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  1. Still the toughest game TB had in all of the playoffs.
  2. While the D-Line has some great individual parts, in reality they all benefit from the sum of all being greater than each individual. IMO the only two worth opening the vault up for are Young and Sweat. Any interior lineman will benefit from those two dominating on the edges. If Allen leaves there is not a huge drop-off going down to ION or Settle. Take away Young or Sweat though and the whole line will feel the impact. Regardless, tough choices are coming. Which guy(s) ultimately leave remains to be seen but there will be one or two we won't like to see go but si
  3. It’s one of the easier positions to play as a rookie and he will be behind a dominant line with a track record of success amongst the coaches.
  4. It really is pointless. Snyder has the cash to make it not matter. He’s just never kept personnel people that could take advantage of that for long enough.
  5. This has been my guess going forward the team will be in 4-2 with Curl/Collins/FS as the base defense. A lot of man concepts and blitz packages.
  6. The LB’s will be the best of Collins, JHC, Davis, Holcomb You made me pick I’d say: Will: Collins/JHC Mike: Davis/Bostic/Mayo Sam: Holcomb/JHC/Bostic I wouldn’t be shocked if JHC starts here however. I fully anticipate “Big Nickel” to be the base this year however with a lot of man concepts. Davis and JHC the starters with Holcomb backing up both spots and Collins in the slot. Edit: Read the DC’s quotes after this post. I think he spilled the beans that “Buffalo (big) Nickel” will be the base defense. Also the
  7. DE. Similar to Robert Mathis No
  8. I wasn’t watching what’s the backstory here?
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