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  1. OVCChairman

    To be a man

    A buddy of mine said it was stupid and incorrect... that he disagreed with it but I'd be willing to bet he lost ZERO sleep over it.
  2. OVCChairman

    Poll: How are you choosing to be a Redskins fan right now?

    EEXXAACTTLLYY What makes it worse is I don't have it in me to want them to lose. I still root for them to win, always will. The fandom goes beyond Allen and Snyder. They're trying to break me but they can't. I can't ever see myself actively rooting for another team as a fan. I'll always root for certain situational scenarios like whoever is playing Dallas, but as long as the Redskins are around, they're my one and only. Monday through Saturday my brain is critical, frustrated, angry, a lot of the 'negative' connotations of the team. Sunday... they're still the Redskins and it's football. Wanting to see them win overrides everything else. To further your point.... all day / week you talk to your friends and they tell you how much better you could do... they tell you she's taking you for granted, she doesn't love you... you get irritated and question what you're doing. Then you see her and it all goes away... you feel like you can't live without her.
  3. OVCChairman

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I agree... I'd like to see us use him more as a pass rusher... just don't think we did.
  4. OVCChairman

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    At least.....
  5. OVCChairman

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Absolutely, even if you want to continue with Preston as a rush defender... a good pass rushing OLB is always an option.
  6. OVCChairman

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    @Vanguard Looking at the numbers, that number may even be a little higher than necessary. Orakpo was on the books for $2 mil guaranteed this year. If he can be had at $3 guaranteed per year, why not?
  7. OVCChairman

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I say make an offer.. but i'm not interested in huge deal. Kerrigan is getting AAV of $11.5 M... $4.75 M guaranteed per year. If you want to put him at 3 years $25 mil... $13 mil - $15 mil guaranteed, I'd be ok with it. In this system, he's not going to be a pro bowler but NOBODY has pro-bowlers at every position. I'd actually like to see him used differently, but that's just me.
  8. OVCChairman

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I disagree bud. I think he was asked to do a quite a bit that prevented him from putting up stats like sacks. He had a career high in tackles (53) as well as 16 QB hits. I feel like he was asked to play a lot more vs the run, and not used AS MUCH in pass rush.
  9. OVCChairman

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    I get it, and it's a very valid plan and argument. Speaking purely from my personal standpoint, i don't think were that far off, the problem is the pieces with the most influence are the most detrimental. Talent wise, we're not completely baron. There's valuable talent here that can be effective. The problem is we don't have that much TOP end talent, and we don't have talent where it matters most. The question from this thread was shifting the entirety of the cap hit for Alex into this coming season. If you could do that, a few key moves and we're contending for a division title in 2020. We were 6-3 when Alex (a serviceable QB) went down. What followed was an overwhelming disaster that trickled down from the top. Alex may not have been lighting the fire, but I do believe that he was mitigating quite a bit of the issue. I don't think Alex was playing to his contract, and the worst case scenario happened... but if we can flex it into 2019 and take it on the chin for 1 single season.... My main issue is Gruden. We're not using our talent CORRECTLY. That's not to say were some world beating team, but if we can find ourselves some top end talent, it changes the dynamic from the top to the bottom. It's not as difficult as a position by position breakdown. I personally feel we fall into the trap that we analyze each individual positional performance, without looking at how each position effects the other ones. We don't need 22 new week 1 starters. I'd argue 5 KEY starters over the next 2 drafts could change the whole dynamic of the offense... even if you change very little from the rest of it. 1. QB - Duh.. 2. WR - I've been beating the drum for Marquise Brown because of how dynamic he is. He forces defenses to respect his game which changes things across the whole scope of the offense. He's got the ability to score every time he touches the ball. That changes defensive alignments. That means a Safety has to pay attention to him a little bit. That means the WR on the other side is going to have more 1 on 1 chances. You can move him around much like Tyreek Hill. Did you see Tyreek Hill's TD on the reverse this past weekend? You can then fake the jet sweep and do so much out of it. Lighten the load on all pieces of the offense, INCLUDING the O-line. 3. LG - I'd love to have Brandon Scherff 2.0 (I really wanted Quenton Nelson) but those guy's arent always out there. I just need a guy who can handle himself and give me a full season. The rotation at LG was as, or even more detrimental, than losing the starter. Continuity suffers, playcalling suffers, offensive schematics suffer, because it's an INFERIOR talent who has to learn a whole new system. I don't need a world beater (but i'll GLADLY take one), I just need a guy who doesn't force me to change my offense every 2 weeks because we constantly have to simplify it to transition in a new body. 4. FS - This could be HAHA. I don't think we saw everything he has to offer this past year. He wasn't great, at times he wasn't even 'OK', but i just need a center fielder. Someone who can understand the defensive alignment, can read and react, and can attack the ball. Haha does not have that reputation so i'm not holding my breath. I don't NEED Sean Taylor (But i'll gladly take him). I'm not worried so much about man to man coverage skills because I don't want him schemed up to be in man very often. I pay DBs / ILBs for that. 5. Edge - If we can get a guy who can consistently control the pocket and attack it, it changes everything. I think Preston Smith has flashed, and I don't think we used him in that role often enough this year. He was asked to play the run quite a bit and I think his numbers suffered from it. It make work in our favor as his $$ number might have dropped a bit. If we can get a guy who can get around the edge (I love Polite in the draft), then we can push the QB UP in the pocket right into the strength of our defense. It prevents the QB from planting and throwing... it changes, much like a good WR does, the whole dynamic on that side of the ball. Now where this all TRULY matters is coaching. I want to see these players, and the current players, used better. I want to see more RB screens. I DON'T want to see AP running out of shotgun. I want to see more DB / S blitzes. USE the talent we have... even if they're not getting the ball or intended to make the tackle. The pieces we have NOW could have won us 10 games this year.... I just don't think they doing what was needed to take full advantage of their ability. As it stands NOW, I don't see us being very good next season... but (and this is really going to irritate some people) with someone like McVay, Reid, or any real upgrade in philosophy, we're not as far as we may seem. It obviously all starts at the top...
  10. OVCChairman

