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  1. Bruce Allen typical dumbass move drafting broken players. Thank you baby Jesus that guy is gone for good.
  2. The fact is that Alex Smith has made over $189M ... Why in the world would he ever go take a job for fraction of the interest on half that money!? Absolutely makes no sense. Don't argue that he 'loves football' because he's a football player, not a $500k-1M per year QB Coach. The guy is rich and has a family with small children. Maybe a time comes where he'd get bored and pursue other interests, but that's not anytime soon and speculation about him wanting to coach just because he played ahead of Patrick Mahomes doesn't mean anything. If I'm going to guess like those saying that, I'd guess
  3. I think that's fair to say. He wasn't NBA quality, but he's prototypical modern day NFL TE size. Jordan Reed attributed his ability to get open to a step over basketball move. Just wondering if he'll be able to stash on the PS without getting plucked??
  4. Since RR & Co. didn't have anything to do with drafting any of the holdover LB'ers, they had to see what they had and try to build the squad from the ground up. They drafted Khaleke Hudson in the 5th round last year. I'd expect him to get coached up and play more meaningful snaps if he shows improvement. We should expect a high pick of their highest graded LB'er in a draft scenario where it makes good sense to pull the trigger. #19 pick might be too high for Zaven Collins so they could trade back a few slots and pick him up. They have a plan for each position of need and these coaches
  5. Trading up for Lance would be another Haskins type of mistake. The guy played 1 game last year and was horrible. This makes no sense. I'm not buying the BS Lombardi tweet.
  6. Just a spectator in the draft conversation. After hearing about how WFT could be the next team to unload all their picks, I had to look. Honestly I believe that's BS smokescreen gamesmanship. I can see them taking BPA at the OT/LB position at #19. Then I could envision a trade up to the #30-32 spots to get a guy like Kellen Mond just so they have that 5th yr. option down the road. They can fill the other needs with the two 3rd rounders. The whole Trey Lance stuff is crap.
  7. Just imagine all the Twitter reads and retweets. His credibility is bottom drawer to the left under the sour bacon and meat cake.
  8. Just wondering who this 'Kyle Wilson' guy is that Grandpa has at #2...
  9. Dallas barely has enough cap space to sign their incoming Rookies. Really any veteran FA they might wish to sign would need to be a LTD of some sort where they'd pay almost nothing in the first year. I don't read this as a full indictment on K.J. Wright. I'd be interested to know the same answer as simply assuming Dallas can't or won't sign him doesn't mean anything to me.
  10. There appears to be a correlation between hard work and 'Love' for the game in the few QBs that do get better from years Rookie to 3rd year breakout. I'm sure wise coaches know who these potential breakout candidates are after a few games in their second season. These QBs would have consistency in their approach and it would show during film sessions and translate in practice. Another tool is magnified with the contact tracing data, as you'd be able to see where these guys choose to go in their routine, as well as how much time is dedicated to which location. Just imagining Haskins co
  11. That's what we have to assume. He's ultimately a commodity that let's you keep a decent OL intact to start. If the wheels fall off of the machine approaching the trade deadline, or a needy team has a roster hole then they could move him. I could see that happening.
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