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  1. Like say...Hoody Jr? If Flores goes to Miami I wonder if he's in line to call the Pats defense next year.
  2. The Predator was garbage. Probably the worst movie I saw in 2018. I have nothing good to say about it other then Olivia Munn is nice to look at. But she can't act. The story sucked, the CGI was bad, the dialogue was awful, none of the characters were likable at all. I like most of Shane Black's movies but IDK what he was thinking with this one. They should have just made it a straight to Sci-Fi Channel movie with the likes of Lake Placid 3 and Anaconda 2. Venom was a mess, but at least the banter between Eddie and Venom was fun and entertaining.
  3. I can't stand Trump, but I think the fast food spread is cool. If I'd walked into a room with all that food when I was in college I would have been in heaven. I was a college athlete and when we traveled, parents would host dinners for us which was all chicken, fish, pasta, salad etc. When my parents hosted one I asked for and got tacos. My teammates were pumped about it.
  4. Ha, he did Half Past Dead with Steven Seagal instead. That movie was so bad is was actually entertaining. To be fair with Fast and Furious, when Vin Diesel turned down the sequel and it flopped that franchise looked dead in the water. Not sure anyone saw it coming back the way it did.
  5. It should be strike three since he didn't disclose he was a client of Cohen back when he was defending him on air.
  6. Not sure I'm giving him any benefit. This whole thing is dumb and he created it. I think he didn't know what this shutdown for this long entailed, or he ignored what people were telling him it entailed. That's not hard to believe. But I also believe Graham, McConnell, whoever in Senate GOP are telling him behind closed doors that he needs to end it and he's looking for a exit strategy where he doesn't look like he's just caving to Pelosi. Court strikes it down, he opens the Government and spins it like he was the bigger person and got 800K Americans their paychecks back like he's Trumpy Claus.
  7. Could it be Trump is just looking for an "out" with this situation where he doesn't look like a **** to his base and declaring it a national emergency and having the court strike it down allows him to say "I did all I could, blame the Dems and the so-called judges for no wall funding" and then re-open the Government. It's pretty clear Trump and his administration didn't know who all was impacted by this shutdown (Coast Guard, TSA, FDA, IRS, etc) and if they did wouldn't have taken it here. At least that's how I see it.
  8. drowland

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    26th ranked D is good? They were good with turnovers, but there were issues with that D and he hasn’t had a top 10 D since 2011. Gregg did not hand pick Kitchens. When Jackson and Haley were fired the GM and owner called Gregg and Freddie in and told them your the HC and you’re the OC. Gregg did a good job stearing the ship but be real. A successful 2019 season for the Browns O and Kitchens would be snatched up. Some teams reached out to Kitchens for HC interviews and the Browns blocked them. Who was reaching out to interview Gregg for a HC gig? No one. The Browns have been his only interview. Maybe the Bengals would be interested in him but not likely.
  9. drowland

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    Well Baker Mayfield's completion % did go from 58% to 68% with Kitchens taking over the offense. And their offense averaged 6.9 yards per play which was #1 in the league over that span. If Baker's your future I think you go with the guy who worked directly with him over a 60 year old DC who hasn't had a good defense since 2011.
  10. Tampa and Chicago....and possibly Cleveland. Bowles and Kitchens both were on Arians coaching staff in AZ.
  11. drowland

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    It doesn’t work that way. Foster’s still getting paid being on the exempt list. Greg Hardy missed 15 games while being on the exempt list before the league hit him with a 10 game suspension the following season for his DV issue. It was dropped to 4 games after an appeal with an arbitrator. The NFL will still investigate Foster regardless of the Tampa prosecutor dropping the charge. If they think there’s evidence he did it they can suspend him, without pay, for games next year.
  12. drowland

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    Well he got past this hurdle. I hope he's learned his lesson and getting released by the 49ers finally gets the message through to him. There's a pattern of behavior with this guy though. Forgot the arrest and court systems for a second....I would of released him, if I were the 49ers, just for hanging around that girl after what she tried to do to him before. Something's not right upstairs with him.
  13. drowland

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How about Tanard Jackson? He's been the missing piece all these years. The NFL doesn't drug test front office folks. Bruce and Dan finally find the loophole to get him back inhouse.
  14. drowland

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Haven't watched the presser but from what's being said it seems like Jay wants to get canned or maybe they could trade him to Cincinnati. I wouldn't be shocked if Jay wanted to leave and take that job. -Mike Brown might be one of the cheapest owners in the NFL, but in being cheap he keeps coaches around for longer then most owners will stand for because he doesn't want to pay out salaries for fired coaches -Brown also gives his coaches more say when it comes to player personnel decisions -Dalton is a better QB then what he has here and Jay knows him well -He'll get AJ Green and Joe Mixon who are better skill players then what's here
  15. drowland

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    This should be an interesting offseason with all these HC openings. One with a HOF QB and 3 teams with highly touted rookie QBs.