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  1. I think the big receivers in Carolina was more a product of Cam’s inaccuracy than it was RR’s love of them. Turner’s offense actually seems to favor speed and quickness over size.
  2. Nailed it. Factor in that WFT was rumored to be in the Milano mix and JOK makes perfect sense.
  3. Why did you send your phone number to my PM's?
  4. Remember when Davis was drafted in Carolina he played both SS and Will. It would not be Rivera's first time implementing a player with this skill set into the scheme. That was also a at a time when teams were running the ball more. JOK fits even better in today's NFL than Davis did then.
  5. I see the team playing "Big Nickel" as he base defense which allow Curl and Collins to play at the same time with a FS. Play Collins more in the slot. I then see more man coverage schemes with pressure packages built in. Say JOK is the pick at #19. Play him and Holcomb as the two LB's in big nickel and suddenly the team has solid coverage ability across the board in base defense.
  6. You just described the prototypical Will in this scheme. He would not cover TE's up the seam as a Will however.
  7. Like most WI linemen, he is limited athletically but a mauler in a phone booth. I see most FA pickups from this staff the same, they are looking to create as much competition as possible. I see this as competition with Ismael for the swing C/G roster position.
  8. Both moves at CB show the team will like to run more man concepts next year. There is definitely a method to what they are doing. Size and man skills is what they sought.
  9. The team is done at LB. Something tells me we may see a 46 defense or “big nickel” with Collins/Curl on the field together as the base defense. Both need just two LB’s
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