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  1. Possibly suspend him for "conduct detrimental to the team"? Would that change how those 6 games would apply, as far as contract years? Would Brucie do it?
  2. tibbidoe

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    CHI - 73 WAS - 0
  3. Blow it up. Trade any player 27+ who has good value, add as many draft picks as possible. Drop as much salary as possible. I want the new coaching staff/GM to have as much ammo as possible to build the team for 2021 and beyond.
  4. Same idea (on a much less significant issue, socially speaking) as the "shut up and play your game" response that Kaep and LeBron (amongst others) got for speaking up about things that needed attention. We're fans. This is just entertainment for us. We see what we see and assume the rest. Morgan (also Trent this offseason and D.J. last season) speaking publicly pisses some people off because... reasons. We've been a **** show for the most part since 1993. The mismanagement really got started by Snyder in '99/'00, but hasn't improved much since (poor drafting, awful FA contracts, etc). Bruce was hired because of Synder's infatuation with the Redskins' past and the name-value for stadium influence. Have either Snyder or Allen earned the benefit of the doubt in ANY situation really? Which is more likely?- 1.) The two guys at the very top of the organization, proven losers who have no business running this team, are suddenly doing a great job and the mean ol' players are just being bullies. or 2.) Players are sick of wasting their bodies/minds silently watching these two buffoons bumble away year after year of their playing careers, while also handling personal/personnel matters poorly in pretty much every situation? Whichever you believe, players still have a right to speak up. Aggressively overreacting against players, without having all the details, is kind of like the ref throwing a flag at the guy reacting to somebody taking a cheap shot at his knees.
  5. tibbidoe

    Awesome Problem ; How do you say we split the carries ?

    Split carries: 55% Guice 40% Peterson 5% Thompson/QBs/WRs
  6. 22 Craig Reynolds RB 84 Darvin Kidsy WR 89 Cam Sims WR 46 Donald Parham TE 61 Timon Parris T 62 Ryan Bee DE 48 B.J. Blunt ILB 39 Adonis Alexander CB 29 D.J. White CB 45 Jeremy Reaves FS
  7. tibbidoe


    Right. But, I mean, why the hell did we let him go? lol
  8. tibbidoe


    Why did we let Kotwica go, in favor of Nate Kaczor?
  9. Fair point, but I think the precedent has been set many times before in all major sports. Certain players are just treated differently in these situations because of what they've accomplished or what they are expected to accomplish in the near future. If nothing else, convert some current contract money to guaranteed money, maybe add a year or two and then the FO gets to say "See? We make it right and take care of our guys." It isn't necessarily fair, but players/teams aren't in normal businesses. If I tried this approach on my job, I'd be gone. But, finding a forklift driver is a little easier than finding a possible HoF left tackle. haha
  10. I'm only guessing, but I would think that "go get it looked at by a real doctor" would be a default answer for any team doctor in any sport. If nothing else to avoid liability. I mean, yeah, team docs need to get players on the field, but I'd bet avoiding a situation were a player can sue the team for malpractice is probably higher priority. I'd say this medical claim is about either getting paid or getting out of Washington, and this was a convenient way to do whichever it is. Like someone said, the doctors can't say anything to defend themselves, per privacy laws, so we're left with vague team statements and whatever TW/his agent say publicly. If it's money, pay him (within reason). I don't care, as it's not coming from my sad little bank account. haha If he wants out, make it happen and move on.
  11. tibbidoe

    Mason Foster released

    Redskins wikipedia roster page was updated wicked fast to show Foster no longer with the team.
  12. tibbidoe

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    My "Bored on a Rainy Day, Washington Redskins Silly-Early Fanspeak 2020 NFL Draft" results: I assumed: Williams drama being resolved/pushed out a year Possible issues continuing at LG/RG Foster injury still concerning enough to look into extra depth to compensate Kerrigan beginning to show his age Guice/Love (one or both) returning from injury well enough to not look for RB yet YOUR PICKS 1: R1P13, S GRANT DELPIT, LSU 2: R3P13, G TOMMY KRAEMER, NOTRE DAME 3: R4P13, LB MICHAEL PINCKNEY,MIAMI 4: R4P36, EDGE JOE GAZIANO, NORTHWESTERN 5: R5P13, TE JARED RICE, FRESNO STATE 6: R7P7, CB JAVARIUS DAVIS, AUBURN 7: R7P13, WR DARNELL MOONEY, TULANE
  13. The defense would be set right now if we hadn't cut Swearinger. Hated the move then, hate it more now. So, no news on Boston?
  14. tibbidoe

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    I'm not completely ashamed of my picks, so that's pretty swell. lol Joseph was by far my worst pick vs. reality, but I stand by that selection anyway, as I have no choice. lmao
  15. tibbidoe

    2019 Undrafted Free agency Thread

    These are all the UDFA signings I've seen. Am I missing anybody? -- Juwann Bushell-Beatty OT -- Ryan Bee DT -- B.J. Blunt OLB -- Kano Dillon TE -- JoJo McIntosh SS -- Chidi Okeke OT -- T.J. Rahming WR -- Steven Sims Jr WR -- Aca'Cedric Ware RB I know Coney and Watson were reported here, then reported to OAK and MIA instead.