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  1. That 'practice' was at Holiday Park in Ft Lauderdale. Apparently random NFL and College players will show up there as often as 2 times a week to just run around working out. AB lives down there so he is regularly in attendance. This likely was not a situation where Haskins or AB initiated it, and more that the two ended up on the same workout field. I read an article that at one point there were as many as 'two dozen' NFL and College players on that field that day.
  2. http://www.draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=1006399&DraftYear=2019 Steven Sims Jr., DS #98 WR, Kansas Name: Steven Sims Jr. College: Kansas Number: 11 Height: 5-09 Weight: 184 Position: WR Pos2: Class/Draft Year: Sr/2019 40 Low: 4.50 40 Time: 4.56 40 High: 4.61 Projected Round: Stock: High: PFA Low: Tryouts This is the only 'official' listing of a 40 time i've ever found of him... and if you listen to the clip of the interview Keim had with David Robinson on Friday, he actually references the fact that Sims doesn't have that 4.3 type speed. What sets him apart is he's running 4.5 speed THROUGH his routes because his feet are so quick. Most WRs cant maintain that level of speed through cuts and change of direction, but Sims is unique because he can, allowing him to really create separation. . https://thesportsdaily.com/2019/08/06/undersized-and-underrated-steven-sims-jr-talks-about-his-mission-to-make-an-nfl-roster/ This article he kind of mentions he doesn't have 4.3 speed, but he has the ability to do it through his route. I also agree with @HTTRDynasty that Sims plays faster than he tests. Don't get me wrong, I'm a BIG Sims guy. I like him and I am excited with what he can do. 4.5 is still really fast, and it's even faster when he's between the hash marks and he's running against LBs and Safeties. He's blowing by people because of how fast he changes direction, as well as how fast he gets to top speed. Watch the first actual highlight with the catch vs Dallas. He is able to pivot and explode up the middle of the field, then gets caught from behind. 4.3 speed doesn't get caught from behind. Tyreek Hill and Desean Jackson don't get caught here. Again, this is not a detriment to Sims, just an understanding of his talent. He's really good at changing direction, he's got high level burst. He's got plus vision, and he's absolutely got a place in this league, likely in the slot. These things coming together are why I want to see us move him around and find different ways to get the ball in his hand in space. I originally mentioned a Tyreek Hill type, but maybe more of a Percy Harvin.
  3. OVCChairman

    Reuben Foster; can he come back?

    You realize that he's only 26 years old, on the final year of his rookie contract, and coming off 2 season ending injuries. Not sure you can get much younger, or hungrier, in the current NFL. He's costing us $1.1 mil against the cap. He's all upside at this point.
  4. OVCChairman

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I thought he was clear cut for WIL.
  5. Yeah maybe not the best apples to apples comp. I did say Kareem Hunt style with a more shared workload. I don't want him carrying the ball 272 times. I do agree that i want to see him be what we all wanted Chris Thompson to be... i don't think we used him the right way nearly often enough. Gibson is another guy I want in space. Something I wanted to see, but never go to, was multiple-rb sets. I'm dreaming of Haskins flanked by Guice and Gibson on 3rd down. The attention needed to be devoted to the backfield COULD be something scary... Gibson will obviously have to become a weapon, and he hasn't done anything... yet. Plus Guice will need to be healthy. That all said, defenses could seriously have trouble diagnosing who to focus on. Mismatches, mismatches, mismatches. That's the name of the game.
  6. I agree completely, i don't think he IS Tyreek Hill, i just want to use him that way, not confining him to just the slot. I agree, i wouldn't mind him shifting him back into the backfield to get him isolated on an MLB, but i think Gibson is likely going to be that guy. Sims strikes me as someone who has really good vision, real quick feet, and gets to top speed very fast. He may not have 4.3 speed, but if he's able to get to 4.5 speed faster than the defender, and stay at 4.5 speed longer, then it can really create some space and options. I went back and looked at his highlights a little bit and the game vs Chicago we ran a few plays where Sims was basically in the backfield. 1 play he was put in motion, then reversed as he approached the middle of the line and the ball was snapped, he exploded out into the flat and caught the ball with room. There was another play that he was basically lined up as an RB. He also took a jet-sweep to the house in the preseason vs the Pats. That's the kind of stuff i like to see from him. It also will allow us to give Haskins a bit more time if the LBs and DEs have to hesitate knowing that if the ball is going to Sims, it's coming out FAST.
  7. I wouldn't be looking at Sims to stretch the field yet completely... yet, but I don't think it's out of the question https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cDovL2pvaG5rZWltcmVwb3J0LmxpYnN5bi5jb20vcnNz/episode/ZmUzMWMwMzEtMzQ2Yy00MGE0LWFhNDMtM2M1MTM4N2MxYWUw?hl=en&ep=6 Keim had 'WR guru' David Robinson on who works with a bunch of NFL pros and he likes Steve Sims Jr A LOT. Here's the description of the podcast: I really REALLY want us to be using Sims like KC used Hill a few years back, with Gibson acting as our version of Kareem Hunt with a more shared workload. I am very excited about the physical speed we have at WR now. Terry Mclaurin appears to have the talent level to reach ELITE separation skills at this level. I don't think hes there yet, he's still in the really REALLY damn good category. I want to see him used the same way Pittsburgh used Antonio Brown where he played basically all 3 wr positions. I think Mclaurin has the smarts and abilities to execute that. Sims to me is an x-factor. Like i mentioned, a Tyreek Hill type. I want him moved around, put in motion... WR screens, shovel passes, jet sweeps, anything we can do to get him the ball and let him work. He's got really good vision and change of direction. The guy in the Keim piece said Sims may not have 4.3 speed, but his 4.5 speed is very consistent which helps his game speed be better... i'm kind of paraphrasing what I remember when i listened to it yesterday. I hope we really utilize our guys to set up matchups, even for the others. If we can manipulate the defense so that Harmon and AGG are on smaller CBs while slot guys and LBs are trying to keep up with T-mac, Sims, and Gibson.... the mismatches can be awesome for us.
  8. OVCChairman

