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  1. Well, there is a guy on the active roster making an avg of 23.5M this year. So, if he wasn't smart enough to retire than put a helmet on him and send him out there.
  2. True True...I'd like to see some sort of 'WoW' plays vs the Giants. This week, it's more about alleviating turnovers and progression, not starring down a target. Baby Steps
  3. He is out 1 game now, that gives 2 weeks of scar tissue to grow a patch. A patch isn't going to hold up against his over powering upper and lower body. Even if they sit him the following game that's 3 weeks and not enough to be confident about the scar tissue holding up to play the Rams at 1-3. The following week is the Giants game. I'd suspect him being held back 2 games with 4 weeks of healing time. That might get him a longer season, as the next tear would be #3 and any professional healthcare provider would be negligent to not require surgical procedure at that point.
  4. With my age, it depends on what time of the day it is...
  5. Ron might come to that conclusion faster than we think. If he sees something being repeated, UN-correctable will cross his mind. The man is decisive, so the kid better flip the switch.
  6. Yeah, everyone in the NFL knows that the hip flexor and 4 weeks later 'groin' injury are related. They'll know he's never going to play at 100% this year and is1 snap away from being out all year. It's a bummer because I'm with @Burgundy Yoda on the Haskins issue and the defense was the paramount motivator to watch this WFT this year.
  7. deciding when to mail it in isn't really a career lingering issue as much as a season long lingering issue and an off-season dedicated to rehab instead of football skills. That decision is probably left to Chase Young up to the point where the new MRI proves that he needs surgery immediately. Chase wants to be rookie of the year and bring sacks and forced fumbles to his DL gang. You can look at other guys like Clowney last year, who played with a sports hernia and had off-season surgery. It's not a mystery why he didn't sign right away as he would have had to go through camp, in the heat,
  8. This is a slippery slope because the issue is progressing. The risk is the difference between repair with a scope or having to open up the hip.... You don't want to expose the abdominal region to infection, ever. It's very risky. I'd say they give him one more shot at rehab for a few weeks then try again before they shut him down if I had to guess. if they can scope it then it's fully healed in about 6-8 weeks. However the rehab to correct the weakness in the core is about 3 months. Have to strengthen the hinge point in the core to catch up to the oversized muscle mass in the
  9. I stay away from Sugar because it causes systemic inflammation. You can view core related injuries in strength athletes by dividing the body into 3 parts. Upper, lower body with connected core. When you have an abundance of oversized muscle Upper and Lower, then sustain heavy resistance in a compound movement, the body recruits accessory muscles to accomplish the task. In this instance with a DE, he pushes with legs and forces upper body explosive movements = compound movement The core becomes the bridge. When the bridge has a weak spot, it creates a 'hinge' point, that's not su
  10. This is a re-occurrence of his hip flexor injury. 100% connected. See my previous anatomy post from last month. These tears do not repair themselves PERIOD. They require surgical mending. They can play when they feel better which takes a few weeks but the tear is still there. He will need surgery but until then you can play through pain tolerance at less than 100%. There's no real danger from trying to play but he'll never be full speed and it will only be a matter of time before he tears it further. They'll likely give him another chance to feel better and try again before s
  11. I pointed this out back in August. This is the same injury and it never healed. He'll need SURGERY to fix it and it's not the normal Sports Hernia procedure. I expect him play at 70% off and on this year and have surgery after going on season ending IR after the tear gets deeper. $.02 expert opinion without seeing comparable MRIs
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