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  1. Scherff is under contract for $12.525 mil against the cap this year on his team option that we picked up. if we sign him to an extension NOW we can still save some much needed money going forward. Trent comes off the books after next season, and I'd like to extend him as well, but can't happen at the $12.5 he's due to get now. Moses has 3 more years on his deal, after this season, but if we were to move on we'd drop his cap hit to $3.8 mil in 20, and $1.9mil in 21. We need to sign Scherff now. We also need to draft a top tier tackle in the upcoming draft and have the overlap. If we were to let Scherff walk, we're sacrificing good young talent with the idea that we can't afford to pay 3 lineman that kind of money... the problem with that idea is that AFTER next season, Williams (and if we choose to) Moses either get a lot more affordable, or they are no longer on the payroll. There's no guarantee that Trent (age 33) even re-signs here. To end up after next season with ONLY Morgan Moses left of those 3 would be a major mistake. If I had to choose 1 of those 3 to remain on the team after 20, it's Scherff 100%. We have a window of 3 years with possibly a top tier defensive unit. After that, pieces are going to need to get paid WELL which means some decisions are going to have to get made. We need to overlap the talent in the unit. Scherff is a top talent in the league, you can't just let that walk out of your building.
  2. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    CRAP, Ridley is gone.
  3. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    He's gone, Arizona if i'm not mistaken.
  4. OVCChairman

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Don't forget that these charges are domestic violence, and the NFL is very.... involved when it comes to those sort of things. I don't want to get into a debate about him so i'm going to be generic when i say this, but regardless of the outcome, there will be a PR hit to whatever team decides to pick him up... if he ever actually suits up. A team like ours likely will have a bigger backlash than most.
  5. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    oohhh I forgot about Ridley. I was hoping we'd luck box our way into Miles Boykin from ND, but Ridley is an interesting option.
  6. OVCChairman

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'd love to add a piece like him, but he's already got 2 strikes against him. I'd be concerned about what the long term would hold for him. It looks like his charges aren't going to be resolved any time soon, as the best I could find was a 'pre trial hearing' that was supposed to take place on April 18 in New Mexico, and the charges is Texas are still 'pending.' I would believe that if anyone drafts him, or signs him, he's instantly placed on the exempt list until these legal issues are resolved. Maybe someone takes a late round flier on him, but right now i'd guess he's borderline radioactive.
  7. OVCChairman

    A Needs-based draft

    What I feel it boils down to is this. Is there a player on the board that can upgrade your team? If the answer is yes, you take him. If there are 20 players on the board that can upgrade your team, you take the one that upgrades it the most. If you think its more than that, you're going to be constantly reaching, and end up near the middle of the pack regarding talent. The Redskins need a LG. There was not a LG on the board worth 15 when it was our pick. The Redskins need a QB. There WAS a QB on the board at our pick. You don't take a 2nd round G in the 1st round simply because of 'need' That's also why we don't take an RB in the 2nd round simply because they are 'graded' the highest. They may have the highest grade, but they may not offer the same level of an upgrade at our current situation as a TE or WR.
  8. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I disagree Rosen was viewed by a lot this past offseason as being good enough to be the no. 2 QB behind Murray had he come out in this draft. Arizona was worse than we were last year, so to expect a rookie QB to come in and have any real success is not really fair. I don't think they moved him because they were desperate to get rid of him due to failure, they moved him because the new HC was given his pick of the litter, and he wanted Murray. Keeping Rosen would have been very bad for that meeting room.
  9. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    i gotcha bud and for the record, at this point I still wish we would have gotten Rosen and used 15 for a game changer, or as capital to get more picks. Now Haskins could come out and be a star for the next 10 years and all will be forgotten. I also get things change, so it's very likely that Arizona didnt want to play ball because they were leveraging Rosen in the hopes that someone would get desperate and the Giants taking Jones messed that up for them. It was a risk on their part as I feel like they could have gotten more had they done the deal prior to Thursday. I would have been willing to give up a 2 this year and next years 3 in order to get Rosen and keep 15. I had a feeling a couple weeks ago that Arizona was going to do this and it was going to bite them in the butt. Hindsight being 20/20, it's possible that we we could have got Rosen, traded out of 15, got the 2nd round pick back, and still got Sweat in the early 20s. That is where your no. 2 scenario comes into play. Had we done that, we could have had a lot more top end options at WR or O-line. That all said, we have no idea how these things play out so to hold out hope that the right team gets desperate usually end up with you settling for a 2nd and a 5th for Josh Rosen when you could have gotten more.
  10. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    right We're out 1 draft pick. (next year's 2nd) and we used it to leverage up to get a possibly elite pass rusher.
  11. OVCChairman

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That list doesnt include Cam Sims either As far as I'm concerned, nobody on that list is safe outside of maybe Richardson. Davis is my feel good, root for story, but that doesn't mean didly between the sidelines. Everyone on that list could be upgraded. Chesson, Kidsy, McBride, and even Sims to a point are feel good stories. Sims flashed in preseason, and Im very interested in seeing what he can do, but at this point I have a hard time saying they can't be upgraded.
  12. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    My assumption is... We didnt expect Haskins to fall to 15 We didnt expect Sweat to fall to 26 We went into this draft with the idea that if the right guy fell, we would take them, and if they didnt, Rosen could be a day 2 transaction. I would imagine we offered a 2nd and a 5th, or something similar, but Arizona wanted to wait. They had to settle because we took Haskins, and the Giants took Jones. And just for clarity, your example wouldn't include the #2 "which could have been AJ Brown, or P Campbell" because that pick likely would have been part of the trade to get Rosen.
  13. OVCChairman

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Collins guarantees that we lose 1 comp pick. Crowder likely would have given us a 4th, since 3rd is the highest comp pick you can get and his contract is likely not high enough to yield a 3rd. I'd wonder if it even was enough for a 4th but i'm being generous. So Collins likely wipes that out. Haha's contract isn't big enough to hook us up, so we likely are only going to get 1 single for Preston Smith. I'd venture to guess it's a 4th.
  14. Very much so.. i figured if he hit the market he'd be seeing an AAV in the double digits easy.
  15. $14 mil guaranteed apparently. edit: Sorry I saw the other thread after I posted this one...