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  1. This is where I'm at. Appreciate what Moses did for the team over the years but confident that we will be fine moving forward given how he played throughout his career. It's weird seeing some of these guys who have been staples of the team, like Kerrigan and Moses, moving on but trusting your position coaches to develop young talent while they are on their rookie deals will be key to building a roster that can legitimately contend. Would love to see both Cosmi and Charles step up and become our bookend LT and RT respectively in 2022 and beyond. As for this season, we have enough depth and
  2. Love the patient and measured approach the front office has taken this offseaon and love the haul they managed to bring in between free agency and the draft. With the addition of McCain this defense is going to be a problem next season. Both impressed and genuinely excited about the direction the team is headed.
  3. Agreed. Going after the signing bonus, after we cut him, would be classless. If we did, however, I'm sure the finger would be pointed at Snyder, not Ron, and most people wouldn't be surprised if Snyder went after the money.
  4. While his time on the field was brief - he put his all into it. Grateful for his time with the team and wish him the best. This is the biggest question for me. Does his retirement mean that the dead cap money we were looking at is wiped out? Are we now sitting on more cash?
  5. I'm a big Cosmi fan and think he would be tremendous value at 51. I'm also a fan of BPA within reason but I don't know if back to back tackles with our first two picks would be reasonable. Especially with Moses having a solid year last year. If, however, someone like James Hudson is available in the 4th round I would be all over it. I would even consider a tackle with our late 3rd rounder if they represent BPA at that pick. I'm all for picking up two tackles in this draft but not at 19 and 51. I would prefer a lower cost second tackle with some upside that we can develop while Moses fini
  6. Yeah Brantley is a bit of a surprise to me. I honestly expected him to be part of the rotation this year.
  7. Yes but pundit draft boards change all the time - especially once measurables come in from the combine (or this year pro days). So Cosmi being projected higher after showing he has elite athleticism is no surprise. But honestly almost everyone projected to be there at 19 are "fringe first rounders." Even guys I would love to add to the team like Zaven Collins and Najee Harris you can find plenty of mocks that have them going in the second. So I wouldn't get too caught in the "fringe first rounder" label. I do get your larger point that there is a tier of LT after Sewell and Slater and if
  8. You didn't mention Samuel Cosmi - who tested off the charts during his recent pro day and who's athleticism may have moved him up to one of the top 4 LTs in the draft. There are a number of LT prospects who should prove to be a significant upgrade over Lucas in both pass protection and run blocking. The chance to lock that position down with improved play for 4 to 5 years on a rookie contract is very attractive and would really help our franchise going forward. They may go a different route at 19 but given how difficult it is to find a solid LT and how expensive it is to upgrade the positio
  9. Yeah his speed is real and absolutely insane for his size. I was watching Trey Sermon a few weeks back and I was amazed at how many times Fields seemingly blew past everyone and caught up to make blocks down field for Sermon. It felt like he was the fastest player on the field. I doubt that he was - but it felt like it.
  10. Yeah I think it is too early to write off the free agent LB market and say we are just going to draft someone to come in and start. My guess is that they have been in contact with one or two of those prospects you listed and are simply holding the line on the contract price - similar to the way they handled the Samuel negotiations. As others have mentioned leaving it completely for the draft is risky. If a QB and a LT they like are on the board in the first couple of rounds I can't see them passing them up for a LB including Collins. Fairly confident they are working on signing another LB
  11. Not sure if they can make it work and leave enough money to sign a good linebacker but if they can I would love an Anthony Harris signing. I agree our current defensive window could close in a couple of years so make a strong run right now. Drafting well and developing more pieces could extend the window but adding Anthony Harris to the mix on a two or three year deal would be insane.
  12. With you on everything above except for the trade compensation. I would only give up that much if we were moving up for a QB they believed in. As much as I would love Pitts 19 and a 3rd would be my limit - and hopefully theirs. But it is fun to dream.
  13. Funny enough I came here to talk about trading up for Pitts. I never doubted the talent but I was taken back when reading posters talk about trading up for him. With our needs I couldn't see it. Now, given the free agent pick ups, I would love if he fell far enough to get him with 19 and one of our 3rd rounders. I doubt he falls far enough and my guess is that if we are trading up it would be for a QB but adding Pitts to this roster would be amazing.
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