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  1. dballer

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I can't wait 24 more minutes, let alone hours... I hate firing people, and hate seeing people get fired...but in this scenario, it's possible no one has ever deserved it more.
  2. Yeh, I am sure they knew what the issue was right away. Not good I would assume. I REALLY hope Guice doesn't become one of those "what if" guys. He is so good when he is in there. Seems to be a great kid. Just sucks.
  3. The throw he made to Sprinkle was pretty good. Put it where the tight end would have a chance and it was a tightly contested ball. He really should have caught that one.
  4. He also made some throws Alex Smith wouldn't even think about attempting. I thought overall he actually looked pretty good. He made a couple of real frustrating plays, where he tried to pull it and run when he still had time. I don't remember any bad misses on his throws yesterday. I have a feeling he's going to have a couple of real nice games down the stretch. By the way, Kyler looked BAD yesterday. So did Daniel Jones.
  5. After watching Goff last night, I would rather have Haskins at this point in his career than Super Bowl Contender Jared Goff at this point in HIS career. Yeesh that guy stinks right now, and he is in the $$$$.
  6. dballer

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    There are other things to talk about. Kelvin Harmon and Terry McLaurin are very promising receivers. That is exciting if you are into that type of thing. Dunbar is an absolute stud. Collin is a stud. Cole Holcomb flashed again. Sims should be returning punts.
  7. dballer

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    I don't know, I just re-watched the presser, I don't see narcissist at all. He talked a lot about "we" and "us", gave props for Terry making a great play on that last catch. Said he missed some throws....There were a couple of things i didn't like, he briefly blamed a hurt wrist on some of the missed throws, but he is a kid, I can give him a little bit of room on that. I think time will tell what his teammates think of him. I don't think there is enough there yet for someone on the outside to make that claim.
  8. dballer

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    I disagree with the off the field stuff. Narcissist? Brother, if you don't think Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are narcissists...they literally showed the interview of Rodgers at the draft and the reporter asked how he felt about the 49ers not drafting him, and he dead eyed looked at her and said "not as bad as they are going to feel for not drafting me"... I noticed his linemen run to pick him up every time he hit the ground yesterday. And I saw Moses run up and embrace him after the 4th quarter drive. I don't think the act is wearing thin on them. The kid is confident. And he is a kid. If he starts blaming his teammates for his mistakes then yeh...
  9. Came to get some thoughts on Haskins performance...I see that everyone is extremely grounded and logical on their reactions post game lol. I thought Haskins was actually..."close". As a Terry McLaurin fantasy owner, Haskins is killing me. BUT, his misses were close. He was throwing to the correct people most of the time. Honestly, he looked like a rookie, little too much on some balls, not quite enough on a couple others...perfect on a couple. His mobility is nice to see. He seems to have a good idea of when to step up in a pocket. Needs to work on making quicker decisions, but that is a rookie thing. He was literally inches away from having a very good game. As an eternal QB pessimist, and i mean i hate QBs, I think Haskins gives me a little bit of hope. At least enough that I want to see him start another 21+ games... PS - Yeh SelfieGate wasn't a good look, but there is no doubt the kid lives and dies by the scoreboard. He wants to win. He is a kid. He will get smarter in those kind of aspects. But there is no question about his competitiveness. That scramble in the 4th quarter was both savage and reckless. I loved it. PSS - Anyone catch the way the Linemen were reacting to him? Guys picking him up off the turf, embracing him at the end of the game...
  10. Bengals have the Browns twice and the Jets and Dolphins. Heck even the Steelers are vulnerable. I think Ryan Finley will could lead them to at least one win. Whats the tie breaker look like?
  11. Can’t be sure we still don’t end up with the #1 pick...
  12. Oh I was only sort of jesting...and Chase Young is absolutely who I think we should draft. Partly why I am pulling for Haskins to show some signs of a chance at being the future QB. But, Burrow may be hard to pass up if Haskins doesn't start looking better.
  13. This is one of the worst teams the NFL has had. The win-less Browns team a couple of years ago would kill this team.
  14. You want to replace Bruce with Joel Klatt? I mean...I guess I am down...at least he wants to draft Chase Young!