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  1. Just found all of mine in a box a few weeks ago when I moved. Damn they brought back great memories of just being a kid.
  2. I am OK with him staying on the roster. If he decides to sit out again, fine. Another year of lost salary for him. If he plays and still has the goods we can get that same 4th rounder next year at a minimum and it gives us another year to get his replacement.
  3. What happened the last time there was a shortened NFL season?
  4. He has been strictly a RT so far in his NFL career, correct? Are you hoping for a switch to LT or are we going to pay a boatload of money to a RT with no serviceable LT on the roster? *edit - I say that because I do not believe Trent plays for us again even though he is still on our roster.
  5. Can't be the same guy. There's no way the guy on that film is running a 4.6 40. WR's are jogging next to him while hes running.
  6. It's fun to play with but remember that you can't take that thing even REMOTELY seriously... lol.
  7. He is faster than he lets on. First player to run a negative 4.4 40??
  8. I am going polar opposite. For his own health I hope he just retires. I would love to see Dan honor all or some portion of his remaining contract to help him do so. Another concussion and that dude is going to spend the rest of his life as a vegetable. It just isn't worth it.
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