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  1. So bombing black neighborhoods is on the table? It would be nice if FOX would ask some follow up questions when someone in this admin says something like this.
  2. drowland

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    I don't listen to them that often but did catch a little of them this morning and you're right, Lurch really is ignorant to the whole thing. The others seemed to be open, but Lurch is awful. "How can this be a systematic issue if the Minneapolis Police Chief is black?" They were even trying to explain "driving while black" to him and he didn't get it. I turned them off.
  3. I'm surprised the Village People would allow him to use one of their songs. At this point I'd think Toby Keith, Ted Nuggent and Poison would be the only ones. "Look What the Cat Dragged In" would be fitting.
  4. One thing Trump says a lot, which I agree with him on, is he has good genes. His dad lived into his 90s and his mother late 80s. Trump's never been a smoker and he's not really a drinker. Of course his diet can be questioned, but I don't see him expiring anytime soon.
  5. If Trump loses this year I'm hoping he'll be so buried in indictments and lawsuits that him and his 3 eldest offspring won't have any ground to stand on when 2024 comes around. That includes Ivanka's wife Jared.
  6. It's Sharpiegate for me. It was over a minor mistake he could have easily corrected with a tweet but he had to double down. The memes it created were fantastic. Then you had Wilbur Ross threatening the NOAA over correcting him.
  7. drowland

    2020 Schedule Leaks/Prediction Thread

    Makes sense. Out of conference games have no impact on tie breakers so if they have to postpone the start and shorten the season those games will be the first out. I could also see them ordering the first 4 off where teams ranked in 2019. So the Skins would be.. Week 1 - Ravens Week 2 - @Steelers Week 3 - @Browns Week 4 - Bengals That way if they cancelled say the first 3 weeks, the Skins get an OOC team ranked 4th based off last year. It wouldn't be fair in this case if there's only 1 OOC game and the Skins got the Ravens while the Eagles or Cowboys got the Bengals.
  8. drowland

    The "I wish we got that guy" thread, 2020 Edition

    Not going to complain about the Gibson pick since I was fan pre-draft and if Turner can maximize his skill set he can be special. That said, with this draft as deep as it was, I wish Ron and Kyle had moved back from #66 and manufactured more picks. I think Gibson would have still been available later in the rd. The Skins have a lot of areas to address and I don't think they got enough out of this draft. But Ron's like Gettleman in that he doesn't like to move around the board.
  9. What I remember about him is he was an undersized edge rusher who was going to have to change positions. It hasn't helped that he's had three different DCs since he's been a Cardinal.
  10. We'll have to see if the Skins pick up Foster's 5th year option in the next couple weeks. With his injury history I'm guessing they won't and he'll be UFA after the season.
  11. I have a feeling Jon Gruden will offer future 1st rd picks equal to the number of years left in his contract to trade up to #1 for Lawrence.
  12. drowland

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    Recapping Browns draft #10 Javon Kinlaw - DT / #14 - 49ers (-4) #33 Erza Cleveland - OT / #58 - Vikings (-25) #74 Malik Harrison - LB / #98 - Ravens (-24) #115 Antonio Gibson - RB / #66 - Redskins (+49) #187 Khalid Kareem - DE / #147 - Bengals (+40) #244 Jared Mayden - S / UDFA (-11) Final result +25, not bad. Top 3 picks I got in the correct round and Gibson and Kareem went a full round + earlier. I'm kicking myself because I was between Darnell Mooney and Mayden for #244 and went Mayden. Mooney ends up going #173 in the 5th. I listened to Daniel Jeremiah on that one who thought Mayden would go in the 5th or 6th .
  13. drowland

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Yeah I know they're the same generation, I was just alluding to when the father and grandfather died everyone thought things would get better and they haven't.
  14. The Bears currently have 10 TEs on their roster after drafting the Notre Dame TE. Maybe the Skins should snag one off the waiver wire. What's coming out of Cleveland is Njoku isn't going anywhere, however they might decline his 5th year option making him a UFA after the season.
  15. drowland

    All Things North Korea Thread

    If it's his sister I hear she's worse. Every generation of that family has gotten worse.