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  1. Since fans don't generally concern themselves with the health and welfare of the players, it's easy for many to ignore COVID-19 as far as entertainment goes. "You're an entertainer, entertain me" In normal years, outside of torn ACLs and whatnot, the players' health is a long-term issue and something a player must make personal choices about. Many people think Jordan Reed should retire for his own good, but what if he was healthy and personally worried about the virus? The new reality is that the coronavirus can take lives in a matter of weeks. Football is a
  2. I had asked someone about this some time back during a slow offseason: Anybody wanna put a few threads together, with polls, to vote on the All-Time Washington 53-man roster? Could give us all something to talk and argue about if there was a thread for QB, RB/FB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB and CB/S. QB Sammy Baugh Kirk Cousins Sonny Jurgensen Billy Kilmer
  3. Easier said than done, at least for the women being harassed. They could have careers destroyed, or worse, by people with means and motivation to retaliate against them for speaking up. The 'men' in the building, to a lesser extent, could have similar concerns, but likely an easier time rebounding. An executive with a backbone and an ounce or morals should have no problem calling it out and having it addressed. I disagree with blaming the victims.
  4. I sold all my other sports years ago. Used to have so much stuff. lol These are a few of my favs now. Not a lot of money, but a TON of sentimental value. Plus rookies of every great Redskin I could find.
  5. Nothing on the thing itself, but this LINK has a listing claiming 1970s. "This lot includes a 1970's Seagram's Seven Crowns of Sports Collection bar mirror. The mirror features the Redskins' Sammy Baugh and the Packers' Don Hutson. It measures roughly 21" x 18" with the frame." I forgot to get a pic of my cards. Used to collect everything, but narrowed down to just Redskins rookies, AUTO and memorabilia. I've got a few pretty cool ones. Your Riggins AUTO is pretty sweet.
  6. Yeah. I saw them and had no intention of leaving without them. haha Didn't care that were replica. Just wanted them, since they had one for each Super Bowl win.
  7. Another antique store. Think I paid $100-125 for the 3. Probably overpaid, but I wanted them. lol (I'd pull the pics from your quote if you can)
  8. Found it in some antique store along the way. Redskins stuff is my favorite thing about those stores.
  9. So much still in boxes, but some of my favorite stuff. A bunch of different pennants, a couple of SLU figures (I want all of them eventually) that I don't have a place for would be the next favorite items.
  10. I've decided to pare down my collection and keep just the most sentimental stuff. The timing just happens to coincide with major life changes, so it's actually rather convenient. I don't wear jerseys or hats anymore (all sports jerseys used to be ALL I wore), but I'll keep the few meaningful ones and eventually have them framed. I've got probably 20 hats I've never worn, just bought because I got a good deal. lol I'll still wear the t-shirts and shorts whenever/wherever. ADD: It would be cool if someone has a thread to show some of
  11. I think the bottom line is this: Most of the people pushing for the name change aren't part of our fanbase. Once it's changed, they'll move on to the next whatever it is. We'll be off the radar. Some Redskins fans will quit the team over the change, some new fans will arrive BECAUSE of the change. But, if we win games, the fans will support the team. Old fans or new fans, who cares? This is MY team for as long as I watch NFL games. #HailToTheRedskinsOrRedwolvesOrFlyingMonkeysOrWhatever #HTTRORWOFMOWE
  12. Our history is ours. That's it. We started in Boston with a different name, but that's still part of the team history. Arizona has moved, their history followed. Raiders move every 20 years, their history follows. Washington Bullets > Wizards Tampa Bay Devil Rays > Rays Cleveland Browns > Baltimore Ravens history started in 1996. 1946 Cleveland Browns > 1995 Cleveland Browns, 1999 Cleveland Browns > Present This isn't an expansion team or witness protection, it's rebranding.
  13. Nationals, Capitals and Wizards. I don't like "Warriors" and my preference for "Raging Aardvarks" will be ignored. So... Meh: Ambassadors Diplomats Presidents (#HTTP lol) Pioneers Federals Generals Better: Allies Renegades Tribe Washington Football Club Conflict/Backlash/Revolt I like: Warlocks Redtails Redhogs Hogs/Posse Redwolves Burgundy and Gold
  14. If we can't get an update in general to the logo, I'd like this once in awhile at least. The 1937 Throwback look was simple but different, and the helmet was an interesting take on the leather helmets from the time.
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