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Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins


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4 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

So, on a game that doesn’t matter when you need to steel a play of two, maybe try an onside kick coming out of the half?


Something to spark the team.

Or any trick plays at all anytime during the season might have helped 

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4 minutes ago, Fat Stupid Loser said:

Just dug out the ol Griffen jersey!   Don't know why, just embracing the suck.  Plus its tighter and makes me look more buff.

Never thought of doing that.  I have a #10 jersey too.  A game/season like this might even deserve something more like a hainsworth or Beck though. 

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7 minutes ago, Tonysoprano1 said:

Offense is nauseating, sadly so is the defense. 

Can we at least tackle them when we catch them???? Atrocious effort


This isn't the '04 defense. Which I believe, besides the '91 defense was the best defense I've ever seen us field. Despite our 6-10 record, you can watch the film on YT that defense came to play from week 1 to week 17. They flew to the ball, they didn't have the talent everywhere and didn't get amazing sack or turnover numbers but they gave up 20 pts or more only 5 times. Only 4 teams ran for over 100 yards on us that year. No one gained over 400 yards on us, only 7 times did we give up 300 yards or more .. No one had their way with them... They actually had me in tears with their effort they were so good..

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