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  1. Don't know how it can't be Landon Collins, which is saying a lot because I was never big on him in the first place. How about Jack Del Rio. I really like Del Rio as a defensive coach. And it's really early, and honestly I don't think the D is that bad. But man, that 4 game stretch of giving up 30+ was brutal. I guess I would lol
  2. Came here to say this. What a freakin disappointment. We knew he couldn't cover, somehow now he can't tackle. Everyone hating Apke, but at least he isn't eating up 14 million of the cap...
  3. Seems like a lot of discussion over something that just doesn't seem that important. No other team wanted to draft Haskins where he was drafted...multiple reports that it was a Snyder pick...none of the football people wanted him etc He did not perform well. He looked ok in some games late in the year. Has looked really bad this year. Football guys finally get to make decisions, they bench him. Uproar. Personally, i see zero upside with Dwayne. I don't see someone brimming with talent. He has a big arm, but can't use it because he is extremely inaccurate.
  4. We can beat the Browns. You can make Baker make mistakes, and he isn't outrunning Sweat and Young like Murray did. It is a good test for the defense. Guys like Murray and Jackson next week are different animals.
  5. If there was a limit as to what I would sacrifice to get free of Snyder I am not sure what it is!
  6. Definitely not all natural lol...loved some Big Poppa Pump though...had a bicep on top of his bicep lol
  7. WE don't know...I am guessing the coaching staff has some ideas, though. Beat me to it lol
  8. Feel the same. Listening to his interview on 980, seems sincere. Seems smart. Very young. I think this could be THE pick that really comes through for us (other than #2 obviously)...
  9. I am with you. Realistically every team can go position by position and list off concerns. It's all relative. Both the concerns and non concerns. I really do believe Coaching makes a huge difference, and we upgraded there, but again that's relative. That being said, some of this can be hidden through coaching and other talented players making plays...especially on the defensive side. Between the DL, Collins, Dunbar, Foster(Hopefully)...should be able to hide some deficiencies. Of course you want to upgrade some of those positions, but you can say that about every position until yo
  10. All depends on the quality of people involved. I will tell you what I think will never work, a GM and Coach that aren’t lock step. There was a quote from Doug Williams, last year I believe, that absolutely shocked me...he said something along the lines that the talent department didn’t get players to fit schemes, they got players and the coaches were expected to make them fit. Well, it showed.
  11. This just seems like a scenario that could easily blow over as nothing, or blow up into something.
  12. I am the same, which is why this team has been so infuriating to me these past few years! At the very least I can finally look forward to us playing solid defense for a little while.
  13. For those advocating for KOC because he seems to fit well with Haskins, I think it is more important that he fits with Rivera. Especially considering the direction they are trying to go right now. And he may, I just think Rivera wants to be certain of that.
  14. Wouldn't be shocked either way. From the quotes from Rivera, I wouldn't be surprised if he is quick to cut ties. I am sure he will have a sit down, and get a feeling of the situation. If he doesn't like it, he bails. If it seems manageable, TW is a great asset to have.
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