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  1. dballer

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    lol. What.
  2. Man i really believe this has accelerated exponentially in the recent years. The "trust" your knee thing is probably more psychological than physical. There has been plenty of examples of guys that have come back stronger a year after a torn ACL. AP being a great one. Also, being as young as he is helps. There are definitely the cases where things just don't quite heal right as well...and guys re-injure and never quite get back. That risk is why Love was there in the 4th.
  3. I mean, if he spends all his money, maybe it would be a motivating factor for him to make sure he succeeds and gets a second contract. Seriously though, whether this man ends up broke or not later in life has zero bearing on his ability to quarterback this team, which, selfishly enough, is the only thing I really care about.
  4. One could make the argument that Gruden is one hell of a coach to keep us a middle of the road team with such a dearth of talent...
  5. I mean, this is pretty much what most scouts said about him. I don’t think you’re out on a limb here, not sure why anyone would be upset about this take. The cool thing about this flaw? It can be fixed. It’s absolutely something you can work on. And he is supposedly a worker, so I think he will improve. The big question is, how fast. and we did upgrade LG. Not that it was hard to do, but I do like the looks of Wes Martin, especially in pass pro.
  6. I mean, i don't understand why he isn't lined up at receiver more often...He runs routes like a receiver...blocks like a receiver...if it quacks like a duck yada yada...the guy is a large slot receiver...
  7. When we drafted him, I thought it was to play ILB, didn't even think twice about it.
  8. Pretty solid analysis. I wouldn’t disagree with any of it. I would just add, no not a YAC guy, but he’s a load to bring down. He always falls forward, and if he catches it in stride he can rumble. His bread and butter in the NFL will be 3rd down converter. He always runs the route to the sticks and never gives up ground.
  9. Harmon and Doctson are not the same kind of receiver, not sure why you’d compare them. The biggest knock on a Doctson is his physicality. He is more athletic. They both were known for getting the 50/50 balls but they go about it differently. And the fade and comeback are not the only routes Harmon can run. You’ve obviously not watched enough, or any. The double move is probably his best route. But he routinely ran ever route successfully.
  10. Yeh I wasn't trying to say that you were wrong or anything. Just offering the other side of the coin. More my point being, I don't think it really matters, Good QBs will be good. For the most part. Also, I think the trend has gone more towards having Rookies be week 1 starters. Your HOFers, Brady and Brees, almost come from a bygone era. Rodgers really as well. There goes my trend theory...lol
  11. Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Dak, Wentz, Marriota, Derek Carr, Newton, Stafford, Flacco, Matt Ryan, Winston...1st game starters. All of these guys have varying success, but I don't think any of them benefited negatively from starting day 1. And not all of them started on good teams. It is possible that your list above could be described as a list of coaches making a mistake on the initial decision not to start the QBs that took over. I wouldn't make that argument, but you could. For example, Rivers, without a doubt, could have started day 1, but of course there was reason not to. I definitely don't buy into the "sit him 1st year no matter what". I think a couple of dynamics will play out...this staff is definitely in a win now state of mind...And Haskins only starting one year, how ready can he get. I definitely think the staff will go into with an open mind and have a true competition.
  12. Lol I am disagreeing with you on this in two threads . I definitely respect your opinion though! But yeh, I don't think being @Philly matters. Whatever game it is, there's pros on the other side. And, at least we would be starting the year with everyone healthy. I would rather have him starting game 1 with a healthy O Line and WRs, then game 6 when our team is banged up. And we have performed better on the road lately (see Josh Norman 2018 comments). I think if he is even the slightly better QB he will start. The game plan will be heavy run and field position. I think what is being missed in all of this, is what the game plan next year will be. They are going to try to run it, punt it, and play defense. Regardless of the QB. I think they think that is the best chance to win. And if the D starts off the season like it did last year, they will be right. And having a guy that can chuck it down the field as the QB will help the run game. That will allow them to start Haskins without putting too much pressure on him. Similar to Dak for the Cowboys in 2016. Heck, I am making such good points I have changed my own mind and I think Haskins WILL start .
  13. dballer

    Starting QB 2019???

    I have to respectfully disagree. Yes, coming out Colt was the better prospect. But after watching them in their careers, Case has more physical ability. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Colt has well below average arm strength. But, I know, Jay loves Colt. But, and I may certainly be wrong here, I also think there's a good chance Haskins ends up starting. From everything I have heard, he is extremely intelligent, and really understands the Xs and Os. I have heard multiple reports that he impressed Jay with his knowledge when they met. The one thing we know about Jay, if Haskins can understand what Jay wants to do, that will go a long way. I would put it at 30% chance he starts. And the fact that Jay said right away that he would be able to compete for the job, Jay isn't the best at subterfuge, I believe him.
  14. Yeh, except on that side of the ACC he wasn’t facing tough competition either, and played in zero big games. The offensive talent around him was pretty comparable to the defensive talent he faced most Saturdays.
  15. dballer

    Starting QB 2019???

    I am not a betting man... ...but no way Colt is the starter. Gruden had at least some influence in bringing Case in. I don't care how well Colt knows the system, he is the third most talented QB on the team. And that's an indictment on Colt not an endorsement of Case. I know Jay loves Colt, but if HE is a betting man, and the wager is his job, I just can not imagine him starting Colt. I think Case will pick up the system just fine. They traded for Alex Smith last year, supposedly without Gruden's input, and he was the starter. I am not going to say that Alex is on the same level of Case, but lets just say I was never a fan of Alex. And i believe Case fits better for Gruden's system than Alex. I think Case is the starter unless Haskins really picks everything up at light speed. Not sure where that will leave Colt. Also, this is as much me thinking logically as it is me thinking about what I want. Colt McCoy starting the year, in my opinion, means the year is over before it begins and everyone is going to be fired.