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  1. I don't follow the draft info very closely, but this year seems like such a strange year. I would generally favor a trade down, but Dallas has a lot of picks in this draft already. With so much less info on players because of the covid year, I'm not sure if the best thing to do is try to gain picks for next year (when you have better info)... or if you want to take more guys this year because the lack of info could increase the chance of getting steals in the mid rounds.
  2. My brother lives in California. He was so frustrated with Trump and the limitations on state tax deductions that the idea of California succeeding was starting to appeal to him. He is one of those guys who has to pay more than half of what he earns in state and federal taxes. He is not a big fan of subsidizing the red state heathens. So strange to me that someone gets mad about how much they pay in federal taxes, and wants his state to have more control over their own taxpayers money, thinks that they have to leave the nation so they can escape from the people whose primary goal has bee
  3. Fun fact. The 49ers traded a 2nd and 4th round pick for Steve Young (who was considered a bust at the time). They did this even though Joe Montana was their clear starter.
  4. This GME thing is a great reminder for me why I never trade in individual stocks. After the bubble burst on this stock and it dropped back to the 40-50 range, my thought was (is) that $40 per share was still more than double what it is worth. I probably would have given 50 to one odds that it would be cut in half vs doubling in price from where it was last week. I'm very glad I did not break my own rules against individual stock picking... even for what I saw as a near certain outcome. I still think the stock is a terrible investment, but this situation is a reminder that no matter how con
  5. Does anyone know if flat earth believers also think the moon or the other planets are also flat? I never thought about it before.
  6. I watched a couple hours of the hearing. It was really boring. I think the committee leaders really struggled to make any kind of coherent rational for having the hearing. After the initial populist rhetoric about needing a hearing to hold hedge fund billionaires accountable for rigging the market to screw over middle class investors, I think someone who understood what was happening actually explained it to the outraged politicians. The big hedge funds that held the majority of short positions on the stocks had closed out their positions two days before the trading was restrict
  7. I have always gone with Vanguard. They are great for long term investing, and you really can't go wrong with a target retirement fund like the 2035 one. You don't have to watch it at all. Honestly, with index fund investments they have in those types of funds, there is not really a reason to watch them closely. I would think you can do automatic monthly payments, but I have not done that, so I'm not sure on that. I have never used Vanguard to buy/gamble with single stocks, so I don't know what they have for that. They tend to discourage frequent trades with their funds. The
  8. I think it is even more awesome to have a dual threat QB that leads his team in punt return yards! 1974 Washington leader in punt returns and punt return yards... Joe Theismann.
  9. I have never thought much about the process of short selling until this past week. I think I understand the concept of how one share of stock can result in multiple short positions and lead to more short positions than available shares. This was what I heard a lot of people saying made gme a once in a lifetime short squeeze opportunity. My question is, doesn't the same process that creates multiple short positions from a single share result in multiple short positions being able to be closed with the purchase of a single share?
  10. I have spent a couple, hours in that wallstreetbets sub the last two days. The drama is intense. The SEC said they would be monitoring the sub and investigating about other large investors using the sub to manipulate prices. Long time moderators are being banned for not going along with the situation. The redditor who started the whole GME play says he will not be posting for awhile, likely on the advice of his lawyer. But in the past hour, it has become like lord of the flies. Everyone accusing each other of being plants from the opposing hedge funds, or SEC operatives. To
  11. The aftermath of this GME story is going to be fascinating to watch. It is going to be amazing watching congress shred Wall Street "fat cats" for refusing to sell a stock, that they know is about to crash, to middle class investors who don't understand what they are buying.
  12. This is how I think about most of this too. I have always avoided trading individual stocks. I was enough of a geek that I was reading books on efficient market theory in my teens. I really dislike the idea of shorting stocks, and I also think people are being really stupid if they are investing in "meme stocks" based on what they read on reddit. As much as I dislike these things, I think people should be allowed to make their own decisions, and accept the consequences of their choices. As for Robinhood, I can understand how people see their behavior in stopping people from buy
  13. Best of luck to the WFT tonight. I am rooting for them, even though they are rivals. I really respect the culture change, and the perseverance of Rivera and Alex Smith. The thought of Antonio Brown ending up being rewarded for all his behavior with a Super Bowl ring is disgusting to me. I hope you guys end that possibility tonight.
  14. One of the things that is being ignored in the outrage of benching Hurts is that Pederson said during the week that he was going to play Sudfield in the second half of this game. So, apparently that was the plan before the game even started. There is far too much outrage about the decision to bench a QB who was playing poorly anyway.
  15. I certainly feel like the WFT deserved the division more than any other team. I have not seen any Giants fans complaining that they earned the division title and were robbed. The complaints I have seen have more to do with a perception that Philly made an active effort to lose the game. I don't think anyone is upset about Philly sitting many of their starters, which is pretty common. What I am hearing is complaints that Philly made a conscious decision to make sure they didn't score in the 4th quarter. That is a totally different complaint than when teams rest starters in a meaningless ga
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