will get a look.
  3. For a suspension to have any effect beyond PR value, it'd have to be long like the one given to George Steinbrenner. Prohibiting any contact or decisionmaking with the team for two years might allow the positive changes we're seeing actually take root. Of course, Danny could come back and fire everyone, so maybe it doesn't matter.
  4. This is where I'm at, too. The WFT clearly isn't at a point where an upgrade from a bad QB to a mediocre one is going to turn the season around. Too many holes on the roster. It'd take superstar caliber QB play to make this offense work. We need to see tangible week-to-week improvement in Haskins over the next several weeks for me to buy in. I'm dubious at this point, but this is a rebuilding and evaluation season.
  5. True, although not consistently. He is a rookie, though. I guess I have to remember that this offense got very young almost overnight. I don't see much potential, but maybe some of those guys just need time. The OL is just a disaster, and nothing will work right until the talent level there improves.
  6. WFT was punchless until the Cards began to be willing to give up the underneath stuff late in the game. I don't think there's any single factor you can point to. McLaurin looks like the only starting-caliber guy on the offense right now.
  7. More flow from the offense. It never felt like they got into a rhythm last week.
  8. I would have preferred the stripes on the helmet with no logo over what they're doing this season. Either the numbers or a "W" are too collegiate for me. Eh, it's not a huge deal.
  9. I think people are overrating the Cards based on one good week. WFT - 24 AZ - 17
  10. I so very much want to believe that, but the guy just seems to find a way back to villainy whatever the circumstance.
  11. Yes, I believe they were teammates at Arkansas.
  12. That's what I'm afraid of, too. We're still in the honeymoon phase with both Wright and Rivera, but what happens when Snyder disagrees with them on something major? Every business manager and executive has to learn to "manage up," but having to constantly babysit your boss makes it tough to get things done. And we all know Dan will interfere at some point. That said, Wright seems to clearly understand the situation and his role in fixing it. All the best to him.
  13. In retrospect, it's amazing that Jerry lucked into Jimmy Johnson and that whole early '90s Cowboys dynasty. If he hadn't been such an egotistical tool, it might have lasted years longer.
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