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You're Hired by Dan Snyder to Consult on what to do now - a Hypothetical Fixing the Skins Thread


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Kevin on 980 this AM posed this question....and they tweeted it



Think it would be kind of therapeutic for fans here who I have no doubt will be smarter than some of those callers to the show. I've noticed a handful of other threads have become filled with posters saying what they want to happen when that really isn't the topic of that thread.




1. You're a consultant. Only there is get things in the right direction. Then you're gone. You aren't going to be GM or Team Prez. 

2. You have full access to every detail of the Org. So, assume full transparency and make your recommendations after what you believe is true.

3. Telling Snyder to sell the team isn't an option. This is your Top 3 things that need to happen FIRST. So, if you want a new coach, that's great. But maybe you don't want Bruce hiring that coach. So, you need to get rid of him without having to mention future Team GM will be handling that. Think rebuilding a foundation for long-term success. Not instant gratification.


Have fun.




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Put together a committee to research, interview and hire a competent GM with a solid track record. Clean out the entire Tampa contingent, starting with Brucifer, Prince of Dimness. Most likely, only Schaefer and Kyle Smith remain.


Make the new GM accountable for all personnel decisions and allow him to hire the new coach.  The coach will then hire his staff.  Establish a definitive hierarchy here so that no one can evade responsibility for bad decisions by pointing fingers elsewhere. This is imperative for ending the cannibal culture dysfunction that has ruined the organization.


Spend more money on hiring scouts and such.

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1.  Completely remove Bruce from his employment with the team.  They can still be drinking buddies, but he cannot have his fingerprints anywhere near anything related to football.  No shuffling him around, assigning him to something else, where he still gets to play in the sandbox.  A message has to be sent that the way he ran football operations is not acceptable.

2.  Hire a consulting firm to orchestrate and conduct a massive GM interview process.  The primary emphasis in the interview process is understanding how each GM candidate sees culture and organizational design and more importantly how they will implement it in Ashburn.

3.  Hire the best possible candidate and give him full autonomy to decide the fate of everyone else in the entire football operation.  Provide said GM with a blank check to make drastic improvements everywhere they see fit.  


I've got to say that the most important part of this and the underlying theme to my instruction to Dan is "This is going to hurt, you are going to have to accept criticism from an outsider about the lack of culture and how it's impeded everything you've tried to do for 20 years.  But if you accept the criticism, embrace new beginnings, you will end up one of the happiest, richest men on earth."

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1. Fire Bruce.  Hire Kyle and promise to stay out of his way.  


2. go out of your way to preach doing the right thing.    Stop trashing people on the way out.   Stop suing people.  Chill.  Be nice. 😀


3.  Build a culture that isn't based on impatience and fear.  Do the opposite -- be supportive, trusting, patient.


4.  People make mistakes.  Don't be like a short tempered fan who can overreact to a draft pick busting or a bad FA signing.  Even John Schneider who you ran out the building for Vinny makes mistakes and heck will even have a bad draft.  It's about building a culture-identity and winning the war versus being obsessed with winning every battle.


5.  If you aren't making progress securing a stadium then hire professionals to do it like most clubs do it. 


6.  Actually do an interview once in awhile, show fans that you are interested and accountable to them versus hiding in the ivory tower.

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1. Fire Bruce, Jay and Greg. Right now. No hard feelings, kept you around way longer than we should have anyways.

2. Promote Kyle Smith and O'Connell. See what they can do to finish the season.

a) Make them understand we need to see what Haskins is at some point this year. 

b) If they look like they could be the future, hire them at the end of the year

c) Open the checkbook for OC and DC and to fill out the staff. People don't want to come here? Overpay them. 

3. Promote Tomsula or Ryan to finish the season. Doesn't matter. Won't get worse. Hopefully good enough to help give a proper audition to the other guys.

4. If Smith and O'Connell do not look like the future, again, open the checkbook. Contract out a hiring agency to find the next GM and pay double the going rate to get them here. In the end you will recoup that money if you get it right. Hand over all football operations to new said GM. Sit back and watch.

