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  1. Who the **** are these guys? I feel like we’re assembling the real life version of Major League. Have we adequately scouted the California penal league?
  2. I’m sure the NFL will handle this as masterfully as they did CTE.
  3. If Haskins looks like he did against the Giants, I expect 11-5. If not, 6-10.
  4. Jesus... You’re right and I did not intend to write “superlative.” Auto fill-in is a monster.
  5. WTH... A ****ing superbowl win. Everything else is superlative.* *Correction- I meant “superfluous.”
  6. D’Pablo

    Next Coach?

    I’m inclined to give Callahan the job, and require a new D Coordinator.
  7. Our D is much worse than the Giants. Jones and Barkley barely have to work.
  8. Is it time to start calling out our toxic fans that were ready to give up on Haskins after one game?
  9. D’Pablo

    Next Coach?

    The only way I’d want Meyer is if he keeps O’Connell on board. I worry about a young QB having to learn a second offense in two years.
  10. Apparently, it does not matter that Haskins inherited a team with one win on the season that fired its head coach before midseason, while working with no starting TEs, an almost all rookie WR corps, and an elderly starting RB. Coupled with the most jaded, irritable fanbase in the franchise’s history, Haskins might be the best rookie QB in the history of the game.
  11. He looks good with time. That said, he needs to spend more time on protections. Granted, the Packers were throwing the kitchen sink at him and he didn’t shrink. Again, good growth.
  12. D’Pablo

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    Yes. It’s almost as if they’re prepared for the physicality of the game.
  13. Not endorsing him as the next head coach, but Callahan > Gruden. I ****ing hated when he was hired and I did a jig when he was fired.
  14. Bills just made Dak look like a rookie.