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  1. Yeah with the 3rd episode things are starting to become more clear. I watched a video also about a deleted end credit scene from Endgame which would have set things up for this show. Well I can't remember if they shot the scene or just cut from filming it last minute but there was concept art for it.
  2. I thought the news guys were calling for some combination of Hurney and Mayhew weeks ago. Seems they were pretty close to being right to me.
  3. So now that Trump's gone and we have adults in the WH I feel the Tailgate is just going to be...
  4. Ugh the Jr video eerily feels like an end credit scene in this 4 year movie. Hopefully it's a movie with an end credit scene and no sequel like with Green Lantern or Masters of the Universe.
  5. Edgerin James had a couple good years in AZ. Thomas Jones was highly productive for the Bears and Jets. Granted he started out as a bust in AZ and then exploded later on which is rare.
  6. Sounds like his father, AJ. Also sounds like John Dorsey. They're calling the Chiefs/Browns game this weekend the Dorsey bowl since he's responsible for a lot of the talent on those two rosters. Dorsey was good at acquiring talent but he didn't do well with the culture part which is why both clubs fired him.
  7. Yeah I know what you meant, I just threw in the part about them winning elsewhere.
  8. They had THREE coaches who reached the super bowl. Just one that's WON. Reid and Dick Vermeil won super bowl's elsewhere.
  9. Baker's been impressive. Stefanski said he'd ascend after their bye and he has. I think only 1 INT in his last 9 games. Handled Pittsburgh's blitz well with backup OL, one being a dude he met in the lockeroom before the game.
  10. So what are they going to deliberate on now? The last time there was an objection it wasn't much discussion on AZ just general we should or shouldn't be doing this. Is Lady G going to add a dance routine to his speech this time?
  11. I thank him for what he did last night, but yeah I would fire him. Strange to say about a HC who won a SB just 3 years ago, but it's made him arrogant. Should have known when he wrote a book after winning the SB. You should at least win a couple before doing a book. Or maybe he can write his next book "STUPID How I lost my team and got fired for playing Nate Sudfeld in the 4th Quarter of a close game because he's been with the team for a few years and I wanted to get him some reps"
  12. Ugh I took the time to read the entire transcript of that call. Props to the GA SoS and his lawyer for not losing their cool. "President Trump, giving you that data is against the law." Trump: "Well running a phony election is against the law."
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