5. Hire an outside agency to help get the stadium deal done. Separate this task from the football operations. 



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1. Fire Bruce


2. Hire a GM who respects the franchise, not necessarily you, because quite frankly you've not done anything to warrant respect. Let him hire a HC by himself.


3. Stay out of the way. Stop cozying up to 20-year-old star players behind closed doors like you did with Clinton, Santana, and Cooley. This action effectively undercuts the authority of the HC and GM. You're 54-years-old, they only hang out with you 'cause you're the boss and have a lot of money. But you don't seem to give a crap about being perceived as a trick so maybe the GM needs to add a clause to every players' contract prohibiting any fraternization with your creepy ***.

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1. Full rebuild (shed bad contracts, trade any player over 27, if possible, for draft picks)

2. Complete overhaul of FO/coaching staff (either internal promotions or outside hires for GM/HC/DC/etc)

3. Huge upgrades in ALL support aspects of the team (training fields, training staff, weight rooms, field improvements/upgrades, etc)


All focus would be on team morale, building a winning culture, improving the fan experience and winning the fans back.


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I think at this point, they need to completely start over.  I don't like advocating for people to be fired but in this case, think they need to get rid of everyone, from ball boys, trainers, medical, coaches, etc.  Everyone goes.


Hire something that knows football inside and out (and has an engaging personality / very persuasive) to do all the hiring and running of the team.  I only mention the personality thing because with so many years of negativity, poor performance and things being in such disarray, I think Snyder will need someone like that to sell people on the team, the future, and make them want to be a part of the organization, etc.


Maybe as a last resort type of thing, I think Snyder should try to move the team, maybe South Carolina?  At this point, what's left of the current fan-base (not to mention, a lot of the press) is too toxic and too anti-Snyder.  The ones that aren't seemingly have moved on but maybe they would start following the team again eventually.  So, yeah, I think trying to re-build the fan-base should start over from (mostly) scratch as well.  Moving to another area would give Snyder and the team a fresh start.  Hopefully be a better environment for the players and everyone involved.  


As for the current DC area, many have mentioned in other threads that the area is mostly following hockey and baseball now anyways but for a pro football fix, they'll still have the Ravens close by.  When the NFL expands again, put a new team in the DC area.  So, you have a new team and new owner.  This way, everyone that wants it, gets a fresh start.  Of course, not immediately but eventually.

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About five years ago there was a Green Bay Packers GM Ron Wolfe living in Annapolis MD that Snyder should have hired then to come in as a consultant to assess

what needed to be done.   I am sure with Joe Gibbs at the game on Sunday Snyder is still asking him for advice.  The Danny needs to pick up the phone on his yacht

and call Ron Wolfe now.   Gruden is doing dumb stuff right now because he is pissed off at the General Manager forcing players on him that he does not want- a la

Adrian Peterson.   So five years ago on this web site I mentioned Ron Wolfe and of course the Skins did nothing.   Snyder has to force a consultant on Bruce Allen whether or not Allen approves of the idea.   The Prince of Darkness role should be confined to signing contracts and trying to get his new stadium deal done.  


Other measures-- cut injured players who have not played after 5 games this year.  Also cut our defensive back number 24 who is overpaid and under delivered.  We have lost with him last year and we can lose without him for the rest of this season.  Put more rookies into the games to see if they can play.

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18 minutes ago, veteranskinsfan said:

The Prince of Darkness role should be confined to signing contracts and trying to get his new stadium deal done.  

I would advise against having Bruce Allen involved with contracts at all.  Part of the problem is the sleaze that comes with Allen, having him still involved with contracts in any capacity isn't moving the franchise in the right direction.

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1. Dan, fire yourself.  You're not a football guy, embrace the truth.  Hire football people and empower them to succeed.

2. Fire Bruce.  Part of the new team culture will be to bring in a team president that you may not like personally, or may not want to hang out with in the owners box.

3. Embrace a complete rebuild from the top down. 

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1) Fire Bruce


2) Give total control to Tony Dungy as President of Football Operations. Make it very clear in his contract and have a clause that terminates the deal with full payout of the entire contract if Dan interferes.


3) Commit to putting $1b in his own cash towards the new stadium 

One additional

Dan needs to move to southeast Asia and find new friends. Get the hell away from Washington & go into exile 

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