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Asking those 4 to replace 2 ILBs that were each in the top 10 of tackles in the LEAGUE over the last 2 seasons (Brown in 17 and Foster in 18) is A LOT. I could be wrong, but isn't Clemmons far more suited for pass defense? Zach Brown - 6'1 - 250 Mason Foster - 6'1 - 250 Reuben Foster - 6'1 - 228 Shaun Dion-Hamilton - 6'0 - 235 Josh Harvey Clemons - 6'4 - 230 Zach Vigil - 6'2 - 240 I worry about size. There's a good bit of speed there, but over the course of the game, these 4 guys are going to be asked to a lot in Manusky's system... can they hold up? Can they attack the line like we need them to. Can they fill a gap and take on a pulling guard? I don't know. For comparison sake, Roquan Smith is 6'1 - 236, so I understand we don't need a tank in the middle... I'd just be curious if these guys can do what we're going to need them to do. I honestly dont want to see either one of them in a different uni.
  11. OVCChairman

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Absolutely, but that's their call. They've earned that 'right'. Meaning they can decide they want to leave, but they shouldn't be made a cap casualty. If they want out, they can have that conversation and go from there. If they choose to sign elsewhere instead of here after their contract expires, that's their right as well. My point is they deserve to be protected from being a cap casualty. They're both playing to the level of their contracts. That would amaze me, but if that's the case, so be it... still not 'set' there, if nothing else we'd need depth.
  12. OVCChairman

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Ok so then we would have to add 2 ILB, 2 TEs (when Gruden loves playing out of a 3 TE set), Starting CB, Starting LT, Starting OLB to the list of needs. I understand the idea that we need to open up space, and to a point I agree, but NONE of those positions have a viable option waiting in the wings. ILB MIGHT be OK with Hamilton and Reuben Foster, but Foster is likely to get suspended for the first 4 - 6 games of the season. I'd CUT Norman Brown McGee I'd look to trade Reed and see if you can get something for him. Trent and Kerrigan have earned the right to retire as Redskins. They fall into the same category with me as Darrell Green did with the Redskins and Ryan Zimmerman does with the Nationals. They're ring of fame, 'legacy' players. Make cap room elsewhere, they've earned that protection. Of course this is the Redskins so who knows....
  13. Gotta grind til the All Star Break... things should level out after that. Once we hit the long home stretch, I look to see us get back on track.
  14. OVCChairman

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    I'd prefer to eat it all next year, but don't release him. Rework the deal so that if he CAN come back and compete for a spot, he's still on the team. If he CANT come back, he can remain on the roster until he can pass a physical. Move most of the guaranteed money into 2019 but leave an additional $2-$4 mil for 2020. I'd personally take next year on the chin... Accrue draft equity and look to draft a qb in 2020, a much deeper top tier class. Keep Alex on for that season if he still WANTS to play with the up front understanding that he'll be a early season, transitional type role. That way you're not throwing your rookie directly to the wolves, Alex has a whole additional season to rehab and evaluate his options, and he's still under the care of the team to cover his medical expenses. Let Alex continue to play until your drafted QB is clearly the better option while learning from someone who's not new to training replacements. If at any point Alex makes it known he'd like to be elsewhere, we can get out relatively clean.
  15. OVCChairman

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    @Renegade7 Welp, there goes my theory that Bruce could be gone after next season