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Russian Invasion of Ukraine


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1 hour ago, Wildbunny said:

How can they be Pro russian and Antiwar?


Most Russians actually agree with war in Ukraine, they just complain that they aren't winning it!




Well, it's a lot easier to cheer for a winning team.  


- Redskins fan.  


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I feel like they might have notified Russia (not get permission just tell them “we are doing this, don’t dare attack during this time) just prior and told them if you attack the president it’s a declaration of war… no way they risk an accidental escalation like that.



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Head of German intelligence unit was a Russian double agent


His name is Carsten Linke and he was recently promoted to a top post in Germany’s intelligence service, the B.N.D. The NY Times reports he was the “director of technical reconnaissance — the unit responsible for cybersecurity and surveilling electronic communications.” He was also a double-agent being paid cash to pass information to Russia. He was apparently asked for specific information on the location of US HIMARS launchers in Ukraine:



Russia’s FSB spy service asked Carsten Linke last autumn via a courier to pass on precise information on the positioning of the Himars and Iris-T rocket systems that had been supplied to Ukraine by the US and Germany, Der Spiegel reported on Friday.


German prosecutors are said to believe that it is unlikely that Mr Linke was able to pass on the information.


In return, the FSB likely paid the suspected German spy in cash. Investigators have found an envelope with a six figure sum in euros in a locker that belonged to him, the magazine reports.


But the question being asked in Germany now is how many more double agents are there.



As a Russian mole, he would have had access to critical information gathered since Moscow invaded Ukraine last year. He may have obtained high-level surveillance, not only from German spies, but also from Western partners, like the C.I.A…


Privately, three officials familiar with the investigation — who requested anonymity in order to share details because discussing the inquiry publicly is illegal — worry the case could be the tip of an ominous iceberg.


“Recruiting other spies is the top tier of espionage,” one of the officials said. “And our technical reconnaissance unit is one of the most important departments of the B.N.D. To find someone relatively high up there? That makes this case explosive.”


The case has already led to a second arrest — that of a Russia-born accomplice, who acted as a courier, and, according to one official, brought some 400,000 euros in cash to Mr. Linke from Moscow for his information.


Click on the link for the full article

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‘Are We That Stupid?’ Fox & Friends Clash Over U.S. Support for Ukraine After Biden’s Surprise Visit to Kyiv


Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade and Lisa Boothe wound up in a major clash while discussing President Joe Biden’s commitment to more U.S. aid to Ukraine.


Fox & Friends devoted much of its coverage on Monday to Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv, where he met with Volodymyr Zelensky and marked the upcoming one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Things started to heat up when Boothe brought up the U.S. billions worth of aid to Ukraine already, and she asked, “Where is that money going? Is it being fully audited?”


As Boothe asked what a Ukrainian victory over Russia would look like, she said, “You’ve got people like Senator Lindsey Graham; with all due respect, he was fine with a 20-year war with Afghanistan. That wasn’t long enough for him.”


“That’s not true,” Kilmeade interjected. “Lisa, that’s not true.”


The conversation digressed as Kilmeade and Boothe discussed the U.S.’ botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. They got back on topic when Boothe referred to the U.S. servicemen she has spoken with as she claimed: “they are all apprehensive about what’s going on in Ukraine.”


“Who invaded who, Lisa?” Kilmeade asked. “Who invaded who?”


“I understand that, Brian,” said Boothe, “but what’s the objective?”


“It’s not a matter of us being skeptical,” Kilmeade continued. “Let’s just let them absorb all of Eastern Europe. Why not? They took a third of Georgia; we did nothing. They took Crimea, as you mentioned, and the Donbas. We did nothing. At one point, do you think we should sit there and watch history repeat itself again 60 years later? Are we that stupid not to learn from history?”


Click on the link for the full story and video

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2 hours ago, Captain Wiggles said:

Ukraines recieved $29 billion in aid so far? We spend more than that on farm and oil subsides every year.🤣

🤫That money is sacrosanct. It's going to good, red-blooded 'Muricun job creators.

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7 minutes ago, The Sisko said:

🤫That money is sacrosanct. It's going to good, red-blooded 'Muricun job creators.


Who create lots of jobs for - the kind of people American agriculture hires to help out on farms.  

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42 minutes ago, dfitzo53 said:

Ties are stupid anyway. 

They serve no functional purpose anymore.  Supposedly at one point they became fashionable because some elite cavalry unit in a Europe would tie their cloaks around their necks in this manner.  

I think we also need to do away with the full suit in warm weather at least. 

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Are we .... are we really debating the utility of ties in the context of MTG's anti-Zelensky screed?


She's grasping at straws because Zelensky has been an extraordinary leader in the face of an existential threat to his nation, and for some crazy reason, the MAGA wing of the GOP has decided that it reflects poorly on them.  Then Biden's trip makes Biden look like he "the leader of the free world" (as he is), and this is bad politically for MTG.  So she has to respond with something because "just STFU" isn't in her playbook.  So, here we are.  With ties.  

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