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  1. I'm guessing they decided to drop the new name now because we're in that time of the year where sports news is slow. After the MLB All-Star game, after the NBA finals and right before the start of NFL TC. And this year before the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Dropping it now gives them more eyes and more national talking heads discussing it which means more buzz.
  2. We did beat them! I signed a sworn affidavit that the score was changed and gave it to Rudy. Why would a hard working FT fan like me lie about this?
  3. I felt he had a Willy Wonka vibe to him. Which considering he's been alone in a castle for eons it kind of made sense he's a little zanny. Based on the costume he was an Immortus variant of Kang who is older and more reflective. I fully expect the other variants of Kang to be different then this one. It's interesting though that they introduced Kang with the oldest version of him but the setup is probably the smart way to do it.
  4. I'm guessing some of these guys have a parent, uncle, cousin, etc. who they trust in, that watched a video or read something on FB or heard something in the community saying don't get vaccinated. So they're deciding to listen to people they trust. I live in an urban area and I hear all kinds of stuff when I walk into the corner stores, mainly from people in the black community saying "I'm waiting" or "I heard don't get it yet." There's a lot of misleading information out there.
  5. Alright I now push Loki to the top of the Disney+ shows lol. That was a well done season finale.
  6. I have to say I'm fully in on Loki after the last two episodes and will probably go back and rewatch the first few episodes before the finale. It's gotten very interesting. If it sticks the landing i might put Loki at the top of the three.
  7. I mean sort of. With Chris Pratt and the group of people he's drafted with they do address why they're chosen and it plays into what you're talking about. But I can't remember if they addressed it for the overall population of people sent to the future to fight the war. By the time he goes, future humans are pretty desperate. When it comes to time travel movies though I've found you kind of have to just go with it. Even with Endgame which tried to set up the rules, it still had holes. Tomorrow War has plot holes for sure and it's a silly movie. But it does have some good action sequence
  8. The first FF movie was a straight up Point Break rip-off. Almost same exact plot just substitute surfing with street racing. If you had told me then it would turn into a nine film franchise making billions overseas I would have laughed.
  9. I watched The Tomorrow War on Prime. The aliens were very cool and it's got entertaining moments. Overall it had potential but for the most part it's a mashup of stuff already done in other alien invasion movies. As far as Chris Pratt goes not sure if he was miscast or just phoned it in. I've liked him in most every movie I've seen of his but thought he was flat in this one.
  10. On the the night Tony and Jackie robbed Feech La Manna's poker game I hope we find out if Ralphie really caught the clapp from some hippie chick or just chickened out. I think I know the answer.
  11. I'm guessing they're saying his top end speed is faster, he just doesn't accelerate as fast. Which could be true. When Jones gets going he looks fast. Thing is having that short area burst and suddenness to change direction like Lamar has is what makes him dangerous as a runner. He doesn't need a runway like Jones does to get up to top speed.
  12. The deadline to exercise that 5th year option is early May after their 3rd year. If you can get a deal done before that, cool, but most of those big extensions happen over the summer right up to the start of TC when teams aren't focused on free agency and the draft.
  13. You absolutely pick up their 5th year option. Buys you time and leverage to get an extension done.
  14. I disagree, the Disney wolves have way more exaggerated cartoonish features then @DCdangerous logo does. Like bigger ears, a bigger nose, longer snout...Eugene Levy's eyebrows.
  15. Ha! It is crazy though that he's owned the team 22 years and is still one of the youngest owners in the NFL. I believe him, Clark Hunt and Michael Bidwell are all 55.
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