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  1. repo_4

    Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

    Haskins comes out looking like Johnny Moxon with Lance Harbor as his head coach and the Skins put up a 50 spot this week. No, seriously, the Skins lose 24-10.
  2. repo_4

    Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

    Is Ryan Kerrigan even on the team anymore...
  3. repo_4

    Report: Josh Norman being shopped by Redskins

    Imagine a player in the NFL getting traded to a new team and NOTHING changes about his life. Hell, he might even get to keep his same locker. That can't happen all that often.
  4. "But I would like to talk about ticket availability for Harvestfest..."
  5. repo_4

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    A rebuild is just not in our future. Teams that "rebuild" trade off assets for future draft picks (see Dolphins). Who do we have that anyone else would even want? Trent is really the only one. I think you could maybe get a mid round pick for Kerrigan at this point. Nobody is trading for Norman and we just signed Collins. It is sad that the only vets on our rosters are guys that nobody else would trade for. We have some young talent but apparently not one coach that knows how to utilize them. Edit - plus you'd still have the same moron in charge of picking the new players and hiring the new coaches. I am so close to being done with this team.
  6. repo_4

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Bears

    I am going in the opposite direction. Dysfunction is our credo, has been since Snyder. I think the prudent thing to do is sit tight and not fire anyone until the end of the season. Make the call that nobody CAN be fired. That just opens the door to more talk about how bad Snyder is and continue the (perceived) trend of actual good football minds not wanting to come here and be a part of this. I think it would maybe start to change the perception that he has finally stopped meddling. That is the only thing that will change our fortunes until he kicks the bucket. Now, right after the whistle blows on the last game of the year, everybody not named Snyder is gone (dream all you want he isn't selling). Hire a firm, ask Belichick for advise, hell take out an ad on Craigslist for your new GM. ANYTHING but what you have been doing. This show is just a train wreck and I don't see how firing Manusky, Gruden or anyone else can in any way be a positive for us right now.
  7. repo_4

    Our RB situation

    Sadly this would be ideal and I could endure 0-16 if it would net us a house clearing.
  8. repo_4

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Gruden after week 2 in his first year as HC - "We gotta get better." Gruden after week 2 in his sixth year as HC - "We gotta get better." It's been FIVE years!! Is there a plan to make "get better" happen, or is it just a slogan?
  9. repo_4

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    We rush 4, drop 7 into coverage and still consistently have receivers running free through our coverage...
  10. repo_4

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Such a bad throw...
  11. repo_4

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Is it possible that Manusky doesn't know that blitzing is legal in the NFL?
  12. repo_4

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Hunting season is here so I will not be. Gonna do something I actually enjoy doing with my time.
  13. repo_4

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Was that on Nicholson too??