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  1. D’Pablo

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    Yes. It’s almost as if they’re prepared for the physicality of the game.
  2. Not endorsing him as the next head coach, but Callahan > Gruden. I ****ing hated when he was hired and I did a jig when he was fired.
  3. Bills just made Dak look like a rookie.
  4. Bullock on Haskins- “good mental process” https://theathletic.com/1411302/2019/11/26/despite-some-missed-throws-dwayne-haskins-showed-a-good-mental-process-against-the-lions/?amp#click=https://t.co/kxh249HS66
  5. So, I’ve seen consistent growth in Haskins to date. The accuracy issues were infuriating, but they were the right reads and they were reached quickly. If he keeps processing things quicker and quicker, I’m hopeful he’ll have time to be more mindful of his mechanics. It’s kind of nice to see this sort of incremental progress.
  6. I’m willing to give a 22 year old a one time pass on this nonsense. With the exception of throwing high, he rarely makes the same mistake twice. At the same age, Favre was a drunken mess.
  7. D’Pablo

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Kirk was running the read option before it was figured out. Moreover, he had a 1500 yard rusher in Morris and a veteran receiver corps led by an in his peak Garçon. Also, three of the most successful offensive coaches in the NFL this season were on that staff.
  8. I wasn’t a huge fan of the draft pick, but I’m amazed at how many people are completely (and, IMO, purposefully) oblivious to just how awful our WR corps (save McLauren) was throughout the game. There were a lot of dropped passes (and an interception due to a receiver failing to sit in the zone), mistakes magnified by the fact that we have a rookie trying to build trust with said receivers. Worse yet, Haskins had rushers in his face before he had finished his drop. He still seemed much improved by the fourth quarter, though far from great. This was a game to build on, and for the folks perpetually wanting the team to tank and start over-this is what it looks like.
  9. D’Pablo


    I can’t believe how bad this D is. At least Haskins is a rookie. This D has no excuse. They put us in a 6 point hole to start.
  10. D’Pablo

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Questions for those on the board in the know: 1. Is Scherff still hurt? Is his game noticeably different than in years past? 2. What is Moses’s issue? Is he hurt, or have injuries caught up to him? I recall him not being the most agile blocker, but coupled with his mental lapses, he looks like a statue. 3. A lot of folks have mentioned predictability with respect to playcalling- Is this a scheme/coach issue or does it seem that we’re dumbing things down due to QB turnover? 4. Why are we such a bad screen pass team? 5. How are our replacement TEs doing in terms of blocking and running routes? 6. I feel like our D is actually decent on first and second down... What causes the absolutely nonsensical breakdowns on third down? Are we being done in by our secondary or linebackers? Who specifically is picked on the most and should they be benched? 7. Why aren’t we getting any turnovers at all? I haven’t seen the differential, but it seems like we’re -1000 in this respect. Is it at all related to our “softness” and inability to lay the wood? Do we play too much man coverage? 8. In his first start, did Haskins show any of the typical rookie issues like staring down receivers, being late out of the huddle, an unwillingness to go through his reads, etc...? 9. How is Roullier doing this year? Is he helping call out potential blitzers and making line adjustments? If not, should he be? 10. Are we still running a hybrid zone/power blocking scheme, and would we benefit from just switching back to a zone scheme?
  11. D’Pablo

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    I hadn’t realized this... I wonder if the field conditions are actually worse, though. In the 90’s, artificial turf was rare and pretty terrible. We may have been comparatively better, but perhaps not by today’s standards.
  12. D’Pablo

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Thanks, Burgold. Literally every thread in this forum is hijacked by discussions about culture, the front office, and Dan Snyder. These are all issues that contribute to a poor product. Yet, this thread is about the objective performance we see on the field, not how Bruce Allen may have said something snarky about Player X, and now no one is capable of playing even mediocre football. If you’re uninterested in engaging in this topic, please don’t litter the thread with what we all already know. I already know you’re right to some degree, but I’d like to know what the next set of players, coaches, front office personnel, and/or owners (we can wish) will have to fix in the coming years.
  13. D’Pablo

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    So, obviously, the talent and coaching are questionable with respect to this team, but what specifically makes us so below average as compared to even some other two win teams (the Jets beat the Cowboys- we stand no chance of that)? Who are the players consistently missing assignments? Who is physically incapable of making it in the NFL? What plays are we calling that clearly don’t work? What unit would stand to gain the most from better coaching? Are our schemes at issue? The things I’m not interested in hearing are “Snyder,” “Bruce Allen,” or “Front Office.” I am just very curious about our failures from a the “X’s and O’s” perspective.
  14. D’Pablo

    Next Coach?

    If this team wants to win, it should not only look at getting a competent head coach, but also spending considerable sums to get the absolute best coordinators and position coaches. I certainly would never hire a coach that has a list of buddies on their short list of potential staff. They’d need to have extensive track records. I’m going to say something potentially controversial- Sean McVay isn’t all that special. He does, however, have some very seasoned coaches under him.