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  1. I like the idea and he looks to have a lot of potential. But most guys have played their entire lives. WR's usually don't "click" in the NFL until their 3rd year. How long will it take him and he has to LEARN the position? He is already 25. Are we looking at a guy that really isn't even serviceable until he is 28-29 years old?
  2. Do we actually score on our opening possession tonight or do we keep the year long record of suckage alive rolling into the playoffs?
  3. I don't think we can cut him for financial reasons. What would be the most degrading job we could have him do for the team? Assistant to the jock washer?
  4. Not a surprise. He knew today was his last shot to see the field again (at least here) and he **** the bed. If I KNEW my boss was going to fire me I probably wouldn't answer either. Lol.
  5. After what we saw today I would be surprised if ANYONE gave him another shot. Mechanical issues aside, he MENTALLY collapsed today too.
  6. Rivera was just asked what he wanted to see from Haskins this week. I can answer, "his locker empty"... Lol.
  7. If this kid starts we win, easily. This loss is on Rivera.
  8. This team is a guy that is a pretty decent swimmer. Not great but decent. Haskins is a lead necklace that he is forced to wear while he competes...
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