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  1. I wouldn’t mind that. I’m actually interested in seeing what Curl can do too though.
  2. I view this team being better next year and in the long run if it uses its draft/FA capital on WR/TE/OG/OT/LB/FS instead of Fields/Lance and rolls with Allen or a FA pickup (Darnold perhaps?) Unless Lawrence is available without trading the house I don’t see an immediate upgrade at QB.
  3. But doesn't the issue surround how Haskins was or apparently wasn't preparing, and not whether he was a project or ready to start?
  4. By all accounts Haskins did this to himself. Rivera said this year is about finding people who want to put in the work. Apparently Haskins didn't. There is nothing on offense besides McLaurin and Scherff. And I'm not even sure Scherff is worth keeping around. The defense gave up just over 110 yards passing and 75 yards to the Giants leading rusher. The defense is where it needs to be (I'd add a safety and LB in the offseason). If the offense can get to a point where they at least play complimentary football the rest of the team will look even better.
  5. The last couple of pages reminded me why I rarely come to these boards anymore. Chase Young is playing very well. But even if he is performing at 100%, that is only 9% of the defense.
  6. I'm with you. The football team should have done all it could to be 7-9 instead of starting from scratch and using this as a building year for the future.
  7. The irony of this thread is that the football team couldn't get any picks for its players
  8. Agree. FS and LB are the two biggest needs on defense. KPL is the only one worth anything right now amongst the LB’s
  9. Same. Have you found the six-fingered man?
  10. You couldn’t have described the Linebackers any worse than you did. Main trait necessary for a MLB in this scheme is the ability to carry the #2 deep in Tampa scheme. Speed is one of the biggest traits needed here. SDH and Davis are the SAM, or SOLB. KPL and Hudson are WILL, or WOLB.
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