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  1. dballer

    We’re sitting pretty here guys.

    I am with you. Realistically every team can go position by position and list off concerns. It's all relative. Both the concerns and non concerns. I really do believe Coaching makes a huge difference, and we upgraded there, but again that's relative. That being said, some of this can be hidden through coaching and other talented players making plays...especially on the defensive side. Between the DL, Collins, Dunbar, Foster(Hopefully)...should be able to hide some deficiencies. Of course you want to upgrade some of those positions, but you can say that about every position until you're fielding the all pro team. I believe the OL and DL are the two places where you really can't fake it. And our DL should be really good. The OL, if everyone is brought back, including TW, could be decent. But yeh, i think we have the potential to be in a great position soon...but potential isn't always realized as we well know.
  2. All depends on the quality of people involved. I will tell you what I think will never work, a GM and Coach that aren’t lock step. There was a quote from Doug Williams, last year I believe, that absolutely shocked me...he said something along the lines that the talent department didn’t get players to fit schemes, they got players and the coaches were expected to make them fit. Well, it showed.
  3. dballer

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    This just seems like a scenario that could easily blow over as nothing, or blow up into something.
  4. I am the same, which is why this team has been so infuriating to me these past few years! At the very least I can finally look forward to us playing solid defense for a little while.
  5. dballer

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    For those advocating for KOC because he seems to fit well with Haskins, I think it is more important that he fits with Rivera. Especially considering the direction they are trying to go right now. And he may, I just think Rivera wants to be certain of that.
  6. dballer

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Wouldn't be shocked either way. From the quotes from Rivera, I wouldn't be surprised if he is quick to cut ties. I am sure he will have a sit down, and get a feeling of the situation. If he doesn't like it, he bails. If it seems manageable, TW is a great asset to have.
  7. Well that’s a little pessimistic. Jay and Bruce took the steaming pile of trash to the playoffs.
  8. Our buffoon isn't the only buffoon in the circus.
  9. Haskins isn't a statue. That's for sure. What he needs to learn that he can't do is make defenders miss one on one. He isn't juking anyone. But he can definitely move.
  10. I would definitely address TE before WR. I think the WR group could be good enough if there were one or two good/decent TEs. Just need a little veteran depth for the WR group.
  11. dballer

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Brother, if you are so hopeless, why on earth do you still hang around? Maybe come back if/when Snyder sells the team? But I don't see that happening so... Masochism is required to be completely void of hope but still care enough to hop on message boards and argue about how hopeless things are
  12. dballer

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Better than being excited about keeping Bruce around. Here is the thing. firing Bruce offers hope. There is a chance, that one day, Snyder will hire a good GM and get out of the way. With Bruce, there is no modicum of hope. Even if the next guy stinks, there will be a couple of years in the beginning where we can say, "you know what, lets at least wait and see how this pans out". Offering any bit of relief on the current stranglehold of suck that we are in is welcomed.
  13. dballer

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I can't wait 24 more minutes, let alone hours... I hate firing people, and hate seeing people get fired...but in this scenario, it's possible no one has ever deserved it more.