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  1. Who was that little guy who occasionally made a play for us from 2007 to 2013? London Fletcher something? I think he even made an interception one time.
  2. I wonder if we can turn this kid into Marcus Washington
  3. I love these picks- smaller schools with lesser recognition, winning teams, leaders, and very athletic but in need of coaching.
  4. Any thoughts on D’Ante Smith? Any chance he is around in the 5th?
  5. This draft is so odd to me... It’s like they pre-selected who they were going to choose at each spot.
  6. Looking forward to this dude Jamin every lane!
  7. 6’1” is plenty big to play QB in this league in this era. Given how much we protect QBs these days, Heinicke will be fine. In fact, better than fine. Dude is our future.
  8. God damn... I, at the very least, held out hope that this kid is smart even if he can’t put things together on the field. Nope. He risked himself and his teammates. This is pretty unforgivable and I can’t believe he hasn’t been cut.
  9. I find myself in a weird space - very much rooting for Haskins while fully expecting him to look really terrible. There’s always just one critical component that’s off in his game (ex. his mechanics will look better, but his decision making will be completely off, or vice-versa). Those last few games last season seem like a world away at this point. Again, I think it’s nerves and anxiety. Someone get him some Xanax.
  10. I’m convinced that our team looks better because our coach is healthy and fully present. That’s got to have a huge impact on the tenor of meetings and overall morale.
  11. Haskins gets way too nervous for a NFL quarterback. You can see him thinking as the ball leaves his hand. He’s his own worst enemy.
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