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  1. TheShredder

    24/7 Wall Street: Redskins one of most hated companies

    Hey SNYDER...!!1 Thanks for nothing ASSHOLE!!!!
  2. TheShredder

    Gameday Thread

    Rams had him contained and the LB'er bit letting him scramble
  3. TheShredder

    Gameday Thread

    Rams quarter...this won't be pretty for the girls
  4. TheShredder

    Gameday Thread

    I'd add that UNDISPUTED should be cancelled, blocked, and erased from history.
  5. TheShredder

    Gameday Thread

    forget where I saw it but Buck did an interview ripping on Aikman...seemed like it was the other way around, like Buck was the one running the tandem.
  6. TheShredder

    Gameday Thread

    I was impressed with what little I did see of the Colts this year. Wondering if Luck's arm doesn't benefit from offseason strengthening...Didn't throw many deep balls. Definitely a franchise with major upside.
  7. TheShredder

    Gameday Thread

    wonder if the Colts will get Bell? They're pretty good
  8. Skins faithful went from looking like this inside the Gibbs era... then we were clobbered by the Snyder Effect and here we are today.
  9. TheShredder

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    That's a worthless exaggeration when Nick Foles is the Super Bowl Winning MVP (and may do it again) as a third rounder. You're reaching.
  10. TheShredder

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Any version of a draft where you take the best player available and don't reach should be the correct format. No reason to reach for a QB as they don't pan out most the time. You need a guy like Gardner Minshew to be drafted in an appropriate draft position, then go through the process of development. The uniqueness of the situation with the Skins can afford you to bring McCoy, Johnson, Minshew, and an undrafted QB to camp (with Alex on IR). Let them play it out and see what happens through cuts. Possibilities are positive that perhaps you figure out whether you'd start the year with McCoy or Johnson, with Minshew developing. Then when McCoy gets hurt or your team isn't competitive then play Minshew early and often. I truly don't believe Alex Smith will ever play football again. In this sort of scenario you'd get Minshew experience, probably be in position to get a higher draft pick in 2020. Far more upside to this type of scenario then pretending to be something. That's likely the situation regardless given all things current in consideration. I don't see anyway the dysfunction is being addressed, rather perpetuated as they double down with Allen. This is the Skins definition of insanity as they do the exact same thing with any expectation of change.
  11. TheShredder

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Can't disagree with this one bit. I'd love to see them cut all the fat vet contracts that underperformed, then start training camp with all positions open for competition. Let the best players play. I don't care if they field all rookies.
  12. TheShredder

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

  13. TheShredder

    Joe Theismann on Redskins future

    Cooley can't do an evaluation without risking unemployment. They'd be better off hiring Cooley to be an Assistant to their Offense and get him started on his coaching education. Cooley might not have the filter to survive that environment.
  14. TheShredder

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    yeah he's older then when Theismann did his, I fully expect them to say nothing...he's going to get rehab and then likely realize there's no reason to go back out there. He's a family guy. No reason for him to play football again. He's done. If you knew you were going to get $53 Million to brainer.
  15. TheShredder

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    They'd need to cut and not sign expensive replacements. Get that LG handled. Then add some blazing speed at WR to open up the lanes for Richardson/Doctson, relying on the power running game. Bridgewater works into that format really well. I do think Alex Smith will retire. Not enough savings to cut McCoy unless you take Josh Johnson at vet min. as a backup to Bridgewater. Then add a developmental un-drafted for the practice squad. Wouldn't bother drafting a QB this year, just isn't any value in it.