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  1. I don’t know with Haskins. I wish they’d run some no huddle at the beginning of games to get him into a rhythm and calm him down. The only times I’ve seen true hustle from him has been when he’s not thinking and trying to get his team a few scores late in a game.
  2. I do not understand why anyone in our front office thought this O-line could compete.
  3. 35-3, Cardinals. In typical Washington fashion, we will walk in overconfident. A few plays will go against us early on and we will fold. Our D linemen will not have it so easy and our linebackers/secondary will not pick up the slack. The next day, the national media will have a field day about how we came crashing down to the ground. Haters (especially Haskins haters) on this board will hate for a week until we have a more impressive showing next week. I want to believe that this team, Rivera and Haskins in particular, is the real deal. A victory this week would go a long way in changing my ou
  4. Why does our best inside lineman, Scherff, operate on the right side? It sort of made sense when we had a stalwart LT, but now we need as much blindside protection as possible. It would also help to have at least one calming veteran presence on that side.
  5. We always get curb stomped after a big win. I’d be pleasantly surprised by a W on Sunday.
  6. If the left side continues to look like it did, any chance we pursue Larry Warford? Many spots have him as having opted out, but he was a free agent so couldn’t he just sign with any team that strikes his fancy?
  7. Wow. He’s already the best coach we’ve had since Gibbs. I’m an idiot for questioning his abilities.
  8. I’m a bit sad when I realize how much we wasted Kerrigan throughout his career - he’s clearly in his element as a 4-3 DE.
  9. The O-line was horrible for most of the game and there was no pocket until the end when the Eagles lost two of their better linemen. The run game was super erratic, too. I don’t blame a young QB for not getting his feet set under these conditions. As he got more comfortable, like he did throughout last year, I saw the accuracy improve greatly.
  11. I think we know why Rivera went 5-11 last year.
  12. Scott Turner is calling an awful game.
  13. That was a better interview than most fully grown professional QBs are capable of providing. Haskins is special. He’s much much smarter than he’s been given credit.
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