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  1. No. Not a LB at all in this system, but if he were WLB would be the last one he would play.
  2. Because the police report is the story told the police by the guy that allegedly did something to his child. His story isn't accurate.
  3. And KPL. He is a darkhorse this year IMO
  4. I'm more interested in his ability to control the line as the weakside 1 tech. Allen as the 3 tech will be the one to shine IMO. The Patriots rush five almost every play. It's all in understanding your scheme and having the right players.
  5. They must not have gotten their stimulus checks.
  6. Arrest warrant issued for Dunbar. Four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault brother. That’s 8 felonies, or more games than he played a year. Goodbye.
  7. No. That is the Tampa scheme. That's a big misconception of that scheme. It developed it's name more for the personnel than the actual Cover 2 change (LB/Nickel covering the deep 1/3 so deep safeties can double outside receivers). Heck, the Tampa Cover 2 is a Cover 3 in all practical purposes. Rivera cut his teeth under Lovie Smith with Chicago. They ran Tampa scheme. JDR was more traditional 4-3. The scheme overall is Tampa, just like Carolina ran.
  8. Fuller we saw in our old scheme. What's interesting about Darby and Colvin is they both had their best years playing in a Tampa scheme (Darby in Buffalo under McDermott and Colvin in Jacksonville under Bradley/Wash).
  9. There are various viral outbreaks to compare this one to over history. If you choose to look at just one that had a 2nd wave sure. If you look at the vast majority of them that did not have a 2nd wave then the more likely outcome is we do not see a 2nd wave. Antibody testing is the only way to truly figure this out. There are four types of individuals possible with infection: 1. Confirmed and Die 2. Confirmed and Recover 3. Unconfirmed and Die 4. Unconfirmed and Recover 3 and 4 are missing so we do not have the correct data. Antibody testing would allow us to look at 4. Oh no someone I've never met lost respect for me. Cool story bro.