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    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Somehow they are desperate for money or just incredibly ****i g greedy 10 million people on unemployment, but they want to charge $65 for a ppv with fighters who could not possibly have had anything resembling a good camp?
  2. StillUnknown

    ES Soccer Thread

    Should have been obvious from the beginning. The old saying, "penny wise, pound foolish" comes to mind
  3. people are so used to his ****ing lies that even lies that will result in somebody's death are simply brushed away make it make sense, i'm begging.
  4. game 5 vs. the dodgers is starting on MASN I wonder if that Soto guy will do anything special
  5. republicans really gonna be the death of us all
  6. it would be more intellectually honest for him to say he's not voting or writing someone else in. It would still be ridiculously dumb, but at least you could follow some line of misguided intellect or principle. going to trump after supporting bernie just tells me he needs someone to call daddy
  7. I just watched the one on New Jack. I felt horrible for laughing at so many moments that were simply not supposed to be funny at all how is that man not doing 25 to life right now?
  8. Hudson made that 9th inning stressful as ****. that final AB against Seager was intense
  9. Stras was so damn good this game. had all 3 of his pitches working for him and marched through a damn good lineup
  10. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez is quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever watched. As someone who works with individuals who cannot protect or advocate for themselves, i was moved to equal parts of madness & tears at how every level of the system failed that child. I'm almost sorry i watched it, but i'll never forget it.
  11. this game is reminding me how frustrating it was to see Eaton bunting so early
  12. COVID19 apparently skipped his last video when he destroyed the virus
  13. He wants to take a drug, not proven to be effective, for a condition he doesnt have? It boggles the damn mind the amount of blind loyalty Murica has given to a man who does not give a single **** about them in return
  14. He would like Captain Crozier's letter if it had a north korea letterhead
  15. You can do anything and everything you want in The Show. in franchise mode, you can choose to play as everyone or lock on to an individual player. they have accurate minor league players and the online community usually goes a step further by editing those rosters so they are more visually and statistically accurate. they also have a feature called road to the show in which you essentially guide a single player from the minors to the pros.
  16. MLB The Show is really the only answer for what you're looking for, but its playstation exclusive for one more year I think super mega baseball is pretty fun, but without an mlb license, there's only so much to do
  17. StillUnknown

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    thats what happens when you hang around Eddie Bravo for too long
  18. if you can go from Bernie to Trump, you're looking for a cult leader, not a president
  19. Fauci will be "reassigned" before tuesday