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Exactly! No chance Meyer comes out with something like this unless Dan was aware of the sentiment.
  9. OVCChairman

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    but they were still actively in pursuit of a top tier FA. They were players for Hooper, the Browns just priced them out.
  10. OVCChairman

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Just a quick response.... https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/austin-hooper-free-agency-it-really-came-down-cleveland-and-washington We may not have wanted to reset the market, but it appears, at least from Hooper, that we were a major player. As far as Cooper is concerned, I thought i read that the contracts were almost identical, but the major difference in guarantees would absolutely play a part. I agree we need to protect Haskins, and Warford is a very interesting option to me. I worry about the concept that i've heard that his production dipped last year. New Orleans is paying Peat quite a bit, and Peat is injury prone, so why chose Peat over Warford?
  11. OVCChairman

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I'm trying to wrap my head around how this line can be so good, and we can be so bad. Nuance is a thing, i get that... but man, this D-line is a unit that has some serious ability.
  12. OVCChairman

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I know, I led with the fact that its less about snap % and more about production. Kerrigan's value goes way beyond a % of snaps played. Kerrigan could play 35% of the snaps and have enough production for me to think the contract was worth it. He could play 80% of the snaps and fall short of what the value of the contract is. If Kerrigan is able to get the actual production of an $11.5 million dollar contract, the % mean's very little to me. Now i also mentioned in my post that part of his value is spelling Young and Sweat with a viable option that is better than anything we have, as well as anything we could get at a similar price. I only referenced snap count in my initial response because you compared Kerrigan's contract situation to Warford when they are very different because of the position they play. A LG does not rotate the same way a DE does. The snap count was just evidence of that. Warford's replacement got drafted, and when you draft a replacement guard, then the high priced guy that's currently on the roster becomes more readily expendable. A rotational DE does not share that philosophy because even the best DE's dont play 99.57% of the snaps like Flowers (our LG) did last season. Retaining a proven pass rusher making $11.5 million (21st in the NFL) is a lot different than retaining a proven LG who is getting paid $12.5+ million (6th in the nfl, and Andres Peat is making $11.5 mil on the other side), and you drafted his replacement. Meanwhile both of Kerrigan's 'replacements' as you put it are still on their rookie deals. I was incorrect, and there is no 'cap' on how much you can carry over, so that point you make is 100% valid. Why spend the money now when we can save it for later, I was mistaken there so for that i'll take the hit. I do wonder if the MINIMUM amount of cap required to be spent has changed. Til this year it was 89%, so i would wonder what cutting Kerrigan would do to that part of it. As far as avoiding the upper parts of FA like the plague, I don't agree completely. We took a major swing at Cooper, and we ended up missing out. That's fine because I'm not sure i wanted to commit $25 million apy to Cooper, but Rivera and Smith clearly though he was their guy. We were in the conversation for Hooper as well, if i'm not mistaken he actually came out and said he chose Cleveland over us because of a couple different factors. Not sure what other top tier FA we should have gone after... I mean WR would not have hurt but i'm actually glad we didnt panic and overspend just because we missed out on our guy. I actually agree with most of your point that I don't necessarily feel good about paying Kerrigan that kind of money just for this year. I'd actually look to extend him for as much as 3 years, or 2 with a team option for a 3rd. The bigger point that started this i guess was that I can't really look at Kerrigan and Warford's situation as the same. It just went a long way lol. Sorry.
  13. OVCChairman

