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  1. drowland

    The Impeachment Thread

    "But what about Hilary's emails?"
  2. drowland

    Favorite songs from the 90s?

    I'd add country music to this as well. In the 80's teenagers weren't listening to country music. Garth Brooks changed that in the 90's when he brought rock aspects to his live shows. Personally I hated country music but it was huge in my HS. I'd go as far to say that Garth did as much to kill hair metal as the grunge scene. I knew a lot of older kids in my neighborhood who went from listening to Ratt and Motley Crue to wearing cowboy hats and listening to Alan Jackson and Travis Tritt.
  3. I'm just waiting for Trump or one of his aids to take a sharpie and re-draw the state lines of Kansas and Missouri.
  4. drowland

    The Impeachment Thread

    I see it both ways. With the Mueller probe we saw Trump, the GOP and their allies in the media control the narrative because it went on for several months with no leaks or info from Mueller's team except when they went to court. With the Ukraine scandal info was coming out fast and furious and GOP couldn't get ahead of it. So I see where Pelosi wanted to strike fast instead of waiting on the courts. If it goes on for months then Trump, the GOP and the pro-Trump media again could get ahead of it and turn it into "oh they're just picking on Trump." That's what happened with Mueller. That and Barr's summary. Now if stuff continues to come out, which I'm sure a lot will, then it could hurt the GOP for not calling witnesses. Although they're just going to blame House Dems for not being more thorough because...well politics.
  5. drowland

    The Impeachment Thread

    I always thought it would take a hail mary to remove Trump. Actually a hail mary, an onside kick recovery and a 2nd hail mary to do it. Getting the votes to call legit witnesses is probably the first hail mary which looks like the LOS as gotten closer to the 50. Then more Parnas tapes, scathing testimony or something else from out of no where for the onside kick recovery and then getting the votes for removal is the 2nd hail mary probably from our own goal line. Still long odds.
  6. I assume it would have been a certified check, not a personal check. You can still make a fraudulent certified check , but they can hold the funds to make sure if clears before making them available. Or as was stated above, call the issuing bank to confirm the validity of the check. All steps to be taken before calling the cops.
  7. drowland

    The Impeachment Thread

    If the Dems win the WH in 2020 I hope he's appointed AG.
  8. drowland

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Looks alright. The last shot is probably the most interesting
  9. drowland

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Yeah it's how the NFL coaching fraternity works. There are loyalties to certain people. I was reading an article on Robert Saleh and his journey through the coaching ranks and it said when he was a QC coach in Seattle and Gus Bradley got the HC job in Jax, Saleh expected to follow him and be the Jags LB Coach. Bradley decided to stick with the LB coach who was already there and Saleh felt betrayed. A year later Bradley brought him to Jax as LB coach. That kind of illustrates how it works. This guy gets a promotion in another city and he works to help promote those guys he grinded with and help push their careers forward. Or it's payback for giving them a job. Norv hired Ron after Ron was fired in Chicago. So Ron helps Norv out with a job after Minnesota and helps push his son's career. That's how it works.
  10. I would too. And I'd be interested in a Shurmur since he ain't likely getting another HC gig and the Skins could have some continuity with their coordinators. Like how Eli had Kevin Gilbride for most of his career. If KOC is successful he'll be gone quick.
  11. I've seen rumors KOC would be on McDaniels radar as an OC if he takes a HC job.
  12. In episode 7 Kuiil said he didn't look strand-cast because he's evolved. I took that to mean he's not a clone like some have theorized. So he's either Yoda's offspring or just one of his kind.
  13. Maybe it's just over the years people have figured out the right approach to Dan. Act like his friend, laugh at his jokes, agree with his ideas and say nice things about him and you'll stick around. Kinda like the orange guy in DC.
  14. Someone on the Junkies this morning, Hoffman maybe, said the relationship between Trent and Dan soured after he returned to the team. Something along the lines of Dan seemed more focused on trying to get Trent to suit up again for the team and not focused on understanding what Trent went through. they gave it a slim chance he plays again here.
  15. drowland

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    I know it's foreign to some here because Bruce hardly did it, but you are allowed to trade players for picks or other players. If the they do draft Chase I think you trade either Anderson or Kerrigan. Teams were interested in Kerrigan at the trade deadline and he's coming into the final year of his contract. If they can recoup a 2nd rd pick they should go for it. There are other areas that need to be addressed.