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  1. drowland

    The Impeachment Thread

    He probably should have phrased it better though. Like "ambassador's attempted murder and attempted robbery are crimes...would you then the president attempting to extort a foreign government for political reasons a crime?"
  2. drowland

    The Impeachment Thread

    For those not watching/listening what did he ask?
  3. If Hargreaves is claimed off waivers does the team inherit his 5th year option? It would be so Redskins to claim him, he gets hurt and they're forced to pay his $9M salary in 2020.
  4. drowland

    Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

    Allen has a tendency to throw INTs. With a lead are they just trying not to give the game away and make Haskins beat them?
  5. drowland

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I don't see where Trent would help them this year at this point. If it had happened during the bye week maybe. I think for the Browns, salvaging this season all comes down to them realizing what they're not and accept what they are. If they would just play double TE and ride Chubb, and Hunt when they get him back in a couple weeks, and allow Baker to go play action they can run the table against their remaining schedule and Chubb could hit 2000 yards. They dropped 40 on the Ravens doing that and have gone away from it. Don't think I've seen a team over complicate things as much as they have.
  6. I just watched Strange Thing About the Johnsons. I kept thinking this is the messed up version of the Levensteins from American Pie that was never told.
  7. drowland

    What's the best flavor of cheese?

    My mother would buy this when I was a kid and I couldn't stop eating it.
  8. So I'm taking it that the Empire has been lying in wait this whole time and the resistance and first order will unit to fight back?
  9. drowland

    We lead the league in vendetta games

    Trent Murphy is going to have 3 sacks and a FF when we play the Bills and then present his game ball to Joe Barry.
  10. Good point. They can start by targeting McLaurin more then twice.
  11. If Dan and Bruce decide to leave the sprinklers on the night before our remaining home games so it's a slip n slide on gameday, maybe there's a chance for more W's.
  12. He's on the PUP list I believe which gives the Skins a 3 week window after the 6th game to activate him. Else he moves to IR. At least i think that's how it works. Last I saw he's still walking with a limp so it's doubtful he's coming back in the next 3 weeks.
  13. The issue I remember having with Kyle was more situational. Calling a fade to Moss the shortest WR on the team in the endzone. Calling a sweep on your own goal line. Or with Atlanta only running the ball what, 5-6 times in the 2nd half when you had a 3 score lead in the SB? It's easy right now because he's got a dominating defense that can close out games. But we'll see if he's learned from past mistakes.
  14. We're close to winning off the field with the upcoming Harvest Fest that's in full mode and will have a culture that's actually damn good.