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  1. dballer

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. 49ers

    Man...Looking back, I realize I was actually laughing at times. Some of Keenums throws, the Peterson call on 4th and 1, Moses not moving when the other 21 players on the field were...literally laughing. And that makes me want to cry.
  2. This is my thing. Is he not capable of receiving a snap and handing the ball off? Or not capable of running a play action pass? Or is he simply not capable of dropping back without breaking both legs? Maybe he is not capable of giving the signal to hike the ball. Anything other than that... And if he is so far from being ready, why on earth is he the back up. That makes zero sense. Colt should be back up in that case. Keenum could have easily turned an ankle in that slop yesterday and then the QB that is light years away from being able to play would have had to play...
  3. Keim putting a LOT of stock into the evaluations of a sub par coaching staff.... Sure Jay isn't there anymore, but is this really addition by subtraction? Don't get me wrong, Jay had to go, but not because everything was going to get better without him. Just a natural course of action. You have the same group of geniuses, minus the head genius, making the same decisions over and over again. Anyone ever stop and think, as many things as this staff is wrong about, maybe they are wrong about Haskins' readiness too? And Case very well may give us the best chance to win games, but WHO CARES. That chance is still very small, and it doesn't really matter anymore. There are plenty of QBs throughout the league that look like they don't know what they are doing week in and week out. But they still get trotted out there.
  4. I believe your dislike of him as a person may distort your view of him as a player. i have a feeling if you got to know every player personally, you'd be surprised at who you liked and disliked... I have watched the niners a few times this year, and Bosa is no joke. Wish we had guy like that (CHASE YOUNG PLEASE)
  5. Both.. Just waiting on the other shoe to this question to drop...
  6. Definitely smells that way...to the point that makes you wonder if Bill was the one leaking that info in the first place. I do believe someone had come up with past connections to Lombardi being Callahan, Horton and Ryan. Seems like the defensive guys wouldn't be spilling their guts about the QB to me...
  7. Jacked up the formatting...Picture gone...It was probably Bruce...
  8. There are maybe 5 QBs that are worth it. To your point of the last super bowl winners...Other than Flacco, Eli, Old Manning, Old Brady... Young Russell WIlson wasn't the superstar he is today. They rode the defense and running game. Ben's first, he was a manager and competitor. Foles. Rodgers and Brees won, but they are top 5 of the generation. You can't even put Brady in that category because unlike Rodgers and Brees, he's only making like 15 a year?! Probably go and ahead and draft a QB every few years. Move on from them before you have to pay them 30 million. Imagine what we could have on this team without Alex Smith's contract. Never forget, Case Keenum was in a NFLCG, with the right pieces around him. Goes to show the difference.
  9. He wouldn't be active then. Especially with Case coming off a foot injury.
  10. The Dolphins players and coaches weren't trying to lose. In fact, they were playing the one team they felt they could beat, they were probably playing harder than they have all year. The FO is tanking, the players aren't.
  11. Pumped about Kittle and SF D for my fantasy team...
  12. To be fair, Brady didn't exactly "roast" them. Also, I wouldn't say easily the best. Bears, Vikings and Bills have some words to say about that. Luckily we have already seen the Bears and Pats...unluckily we still get to see the Vikings and Bills lol. 49ers may have something to say as well, and we get to see them still too, yay! Looking at the remainder of our schedule...we don't have one bad defensive team left. I guess the Panthers and Eagles are the worse Ds we will see from here on out...
  13. For real. There aren't many guys on this roster that I would worry about "annoying". At 0-5, most know the deal anyways. The guys that are in it for the long haul will understand. They are professionals. It doesn't matter who is on the field next to you, you should be worrying about doing YOUR job.