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  1. If Smith and Heinicke, then Allen end up 123 at Week 1 next year...Alex better not get a paper-cut or he's going to lose his slot. I think you can cut Smith if he's not far better than the other two, but it won't cost too much to keep all 3.
  2. If he wants to play then come to camp with a new tire and let's see if he can avoid a sack and run play action. Make it a competition and see. The issue with Alex is he doesn't push the ball unless he's playing from behind. If anyone could comeback to camp with a new tire on that broken wheel, it's gotta be him. We'll see with the contract he signs. Likely incentives for being the starter.
  3. In all seriousness about PEDs in athletes it's a diminishing return unless you have a super intelligent sports MD designing sustainable progressive program or you're rehabilitating from injury. More to the point is that the athletes position or sport substantially benefits from it. Not the case for QBs usually, but definitely is for a Safety. They are constantly injured and would benefit greatly from PEDs. Landry's egocentric personality was his demise. Yeah I saw that butt don't remember exactly what was said, but left me with him being about 6'
  4. Everybody has him listed at 6'1" #210 but in his interview he scoffed at that and said something like that was generous or something. In college he was listed as 6'1" #213 They seem to boost measurables about ~10% or so. You'd suspect he's 6'+ and ~#200-210 somewhere in there. The point being he's the mirror stature of Drew Brees. To increase performance and reliability you want a stronger and more reliable Heinicke. In doing that properly you'd have a leaner, stronger, and quicker 6' #210. Definitely what you'd expect from a guy who would be getting a chance of a lifetime. If I
  5. Taylor is 2" taller than Murray and the same weight. He's a bit taller than Wilson and about #10 less. So, as a healthcare pro, gym owner and trainer you'd not get the same player abilities if you add #20 lbs. For all the athletes who publicly state they put on #20 in the off-season, it's not true naturally. 1st you don't get lean muscle mass (the real usable muscle) at a higher rate in trained athletes. It's because they are already at or very close to their peak. You can pump them up on PEDs but that's a diminishing return on risk investment if they can't stay on them. Note that PEDs
  6. With the defense success, I just don't get how you take a step forward using a 1st round pick at the bottom 3rd of the round and reasonably expect that to help the WFT. That's a waste of a pick where you can have a much higher success rate utilizing it to fill another void. If they'd draft a LT, LBer, or WR they check off boxes far more often than not.
  7. Miami trade coming soon. Tua to TEN and a 1st was where it starts but they'll nibble for more.
  8. Allen doesn't beat out Heinicke in a fair competition from what's on tape. Mariota isn't a franchise QB and doesn't get trade value because TEN overdrafted him 5 years ago. Likely a 4th rounder tops to bring in competition, however LV could cut him to free up $10.7M in cap. You wouldn't trade for him IMO.
  9. Heinicke has more than a few years of professional coaching. He stated he modled his play after Drew Brees. I'd suspect that somebody has put in his ear that he plays like a young Brees. His size is the same. So I watched some Drew clips from his Charger highlights and the similarities are there to couple with the stature. See for yourself.
  10. They need to get that WR opposite McLovin, upgrade QB, LB'ers, FS, and LT, a second TE not named Sprinkler.
  11. yeah crossed the wires. I could see then trying for a top tier FA WR, but it's more likely they add Curtis Samuel when they can't land the higher profile WR.
  12. You guys are hilarious trying to guess at rosters, cuts, trades, and cap. The NFL doesn't know how much the cap will be. The chance there's full stadiums might not manifest the way Covid is going. Vaccines are just over 50% successful. I know it's fun to think about new toys, but Christmas just ended. There's no way in hell they're going to cut Landin Collins next year. #1 they can't until after he passes a physical or they'd have to agree to an injury settlement. Collins isn't doing that. He loves his contract! #2 JDR already addressed the Collins and Kurl situation and
  13. You don't pay $24+M per yr for a mentor, that's a made up intangible because Mahomes played behind him, then took over the league. Alex is a good teammate and veteran QB, but he's been here for 3 yrs. The QBs with time next to Alex along the way didn't come close to playing as well as the guy off the street did with no time behind the 'mentor'. You pay NFL QB COACHES to mentor, train, and develop young QBs, not 1.75 legged slow, sitting duck veterans. Those QB coaches mentoring make about $1M tops. We should just drop the idea that Alex Smith has some kind of value at his salary and posit
  14. I agree and when I watch the coaches film there's two things that repeatedly happen. 1- The WR talent is not sufficient. They have to have more talented WRs. 2- OL upgrades are undisputable. Particularly in the last game, our fan favorite, league wide All-Pro RG quit on multiple plays before the protections were finished. Scherff didn't show his best effort. Other protection deficiencies pop out when RBs are asked to block the blitz. JD fails multiple times in pass pro. They improve pass protection with some pointed upgrades and add a couple of talented WRs and whomever wins the QB com
  15. Clearly it's a mistake to deny his talent. As well, a tempered enthusiasm should be logical with expectations. The middle ground has him involved in a legitimate QB competition that RR declared he mistakenly didn't deploy last season. RR doesn't strike me as the type of person to repeat mistakes. I'd expect Heinicke to get the lowest RFA tender and be back, healthy, stronger, and locked on to compete in 2021.
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