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  1. Brandon Scherff? He was blasted his rookie year and the pick was deemed a failure by many when he made the move because of the speculation he couldnt play tackle
  2. OVCChairman

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    ST was more than wins and losses. He did things that were above expectation. Brett favre came out and said it himself. He had a physical ability that was beyond a level of what we had seen for a long time. He was Saquan Barkley on a bad Giants team. Calvin Johnson on a bad Lions team. Adrian Peterson on a bad Vikings team. When you turned on the game there was little doubt who the best player on the field was, regardless of stats or record.
  3. I'm not for the move... i'd rather sign Scherff to an extension and keep him here, building from the inside out. Adding playmakers. I just said it would be a decent move if we've tried to extend him and he's made it clear that he doesn't want to stay here. If he wants to leave, then using him as an asset is a good move. Holding onto him for his 5th year option that we picked up, and not acquiring something in return for him other than a compensatory pick in 2021 is a bad move. Clearly people are asking questions
  4. that depends on him... Hypothetically, if he's refusing to sign an extension with us, he'd have to be in negotiations with the team we'd be trading him to.... which if you want to connect the dots would make a lot of sense why this is still hush hush. The same way Smith was traded here and Fuller didnt even know he was the piece going the other direction. Meanwhile we were negotiating an extension with Smith. Minn probably wouldn't want us to be the one negotiating the deal, because they would want their terms, their control.... I also don't think they consider this without knowing he's going to be locked up for another contract.
  5. What if he doesnt want to sign here... which would actually make moving him to Minn and getting a no. 1 WR on a 5 year deal in trade a decent move. Purely just playing devils advocate of course.
  6. I'm not sure I can even remember seeing Scherff in front of a mic, or being blasted on social media...
  7. OVCChairman

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    If you watch the slo-mo replay of Rendon's 2nd home run it gives you an idea of just how fast he is through the strike zone. The replay starts at about 2:09
  8. OVCChairman

    Starting QB 2019???

    He got his tweets and reports mixed up.
  9. OVCChairman

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Likely because we're dead in the middle of the era that safeties were influenced by Taylor. Players coming out of college now were in Peewee and middle school football watching him play in the NFL. It was also the start of youtube so kids around the country could see him play. Players coming into the NFL now don't idolize Art Monk, or Darrell Green... so there's less of a strong feeling of the current generation wanting to pay homage to the player by wearing the same jersey.
  10. OVCChairman

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I hope I didnt come across as an endorsement... i dont think ANYONE should wear it.. My point was that someone like Collins, who clearly has a respect for the number and the Jersey, leaves LESS of a bad taste in my mouth than someone who hasn't shown a level of respect for the life and number of Sean Taylor. He wore 21 as a tribute to ST... that's a lot different than someone who comes in and want's the number because 'it was their college number" or some variance of that. I don't want Collins wearing it, but if it's going to be forced upon me (and ultimately i have zero say about it), there are a lot worst players that it would piss me off a lot more.
  11. OVCChairman

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    For a long time, i've said that this would be very close to my breaking point of pushing me away from the team. I don't like it. I personally don't want anyone wearing that number. I realize i was probably being boisterous and loud and i'll likely never turn my back on this team... I guess if someone was to wear it, someone like Collins would taste the least terrible. He gets the severity of the number, he appears to respect it, and it's not going to some rookie hot shot coming out of college that doesnt want to be here. He's made it clear that he wants to be here... I'll root for him, i'm a fan of his, and I don't necessarily think less of him if he does it, but i'm not a fan of anyone wearing that jersey other than the example above.
  12. OVCChairman

    Starting QB 2019???

    I gotcha bud Yeah i've really cooled on Jones, but you're right... he could be hoisting a Lombardi trophy, but so could Brett Rypien, or any other QB in the draft... part of that though is the strategic building of a team. Not using a first on him, and picking up another player who turns out to be ELITE, then getting Jones in the 2nd, allows you to do things. Now to your point with Russell Wilson... They COULD have taken him in the 2nd. Had they done that, they wouldn't have drafted Bobby Wagner, and Wilson likely doesn't have a ring at this point. You really wanna cry.. look at who we picked 4 picks ahead of Wilson in 2012.... I'll give you a hint... Josh Leribeus
  13. OVCChairman

    Starting QB 2019???

    Its POSSIBLE, but not likely. There's only 32 starting QB positions in the NFL, and the good ones usually last a while. Even if there are 10 QBs that are considered starting caliber, that were non-first round picks, that doesn't take into account how many swings and misses there were. The % of good qbs taken rounds 2-7 vs the actual number of qbs taken in that same period is very very small. That said, I have no problem taking multiple shots at QB in later rounds hoping to 'blunder' into a starter, but i don't think it's a good option to go into the draft with the idea that you're going to rely on a 3rd rounder to be the future.... if it happens, great, but as an end all be all would be a bad move imho.
  14. gotcha... wasn't sure if you were shooting one over my bow...