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Its a lot less about snap count than it is production. I think Kerrigan is going to feast in our new defense... and a lot more than Ryan Anderson is capable of. Young and Sweat cannot play 100% of the snaps at DE, and I don't want us to be pushing interior DL outside to try and spell them. If Young, Sweat, and Kerrigan can each get 50-60% of the snaps with each of them moving around, alternating sides, standing up at times... then it means each of them is more fresh, and stronger over the course of the game. Lets say we release Kerrigan. We're not likely to ask Young and Sweat to play more than 75% of the snaps, that would not be a good mix. So you have to rotate players. Without Kerrigan, you likely rotate Brailford and Anderson. Now the drop off there is pretty big imho. That would worry me, ESPECIALLY if one of those two went down. The other option is to sign a FA. Clowney is the top option, but Sportrac has his market value at over $18 mil per year. Now i dont think he gets that, but regardless he's going to be more expensive than Kerrigan and likely want a long term deal since he's 27 and this is likely his last real chance to cash in. SO... can you find someone on the open market that can give you Kerrigan's production (4 double digit sack seasons in the last 6 in a terrible defensive system) that is going to cost LESS than Kerrigan, who also comes completely off the books next season? Since Kerrigan was drafted in 2011, only 3 players have more sacks over that period of time, if i'm not mistaken. Von Miller, Chandler Jones, and JJ Watt. On this table, Wake and Matthews have 2 more years playing, and Wake had 19.5 across his first two seasons. 1 Terrell Suggs 139.0 2003-2019 3TM 2 Von Miller 106.0 2011-2019 den 3 Cameron Wake 100.5 2009-2019 2TM 4 Chandler Jones 96.0 2012-2019 2TM J.J. Watt 96.0 2011-2019 htx 6 Clay Matthews 91.5 2009-2019 2TM 7 Ryan Kerrigan 90.0 2011-2019 was 8 Justin Houston 89.5 2011-2019 2TM 9 Calais Campbell 88.0 2008-2019 2TM I guess if you want to quantify it by a number, If Kerrigan get 10+ sack this year, and plays a healthy 50% of the snaps. That's worth it to me. If he repeats this past season, I don't see it as a loss either. This is a 1 year audition to see if Kerrigan still got it in a new defense. We owe him $0 next season. The other part of this conversation, is what are you cutting him for? Is there a high priced free agent you see out there at another position, and Kerrigan is contract preventing us from bringing that other guy in? We're currently well under the cap, and I believe you can only carry over a certain amount of money... into a year that we are already going to be one of the top teams with regard to cap space. What's the purpose of saving $11m THIS season? Saving the money for the sake of saving the money to me is not worth letting him go, go have Jordan Brailford and Ryan Anderson rotating in Kerrigan's place...
  14. OVCChairman

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Not really though. You don't rotate LG like you do DE. Flowers played 99.57% of the snaps at LG. Kerrigan played 56.71%, Sweat played 63.96%. Ioannidis led our whole D-line in snaps at 73.06%. 1 draft pick can replace the LG and deem them replaceable. 1 draft pick cannot replace an effective pass rusher. You always have room for that.
  15. OVCChairman

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I don't hate any of it... and I think this has to be a part of it. Moss (the best I could predict) was on a lot of draft boards, yet we are able to add him without using a pick. Even if he doesn't stick.... Nobody bats an eye if we take him in the 5th instead of Ismail, and if there is minimal contribution, it's still not likely looked at as a failed pick, just written off on a 5th round flier at a position of need. Bleacher Report had him going at the end of Day 2. Sports Illustrated had Willbrook Sports Book referenced with an over/under of 94.5. The surgery likely hurt his draft status, but that is what it is at this point. IMHO he makes the TE room better, and an UDFA that can upgrade a position group is a victory.