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  1. JWB

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per NFL.com

    Honestly with everything going on with the team, wish the Redskins were on Hard Knocks and not the boring Browns.....this would have made for a great episode. Hell they could just follow the Skins RB group for 4 weeks it would be fascinating. Hope he has something left, will be surprised. Most likely he gets hurt and is a non-factor but I still like the buzz..
  2. How is that Jets player still in the game, disgusting hit right into the facemask.
  3. Wtf refs this is getting ridiculous..Soo many dirty hits by the jets you can tell they got embarrassed during the week.
  4. I like the pass defended more than the int.
  5. Interception but doesn't matter it was the tip, our guy made a play.
  6. Big push off by Anderson but dj fought through it made a play, like that.
  7. All easy throws for Sam darnold, looks like miscommunication in the secondary.
  8. Really hope we see more of Perine....
  9. JWB

    2018 Washington Nationals - Weak Cheese

    If the O's got value for Machado, why would the Nats not look at getting a similiar haul? Hate to say it, but at this point it would make more sense to trade then end up missing the playoffs anyway.
  10. JWB

    ES Soccer Thread

    I think this is the last time we see an auto bid right??
  11. JWB

    ES Soccer Thread

    Spain so boring glad they are out.
  12. JWB

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Needa work, but we need backups that are quality, not whatever we trotted out there last year.
  13. JWB

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    We had two fifths so it's fine.
  14. JWB

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Trade is good. More chances at this thing.
  15. JWB

    2018 Draft Day Thread

    Wow 2 firsts for a edge rusher he better be Von Miller...