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Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins


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Just now, aszumilo said:

The 1972 Miami Dolphins season was the team’s seventh season, and third season in the National Football League (NFL). The 1972 Dolphins are the only NFL team to win the Super Bowl with a perfect season. The undefeated campaign was led by coach Don Shula and notable players Bob Griese, Earl Morrall, and Larry Csonka. The 1972 Dolphins went 14–0 in the regular season and won all three post-season games, including Super Bowl VII against the Washington Redskins, to finish 17–0.

Yep, got my dates screwed up. Thanks 

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2 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

People should be aware by now Alex Smith wasn't the issue.  Sure he wasn't as good as some of us hoped, but we have been through 3 QB's since his injury and none of the "playmakers" on offense haven't suddenly looked good.   They need better players, period. 

He was much of the problem, but looks good by comparison.

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2 minutes ago, Springfield said:


A new QB fixes nothing.  A new coach fixes nothing.  A new GM is a START.  At best, this team sucks for another 2-3 seasons while it builds up.


We've been doing variations of the 2-3 year rebuild and 5 year plan for going on 25 years now.

So you're saying same old same old 

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1 minute ago, NoCalMike said:

Manusky might be the worst D-coordinator in the last decade of a bad bunch.  Either that or the personnel in the secondary are the worst in the NFL.  Every single pass whether it is 2 yards or 20 yards is completed with zero defenders around the ball carrier.  This isn't even NFL caliber football I am witnessing.

Manusky is light years better than Barry. But that isnt saying much.

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