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Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

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Got home just as Sims was catching the last TD so I’ll with hold judgement on the game but also remind everyone in both our last game against this team and just last week the eagles went down and then came back to win. Also, this Philly team is riddled with injuries. 

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4 minutes ago, TommyWilson said:

Wasn't your point that the Haskins defenders were quiet when he was playing bad?


I'm confused.


Anyway it's not important, i just want what's best for the team.  


But maybe could have worded it better.


Also, I don’t label people as defenders or haters. It’s stupid. 

The people who defend Haskins regardless were quiet about his play, but still, “he’s a rookie! It’s the lines fault!” Etc.


The people who have viewed Haskins the opposite way, today, have been complimentary. 

The people who make posts trying to call out “haters” or “defenders” and don’t see the whole of the situation are some of the worst parts of this forum. 

Watch him play. Make evaluations based on play. That’s my point, really. Labeling people as a hater or defender is asinine and does nothing to improve conversation.


Nothing in this world is absolute.

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