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  1. All true. The problem I also ran into was putting value on the mock draft. I had been trying to base it on mock draft spot vs actual, games played, individual awards, etc. I never even got to consider contract angles and so on. I'm sure there are some pretty smart ESers who could work something out, if anybody feels like giving it a shot.
  2. I actually never got a suitable formula to work. My OCD and my lack of computer skills never could work things out. lol Tried after last year's mock, then life and pandemic set in. Somebody wanted a copy and I totally forgot to send it (@goskins10?) to do something with it. Current version is the dumbed-down spreadsheet of just our mock results and a +/- from where players were really selected. I'll post that one now and an updated one after this coming draft. ES Mock Draft Results (2015-2021)
  3. I'm finishing my file for the mock. Is this pick going to be changed from Verdell to Marable officially?
  4. Well done to all, and thanks to everybody to kept the mock updated and moving. Also, really like the #WFT draft. Good job to you @COWBOY-KILLA-!
  5. Los Angeles Rams Draft 2 25 57 LAR Landon Dickerson Alabama C 3 24 88 LAR Chazz Surratt North Carolina OLB 3 39 103 LAR Talanoa Hufanga USC S 4 36 141 LAR Royce Newman Ole Miss G 6 25
  6. LAR Jonathan Adams Jr. Arkansas State WR Torn between my last 2 choices, so if anybody left with a pick wants a 2022 6th, lemme know.
  7. I'm here. Be just a couple minutes.
  8. Who's taking short lists right now?
  9. @PokerPacker on the clock @PartyPosse on deck @Riggo'sRangers coming soon @Owls0325 coming soon
  10. 4 36 141 LAR Royce Newman Ole Miss G
  11. Any chance next year we can have a standard format for picks when they're made? Like, we all start the post with the same format, and those who want to elaborate can, and others can just post their picks? Would make it easier to tell team/pick/player info.
  12. 3 39 103 LAR Talanoa Hufanga USC S
  13. 3 24 88 LAR Chazz Surratt North Carolina OLB
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Los Angeles Rams 5th annual "Fix the OL" draft-a-thon! We didn't get any offers for this pick, so... Landon Dickerson Alabama C Also... @Chump Bailey The Humphrey Dance is your chance to steal the Humph lol Nice pick. Was my guy @ 57.
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