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  1. Yeah, that's the problem with public education as they teach you a bunch of racist propaganda like this. Sorry but Christopher Columbus didn't discover America. Now he was one of the first white people in recorded history to successfully conquer a small part of the Americas and then establish a trade route for the transportation of enslaved people and goods...so, there's that.
  2. Chase Young addressed his muscle imbalance. He'll be way more physically confident.
  3. Not really when you consider that it's still the Off-Season and it's their personal time. The bonus money has nothing to do with OTAs unless it's specifically in their contract. Lets assume Chase Young's agent tried to get him OTA bonus and they declined...now what? He's showing up for FREE?! It's Professional, meaning one gets paid for their time. He gets big money just to show up for appearances. Can't get that money during the season or when things are mandatory. If I'm off, I'm off unless I'm getting paid extra for my time.
  4. Ok so, you're working at {Insert any legitimate company} and they say "Hey, just letting you know we're all getting together to work for free so the new guys can get a head-start on how we do stuff here." ======> 100% of us are Laughing Hysterically. Chase Young saying something like this to RR & JDR is completely fine... "That's cool. I got stuff I'm working on with my people, but I'll be there when it's time to go to work."
  5. Hover J only responds to fans who are praying for Chase to show up.
  6. That's probably wishful thinking and would be wise to see them sell high on whomever is looking like they'll be demanding excessive compensation. The interior isn't likely to include both Payne and Allen unfortunately.
  7. Well, the mention via @XxSpearheadxX though funny, references an evaluation comparing degrees of turf toe that didn't require surgery. So, @Burgundy Yodais right in that if he didn't get surgery that he needed than that was a major mistake. The comparisons of guys that fully recover are clearly divided into these two categories, while Gibson, of whom didn't get surgery but appears like he should have creates a third category that I assumed he wouldn't have been dumb enough to put himself in. If Gibson didn't get surgery but was advised to, he's likely screwed his football career. I could e
  8. Personally I wouldn't take a chance on a guy with major knee history at RB. The odds on a RB recovering 100% from a major knee are still less likely than likely. The odds are still negative for 100% and still require more than 1 yr to realize maximum expected recovery. In the case of Saquon Barkley, this is a good current case, fans & organization expect a 100% recovery. The fact is that he most likely won't be 100% ever. Second, his maximum recovery (whatever % that is) likely doesn't happen in 2021, rather 2022. Doesn't mean his new normal for 2021 won't be good. It does mean that
  9. Generally I agree with that. Medicine is a constant study and continually evolving as it benefits from other sciences. Outcomes are more predictable as a result. With that being said, it's still a little like Los Vegas in the manner where the chances of full recovery still has a percentage of negative outcomes. This is always the case as everyone is different. I'd also add that the human error factor is still in play as Doctors still occasionally make mistakes.
  10. I never saw anything about Gibson getting surgery. That's an indication that his injury wasn't severe, just painful. In contrast Patrick Mahomes did have surgery to repair his turf toe, which there's no rumors or even anyone questioning his ability to 100% recover. Julio Jones had it in 2017 and nobody is talking about that being any concern as he's being shopped now, 4 years post surgery. The point is that it's highly unlikely that a young Pro like Gibson, who didn't even appear to require surgery, would have any lingering affects from that injury. There are more rare cases where a sever
  11. Turner likely has the two QBs that work best for his offensive scheme. Clearly night and day contrast from a year ago. Turner's scheme is supposed to push the ball down field. Last year Haskins didn't have the knowledge, nor wisdom to be capable of running the scheme. He had no clue about reading pre-snap defenses, nor any ability to throw the ball anyway but on a line. There was no anticipation throwing guys open. Alex Smith basically refused to take chances unless they were playing from behind, which isn't how Turner's scheme works. The idea of having fast and dynamic guys coming out
  12. These two aren't rookies anymore and have an understanding of what physical demands are going to do to their bodies over a longer than last time season. I'd imagine their personal trainers don't want them to interrupt their programs right now. Chase Young has a significant core muscle imbalance with relationship to upper body/lower body muscle ratios that resulted in missing games last year. Fixing that imbalance takes consistency over many weeks. The last thing you'd want would be to expose your athlete to an injury in the middle of the program. Not to mention the setback you'd have to a
  13. Not really because any NFL player making Millions can get injury insurance. The premium is usually covered in some sort of 'Bonus' money...so the getting injured without injury guarantee for a season to season argument is negated. The issue is LTD guarunteed money. Vets lose that when they age and gets roster bonus $ instead to offset the injury risk for both sides, but the team ultimately pays the insurance cost.
  14. The timing corresponds with their priorities in extending core players. Allen is going to get paid and so is Payne. If they don't extend them before the final year, they lose leverage in negotiating a contract with a lower value than that years Franchise Tag amount. If they're forced to tag him, then he's one foot out the door as the players agent now has the leverage. It's the 'Cousin's Conspiracy'. That's how above average, but not the best, get overpaid.
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