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  1. Rams now offering 6th and 7th next year for 2 7ths this year.
  2. Bored. Want more pics. 2020 6th for 2 2019 7s. Any takers?
  3. I was glad to get an extra pick and still get him. Could be a good replacement in a couple of years when Eric Weddle retires.
  4. Rams 5-33-171 Sheldrick Redwine, FS, Miami
  5. I can only control so much. I got an offer and was at work. First pick of mine that wasn't made within an hour of being on the clock, I believe.
  6. Rams/Giants trade. @Redskins Reparations on the clock.
  7. May have a trade. If it falls thru, I'll make my pick by 5:30.
  8. My bad. Was thinking KillBill was Atlanta.
  9. 156 or still 152? Just need to know for my draft tracker.
  10. I can't catch a break on my LB/DL targets. Haha Nice picks.
  11. Nice pick. One of the players I hoped would drop to the 5th.
  12. Donations accepted...
  13. With the 115th pick, the Los Angeles Rams select: Nate Davis, G, UNC-Charlotte
  14. Rams are offering #133 and #203 for a pick in the top half of the 4th, if any team is interested. TRADE: Carolina Panthers acquire picks #133 and #203. In exchange, Los Angeles Rams receive pick #115.
  15. With the 99th pick, the Los Angeles Rams select: Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston