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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team vs Cincinnati Football Team

Message added by TK,


Today's game is on CBS & to keep any & all politics out of here


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Burrow is getting and completing everything he wants. no pressure, no rush. i hate that logic of give up the short passes and pray we make the tackle. how bout to prioritize getting pressure and getting the **** off the field. this bend but dont break scheme is trash.

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Our D is so terrified of getting beat deep that they won't change up the coverage to slow the timing and deny clean releases to the receivers. That neutralizes our own rush. Cincy is just doing the basic of throwing non stop quick hitters at us and taking what we give them.


This style of defense works when you have a defense that gets off the field on third down and makes plays. 


We do not have that defense.


This defense should be trying to be aggressive and manufacture turnovers and force mistakes.


The way we play is essentially saying, "Well, we're going to have you dink and dunk and we're not going to make any plays so... hoping you guys **** it up yourselves"

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