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Redskins/Eagles Game prediction thread.

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To see who gets gets closest.

Eagles win 24-14

Sweat gets 2 sacks

Young doesn't get a sack (Hey I think he is great this is just a prediction).

Haskins  285yds and 2tds - 2ints. 

Gibson 45 yds rushing 66 yds receiving

McLaurin and Sims each get a TD.

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If there was ever a game that you could steal from an “on paper” superior team it’s game 1, with a new head coach, new coordinators on both sides of the ball, in a year with no pre season games against an opponent that comes in hobbled, limping and overconfident.


Washington 17

Eagles 14


Brutal game dominated by both defenses. Old school gut check. Not for the faint of heart. (Hoping for rain and a muddy field.)


Key plays-


Antonio Gibson with a long td to take the lead in the second half.

Chase Young with a sack fumble, recovered by Daron Payne, on a third and goal play from the 7 yard line with less than a minute remaining to secure a true WTF victory!



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Washington d-line has a field day with Eagles injured patchwork o-line.  We shut them down except for one late bomb to some no name 3rd string reciever once the game is out of reach.  


First Td of the season goes to Logan Thomas on some sort of misdirection play in the redzone.


Washington 20

Eagles 13


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I really think we are going to explode out of the gate. I think our defense is able to hold them to almost nothing. Have to kind of expect Djax is get through us once, because he always does, but they really don't have much good happening right now. 


WFT 33- Eagles 13.

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Redskins 20

Eagles 17.  


I think our d line has a good day, taking advantage of philly's online injuries.  I think the skins also benefit from their offense being an unknown.  Very similar to the Redskins game plan vs the saints week 1 in rg3 rookie year, they kept it simple, but benefitted from the fact that the saints had no way of preparing for what they faced. And the skins moved the ball all game.  I think Haskins looks good.

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12 minutes ago, Spearfeather said:

Redskins 31

Eagles     21


I think no preseason leads to higher scoring games in the early part of the season.


Interesting - I think the opposite as I think Ds get up to speed faster than Os. Hope you're right. HTTR.

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This is a winnable game. No tape on us and how we'll run the offense and a lot of young unknown talent is a recipe for an early season loss for the Eagles. Gibson is probably on their radar but I still think he'll surprise them due to how big and fast he is. The Haskins hype train begins as he throws for 280 yards w/3 TD passes. McLaurin continues to show he's their daddy. 





A fairly convincing win, causing a bunch of Eagles fans to complain that the loss was due to injuries. 

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