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The Sewer That Is The GOP: With All The White Supremacists, Conspiracy Nutters, And Other Malicious Whacko Subgroups, How Does It Get Fixed?


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16 hours ago, tshile said:



but my point was - people care a lot about it. Not enough to invest time in understanding it, but enough to yell about it. 

the only time I see one of those types change their mind is when it’s their son or daughter that gets caught up in it. 

People like to yell but really REALLY don't want to take any responsibility.

The drug problem started here, and happens because of our insatiable demand for these drugs.
we can close every border so not a drip of anything can get through ,and we'll still have as big a drug problem.

People want to have this problem. It gives them anger, which people love like a ..ahem.. drug. Their preferred news networks aren't interested in any solutions, just dose them up with double boots of anger. Drugs and awful Spanish speaking people! Flooding your country!
Because the dealers here can't keep up with the demand, and in many many many cases that demand was caused by our own pharmaceutical industry who figured out how to synthesize heroin, and invented a medical condition called "pain" to distribute it in copious amounts. We know this, it's common knowledge, but the anger factories prevent any thinking, no linking of 2 and 2 to the obvious answer to try and find ways to help these people. 


WE create this problem. WE are the root of it. And we sustain it.

It's a massive problem, and massive problems require massive solutions. But like you say, too many are too lazy and selfish, and would rather get high on whatever drug they've chosen.



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Rubio canvasser pleads the Fifth under oath when questioned about 'political attack'


It's been only a few weeks since a Republican canvasser wearing a Marco Rubio T-shirt said he was beaten up on the east side of Hialeah, a Miami suburb.


U.S. Senator Marco Rubio went so far as to tweet that the canvasser was attacked by “animals who told him Republicans weren’t allowed in their neighborhood.”


But in court on Monday, a defense attorney probed accuser Christopher Monzon about what he claimed happened. The attorney for one of the alleged attackers, Jonathan Casanova said that the fight actually happened as a result of a "testosterone-filled fisticuffs because Monzon was staring at his client’s girlfriend," reported the Herald.


"Even the prosecutor said he did not believe politics had anything to do with the incident, instead urging the judge that the 'case should be looked at on the facts,'" they said according to the story.


“So you agree with me you didn’t tell them,” said Penate Hernandez, an assistant public defender.


“I mentioned the word word ‘canvassing,’ which implied they had a problem with me canvassing there,” Monzon said. He went on to say “it was my interpretation of what happened.”

The judge in the case also agreed not to keep the other alleged attacker, Javier Lopez, in prison during the trial, after he said prosecutors established enough evidence that Lopez may have committed a crime, but the surveillance videos “do not clearly reflect who was the initial aggressor in this incident.”


When lawyers peppered Monzon with questions, there were some he refused to answer, including whether he changed his story on after Rubio's tweet. It was after he saw Rubio's tweet he told police detectives it was politically motivated.


“You want the world to believe that this is a politically motivated crime,” Penate Hernandez asked.


“What I want is the truth,” Monzon claimed.


Click on the link for the full article



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He was basically saying people who ate veggie burgers or whatever ****ing burgers aren't pure beef were ruining America. 
He also swore that he would never eat such a burger, and he probably used eighteen or nineteen exclamation points.


This is a grown man.





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The reckoning over House Republicans’ disappointing midterm performance could arrive in the form of a shaken-up race for their No. 3 leadership post next year.  Both Reps. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) and Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) officially launched their campaigns for GOP whip on Wednesday, before House control was officially called for their party. Banks wrote in a letter to his colleagues that he could unite the conference heading into the majority, thanks to his stewardship of its largest internal caucus and his ties to outside conservative groups, and pledged to “be your voice.”



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Can we pin this thread to the top?  Multiple senior GOP people are blaming Trump.  Speaking negative of him would have been unheard of last week.  The coming GOp civil war is going to be great (for democracy) and I am making a motion to bring back the popcorn smiley.

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2 minutes ago, The Almighty Buzz said:

CN we pin this thread to the top?  Multiple senior GOP people are blaming Trump.  Speaking negative of him would have been unheard of last week.  The coming GOp civil war is going to be great (for democracy) and I am making a motion to bring back the popcorn smiley.


I mean, Democrats deal with this after every bad election- the conundrum of whether or not they engaged their fringes strongly enough or too strongly.  It's about time the Republicans started facing 'big tent' problems.

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Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership Is in Trouble Before It Starts


After all the bad news for Republicans on Election Day, the GOP is just barely on track to meet its baseline goal of the midterms: recapturing control of the House of Representatives.


For House Republicans, the sweetness of returning to the majority after four years may outweigh the sour feelings from a poorer-than-expected performance. But that may not be enough to make Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s ascension to the speakership a reality.


The exact composition of a GOP majority could take weeks to determine, but it’s clear that whatever margin Republicans have, it won’t be a comfortable one.


If Republicans hold a narrow majority, the California Republican might need his entire conference to support him as speaker—a task made more difficult by the fact that a few members have already suggested they have no interest in a McCarthy speakership.


Even if Republicans secure and pad their majority in the coming days, McCarthy will face a problem that has bedeviled a generation of House GOP leaders: the House Freedom Caucus.

“Let’s just say that the margin is 10,” one source involved in leadership race strategy for House conservatives said Wednesday. “If McCarthy is stumbling in negotiations with the Freedom Caucus to give them all the stuff they want, the outer core of HFC probably starts to go to him and says, ‘Hey, it’s time to step aside.’ McCarthy probably starts getting that message from all corners and stands down before the vote.”


It didn’t take long for Freedom Caucus members to publicly brandish their knives. On Wednesday night, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) told Axios that McCarthy has not “done anything to earn my vote” and said a number of GOP members “will support a challenge.”


What the Freedom Caucus wants in exchange for supporting McCarthy as speaker, this source said, wouldn’t be much of a surprise. “The demands are already spelled out,” they said, pointing to an HFC procedural document the group put out over the summer and a document that went out to incoming group members in October.


Among the demands are a number of proposals that seem obscure but could actually reinvent Congress: restoring the motion to vacate (the mechanism to remove a speaker); adopting a rule that would allow members to get a vote on any amendment if they get 10 percent of the GOP conference to co-sponsor the proposal (a change that would dramatically weaken the speaker’s stranglehold over legislative products); and formalizing a “majority of the majority” rule (essentially blocking any bill that isn’t supported by most of the GOP conference).


The group is also demanding representation on the powerful Rules Committee, which determines what amendments get floor votes, as well as greater influence over how Republicans choose who runs and sits on committees.


Click on the link for the full article

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1 hour ago, TradeTheBeal! said:

Tulsi trying on some Kremlin-approved, post-midterms clown shoes this morning!



Yep - Dems elected a Catholic Prez, a Jewish Governor, are close to bringing back a Baptist Reverend to the Senate, and 83 Muslims won election.  No religious freedom to see here… 🙄

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On 11/9/2022 at 4:24 PM, The Almighty Buzz said:

So are we expecting some kind of GOP civil war?  What do they do in response to these election results?

I was posting in the election thread the whole time. 

Guess it’s time to bring that combo here. 

yes. And it’s working. And he may be in significant legal trouble. The trump days are over finally lol.

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