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Your favorite NES games (and other old school games)

Spaceman Spiff

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I think I might have created a thread about this a long, long time ago.  But I'm too lazy to find it.


Anyway, I found two NES controllers with USB ports on Amazon for 10 bucks.  They were delivered today.  I downloaded an emulator and a bunch of ROMs, curious to see what your favorite games were from back in the day.  Obviously Tecmo Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl, Mario 1 and 3 (2 sucked), Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.  I loved an obscure game called Super Dodge Ball.   


I've spent the past 45 minutes playing Jackal.  


My hands hurt. 



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Sigh. I am old.  I'll stick to the consoles going up to the PS1,( I gamed on the 64,Amiga,and PC as well. The original DOOM and Dark Forces being the favorites there).  I remember losing a lot of hours of my day playing Excitebike and Tyson Punchout. Years before that there was my second console,(first being the pong one),the Intellivision. Dungeons and Dragons and Tron Deadly Discs were my clear favorites and two of the tougher games to play for that one. Had the Sega Genesis and the  Strike series were my hands down favorites,(NBA Jam being the second because the mother ****er cheated. :angry:  ;) ). PS1. Medal of Honor followed by the never completed Metal Gear. 


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Super Dodge Ball... OMG that was fun as hell.  Elementary school friend and I would play that at sleepovers a ton.... maybe just at his house...


Punch out, Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo Supet Bowl was 10x better..' I will admit to playing the updated roster ROMs.... Cousins to Jackson/Garcon.




Ice hockey...


Wrestlmania and.the sequel (think Rick Rude was in.it?)  They never held the candle to wrestlefest though....


Willow.. enjoyed that better than Zelda actually... 





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Check out Little Sampson or Lickle in Japanese.


Was hard to find in America back in the day. Cool platformer, easy to find ROM. 


My favorite NES games:

Final Fantasy

Dragon Quest/Warrior 1-4 

River City Ransom

Ice Hockey

Micro Machines

Punch Out

Pro Wrestling

Rescue the Embassy Mission

Crash and the street boys


*Forgot Friday the 13th. As a young kid, game was scary and really-really hard. 

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I still have a working NES, and I still have a functioning copy of Willow, which I also liked better than the Zelda games, since I could actually beat Willow.  First game where I ever learned about level grinding.


Final Fantasy 1.  I actually never played this until after I had played Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES, so I wasn't aware that the first one didn't just shift targets if you killed a monster, your characters would just swing at air.  This made the game infinitely harder.


Little League World Series...really fun baseball game, teaching my kids how to play now.


Some like Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Tecmo Super Bowl, Blades of Steel, Super Mario 3, don't need to be mentioned, they just rule.


I'm saving a special standalone paragraph for Contra.  I loved Contra.  I played that game so many times I had it memorized.  I beat it on two separate occasions without dying, no 30 lives code needed.  Perhaps my finest moment was beating it (I died twice) while jogging at five miles an hour on a treadmill, which I had set up in front of the TV, the cord was just long enough.  It made me briefly think about setting up a YouTube channel to document beating games while on treadmills, which may still be an untapped niche market all these years later.  

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I played Nintendo golf like a crazy person. Had every drive perfected under any wind condition. Shot 18 under once. 


When I had Atari, I played pitfall for hours on end, trying to figure out the pattern, when to go underground, when to backtrack. 

Incredibly frustrating. 

And of course tecmo super bowl. David Fulcher for cincy was a beast. 

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11 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:

Loved Super Dodge Ball, good one Spiffy.


Will add BattleToads (except the final level) and Double Dragon. 

And RBI Baseball.  


I remember tailgating at a cat's house before WVU VT at FedEx field and we was in the basement playing Mike Tyson punch out on this TV




 sunof a **** this guy hard as ****

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17 hours ago, StillUnknown said:

super dodgeball takes me back


double dribble was probably the first basketball game I ever played


I can still hear the "Double...Dribble" in my head. I hated that game though. I never could get any good at it.


Best game of all time, though not NES goes to Robotron 2084. I used to score literally millions of points on this game. Smash TV (SNES) or as I call it Robotron part 2 was pretty good too.


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