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  1. Is the ES board allowed to make money for itself? Like, if we got ideas together that could make some money, could it fund tailgating expenses, provide team merch contests or maybe pay the mods a bit for their efforts?
  2. Bored at work thought: Joe Gibbs is the best HC we've had, but who would be the best OC/DC we've ever had? Like, historically. Same for GM/President?
  3. I'm looking for this book from the last Super Bowl. Had one when I was a kid. First real collectable I ever bought myself.
  4. If the defense can get to Brady enough: WAS 21 TB 17 If not: WAS 7 TB 38
  5. I read about how we're ahead of schedule on the rebuild, and I agree. If we can get the QB spot addressed and OL upgrades, we can win some games with the guys we have. Any other improvements (LB/TE/WR2) will just make it easier. Sunday vs TB is an unexpected gift to the fanbase. Win or lose, enjoy it and know that we may finally, really, be turning things around the right way. #HTTWFT
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