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  1. Start blitzing more and stop running Gibson into the line on 1st and 2nd down it goes nowhere
  2. Story of this game we can't stop brady no pressure on him and too many dropped passes by our receivers
  3. If Alex really can't move and is immobile than Heinicki is our better chance of scoring a big upset. If nothing else he can scramble, Alex can't and would be meat for the Bucs pass rush. Go Taylor!!
  4. This team can't win with Haskins at QB....surely not in Philly.
  5. Alex is amazing, but wouldn't you think he would give it a try with just the slug like Haskins playing????
  6. Can't you just see the post game interview....Dwayne, why do you stink so much????"
  7. Way too long with Haskins in the game, doesn'teven matter how Heinicke does. Ron what were you thinkiung whith thta slug.
  8. Agree, if they g into Philly needing to win I don't even want to see DH active....whole team is such a come down whenever he's in. Just awful QB.
  9. Funny DH so bad he's replaced by Heinicke. DH totally awful. Hope they grill and rill him during the postgame
  10. On e of the reporters should ask Haskins at the post game interview why he STINKS so much...would so love to see that!
  11. I have to agree. Haskins is the absolute worst QB we've ever had here, and that's saying something.
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