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  1. I mean he'd still count $10M in dead cap in 2021 but they'll save $14M in cap space by releasing him in the offseason.
  2. I'd go with Stanford as QB U. Elway, Plunkett...Luck.
  3. You're right. I was looking at his base salary instead of the cap hit which includes the prorated bonus $.
  4. I thought we can gain $9M by releasing Smith after the season.
  5. With Harrison Bryant and Austin Hooper you still have to worry about the duel TE threat. Bryant's looked pretty good for a rookie TE. They'll put Hunt out wide also. And Sheldon Richardson has been a force also on their DL.
  6. Because they called holding on our guy and I guess they thought he pulled the defender into Way.
  7. He ain't playing behind Wentz's OL though. When Baker has the playaction going and gets his feet set he's accurate. Thing with him though is he always doesn't see the underneath coverage so you can pick him off. But they need to keep him in the pocket and get him throwing flat footed. He doesn't always set up in the pocket.
  8. Our DL vs their OL and RBs should be interesting. Their OL looks good and their RBs are excellent. If we're down 2 scores in the 4th they'll wear us down though. But Young and Sweat should be able to get out on Baker when he runs those boots. Our OL vs their DL I don't like. Browns are weak at LB and safety so there's an area we can exploit in the passing game. But they are getting some guys back healthy this week.
  9. The odds were so long for a comeback maybe he didn't want to risk an injury. Or maybe he knows he'll get roasted by the media for it and hopes the team will rally around him next week. But yeah I've never seen that before.
  10. Fox News is going to lose their minds. This is the Obama tan suit scandal all over again. How un-Vice Presidential of her to wear Timbs.
  11. Maybe, that team has talent though and I think they've started slow in the past.
  12. I saw one team (Texans) that looked like they needed a couple pre-season games and the other (Chiefs) who looked like they haven't missed a beat since February. So I'm not sure yet about pre-season. I think 4 is too many, 2 might be right. Teams have been more concerned with getting their starters to the season healthy over the past few years, so they weren't using those games like they used to.
  13. Question: if this tweet came from someone besides Trump or people in his Admin, would you consider it fair criticism of Woodward? I know Bob's trying to sell a book, but shouldn't something this big (with tapes) have come out months ago? Edit: @The Evil Genius makes a good point.
  14. The Browns just wavied TE Pharoah Brown to make room for their wavier pickups. Big target who can block. Remember this guy had a nasty leg injury while at Oregon and has had to grind his way into the NFL after going undrafted. They're trying to get him to PS. Get this guy Ron!
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