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  1. Kerrigan drove that O Lineman right into that sack. Fantastic!
  2. Someone posted that he was taken to the locker room and someone else posted that he's being evaluated for a concussion.
  3. Definitely been fun to watch and the fact that it's Dallas makes it a bit sweeter. The comeback win against the Eagles in week 1 was pretty exciting as well.
  4. 100% agree. Our defensive line is continuing to do a good job creating pressure, and Chase Young looks like he is going to be special, but losing Ion man was a big loss for the team.
  5. Okay. I thought he was out for like 4 weeks because of a knee injury but I could be wrong about that. If they just decided to leave him inactive that makes no sense.
  6. Yes. No Dak, most of the offensive line is hurt, new system with non-traditional offseason and Mike McCarthy's reputation. Almost zero chance they walk away from him this quickly. Now if it looks like this next season that's a different story.
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