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  1. You don't have to convince me that the team would be better off without Snyder. I've personally signed petitions trying to encourage him to sell the team. But I don't think he's going any where. So at this point all I can do is hope that he sees how the team has improved when people with football acumen were allowed to make football-related decisions and that he continues to sit on his hands while the team is winning.
  2. I can't say that nothing has changed. I think Ron has been calling the shots since he's been here and that Snyder has generally been hands off. The fact that we didn't bring in a single big name free agent last offseason (despite having a lot of cap space) and the benching then cutting of Haskins this past season both scream Ron's in charge. Snyder's off-field distractions and winning the division probably helped keep Snyder quiet. My hope is that sustained winning will buy the front office some good will and help keep Snyder from stepping in and overriding the personnel guys. But the min
  3. Yeah. The reports that they may be hiring a second candidate from the GM short list (presumably a personnel guy) and the fact that they interviewed Eric Stokes but not Kyle Smith for the position both make me question Smith's future with the franchise. I trust Rivera more than I have trusted our head coach in the past 10 maybe 20 years but that doesn't mean he won't make some mistakes along the way. I'm in the camp that is less than thrilled with Hurney as the pick for GM. If we lose Kyle Smith in the process I will be concerned about the long term implications of the decision and whether
  4. Yeah if he hits free agency I'm sure he will be targeted. Not sure what type of contract he will be looking for but I'm sure he will be in consideration.
  5. I don't know if he has the resume for that. He was phenomenal tonight but he has been on five different teams and it was only one game. I don't know if that's enough to create a large market. I think he will take a much smaller contract if offered but will push for some guaranteed money.
  6. I think LB and WR need to be priorities in both free agency and the draft. I would sign both in free agency and target both in the first 3 rounds.
  7. He had his ups and downs this season but he improved as a play caller over the season.
  8. Sims with the big TD catch!!! I still want an upgrade at slot but great pass, nice catch and we needed that.
  9. He's definitely not. Would have been nice to have him and Gibson healthy for this game but you play the hand you're dealt.
  10. This! I'm really impressed with the kid. Desperately want him to take us on his back and win this game. But understand it's way too small of a sample size to crown him the future. He has definitely earned a shot in camp next year and I believe Ron will give it to him.
  11. Not the best 2 point play call but still high off that Heini run. Just WOW!
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