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The Sewer That Is The GOP: With All The White Supremacists, Conspiracy Nutters, And Other Malicious Whacko Subgroups, How Does It Get Fixed?


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GOP Secretary of State Candidates Scheduled to Appear with a White Nationalist and Conspiracy Theorists


An ally of white nationalists; a former CEO and conspiracy theorist who tried to convince Donald Trump to use the National Guard to seize voting machines after the 2020 election; an Ohio math teacher who claims he discovered an algorithm showing that virtually every county in the United States was hacked to prevent Trump’s reelection two years ago—these are people with whom Republican secretary of state candidates have forged alliances. 


Mark Finchem, Jim Marchant, and Kristina Karamo, each an election denialist and a GOP contender for secretary of state in, respectively, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan, were scheduled to appear October 29 at a self-described “Florida Election Integrity Conference 2.0” in Orlando. Also on the bill: other proponents of Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen from him. The event, one in a series of such conferences being mounted by 2020 truthers across the country, shows how these Republican candidates are closely tied to right-wing extremism. The previous conference in this series, held in New Mexico, was moderated by Lara Logan, the past CBS News reporter who has recently been mouthing bonkers QAnon-ish claims that a Satanic global cabal of elitists is kidnapping hundreds of thousands of children to drink their blood. (She has been booted off Fox News and Newsmax for her conspiracy-driven ravings.)


The Florida event is moderated by Carolyn Ryan, who works for Real America’s Voice, a conservative network that broadcasts Steve Bannon’s daily show and has promoted QAnon material. Scheduled speakers at the conference—in addition to the three Republican secretary of state candidates—include Laura Loomer, Patrick Byrne, and Douglas Frank, each a luminary in the 2020 truther movement. 


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On 10/27/2022 at 5:34 PM, China said:



Trump asks Supreme Court to block release of tax records to House Democrats


Former President Donald Trump on Monday asked the Supreme Court to block a congressional committee from accessing his tax records as a long-running legal battle reaches its final stage.


Trump, who unlike other recent presidents refused to make his tax returns public amid scrutiny of his business affairs, turned to the justices after an appeals court in Washington refused to intervene. The court has recently rejected similar requests made by Trump.


Trump's lawyers say the committee's stated purpose that it needed the information to probe how the Internal Revenue Service conducts the auditing process for presidents did not stand up to scrutiny.


"The committee’s purpose in requesting President Trump’s tax returns has nothing to do with funding or staffing issues at the IRS and everything to do with releasing the president’s tax information to the public," the lawyers wrote in the court filing.


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Thursday declined to reconsider a three-judge panel’s ruling from August that said the House Ways and Means Committee could obtain the tax returns.


The appeals court's decision not to reconsider its ruling means the tax returns will be disclosed if the Supreme Court does not immediately intervene.


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Then stop saying they ever were.
It's clever now in those media types to say "they aren't even bothering to hide it" in their tweets, but still treat it as though it deserves the chance to be part of this discourse. 
Call it out for what it is, stop reporting it as if it is a 'campaign' for anything other than fascist authoritarianism and the destruction of the nation as it is known. 
"Journalism dies in darkness" they say at the Post.

What does it do if you just close your eyes real ****ing tight?


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Republicans Claim They'll Fix Inflation. We Asked 8 GOP Senate Candidates How.


It’s perfectly reasonable for Republicans to batter Democrats on inflation. Gas prices have fallen way off their June highs, but the rising cost of living is still a problem for Americans from most walks of life, and Democrats are the party in power. That’s politics.


But now that Republicans have chosen inflation—and particularly gas prices—as their number-one issue for this political cycle, it follows that their candidates would have detailed plans to turn things around if they’re elected. That’s governing.


We asked the campaigns of eight Senate candidates in competitive races—J.D. Vance in Ohio; Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania; Herschel Walker in Georgia; Blake Masters in Arizona; Ron Johnson in Wisconsin; Ted Budd in North Carolina; Adam Laxalt in Nevada; and Mike Lee in Utah—the following:

  1. What is the candidate's plan to lower gas prices?
  2. What is the candidate's plan to fight inflation?

Here’s what we heard back. The campaigns of Oz, Lee, Walker, and Masters did not respond, while the others all offered the eerily similar responses that you can find below. Usually, these solutions came in the form of pointing out horrible things the Biden administration has done. Not mentioned: global supply shocks tied to the pandemic shutdown, monopoly power and corporate concentration*, corporate profits, the war in Ukraine, OPEC, housing (the main driver of inflation through much of 2022), or the Federal Reserve.


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Some of my coworkers have a tv at work. Last night it was on Fox. 

Saw a whole lot of some lady building a whole show around why the GOP should make sure there is no "COVID Amnesty". Which is what we would have if Congress allows traitors like Fauci to escape responsibility from the devastating damage their conspiracy of lies - completely unsupported by science - did to not only the nation's economy, but to their stealing a national election through their propaganda. 

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Yesterday I was reading a snippet of someone who interviewed Laura Ingraham and Ingraham said that populism will be the main driver of the GOP for some time after people saw the failings of the Bush/Cheney policies.


Where was the criticism of these failing policies from the right when they were actually happening?  And weren't said policies largely an extension of Reagan's, the patron saint of the GOP until Trump took over?


These people are so full of it.

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