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  1. I understand the logic behind not grandfathering previous purchases, but from a practical standpoint, if your goal is to reduce gun violence, then I think grandfathering previous purchases makes a lot of sense. I know a lot of people in this thread dismiss rural/red state citizens as backwards, ignorant, "gun nuts". These are people I have lived around my whole life. They are not violent people. However, I have met many people that would resist if the government came to disarm them when they have not done anything to threaten others. Especially veterans. I think attempts to confiscate guns would result in more violence, rather than less. A ban on sales would not necessarily do that.
  2. I have only watched two of the debates, including the one last night. The first one I watched, it really surprised me to see Biden struggle to articulate his thoughts in the majority of his responses. He seemed to rarely complete a thought without pauses, or correcting himself. I didn't see that very often last night, so I thought he came out looking more "presidential" than he did the last time I watched him.
  3. Nerm

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    I live in South Dakota, so I am currently enjoying a few cheap, flavorless, light beers.
  4. I don't claim to know what the founders would think about the issues of today, or what the best policies for this country are. But, I find it interesting how there tends to be a lot of confidence from opposing sides, on so many issues, that the founders would be in agreement with MY position. It is somewhat like religion. How many people support a political position would say "I think this law should be enacted, even though God clearly would not want that." Personally, I think the founders would have a hard time believing what the federal government has evolved to become. In ratifying the Constitution, people who were afraid of loosing their rights to a federal government were generally told that their fears were absurd because because the government would be so limited that most people wouldn't ever even come into contact with someone involved in the federal government. The 2nd ammendment was largely designed as a way to make it unnecessary for the federal government to have a standing army. So, I don't know how many of the founders would view a person owning an AR-15. On the one hand, they wanted citizens to be able to have arms so that their states could protect themselves from invasion from foreign armies or the federal government. That makes me think that they might view AR-15s as being fine, as the purpose of having a right to bear arms is so that they can participate in war if needed. On the other hand, they may see no purpose for citizens owning an AR-15 because it wouldn't be able to stop the federal government or foreign armies they would have to face in a war now anyway. I guess my point is that what the US has become is so dramatically different than what was envisioned, it is impossible to know what opinions they would have on the issues of today. My guess is that there would be a variety opinions and disagreements, just like there were back in the day.
  5. I think this may fit in under the broad category of extreme partisanship, but from my perspective, the most concerning proposal for the future of this country I have seen is suggesting court packing (adding large numbers of judges to the Supreme Court) to allow for restoring a liberal majority there. That just seems like a dangerous path that effectively eliminates the concept of a judicial branch and the constitution at the same time, while setting up a future of escalating partisanship.
  6. As a 46 year old man, I started watching this show a few days ago based on your post. I'm on episode 5 of the first season. My wife asked me today "Are you really watching this now?" I assured her that it is ok for me to watch, because it was recommended by other mature football fans. So far, so good. But if it gets really stupid, I am going to blame you for my wife telling me how dumb it is. Of course, I will never admit it if the show isn't great. That would go against everything that I believe regarding marital disagreements.
  7. Nerm

    Forfeiting a first round pick every 3 years

    That is why I am expecting the Redskins to trade for former MVP Cam Newton in the off season. Probably could get him for a couple 3rds and Terry McLaurin.
  8. After December, the true test will be winning a playoff game. Then, they probably wind up playing the NFC East champion, who will most likely have a loosing record. So, the playoff game will not count since it is against a team with a loosing record. After that, he will have the TRUE test.
  9. Nerm

    Any actors or actresses you have met?

    I cant say I really "met" any famous actors. I did stand in line behind Stephen Baldwin (the religious Baldwin) to get coffee at an airport. Didn't try to talk to him, just gave him a nod when he turned around. I got a picture with Michael Carbonaro (magician with a TV show) after one of his live shows, and had a brief interaction with him. Basically just a few sentences about how I enjoy his show. My first brush with greatness was when I was a teenager, I was visiting my brother in Boston, and we were walking to get some lunch and Drew Bleadsoe was throwing a football with some kids in the street. I talked about that for weeks when I got home. I have got to meet a few people that are not in entertainment, but are famous. I talked with Robert Ressler (one of the real life FBI guys that coined the term "serial killer"), he has been depicted in a few shows, like Mindhunter. I was considering going into forensic behavioral science, so I talked with him about the work.
  10. Nerm

    Eli - career win %

    It looks like Eli is probably going to start this week against Philly, due to Jones' injury. Eli goes into this game with a 116-116 career record. This could be his last chance to start a game. I'm rooting for him to come out of it with a winning record for his career... because Philly.
  11. There offense isn't great in my opinion. They rack up a lot of yards, but they also turn the ball over more, and are not very good in the redzone. I will say that Dak has been a better passer this year than I thought he was capable of being. However, in past years Dak has been much better when they needed a last minute drive than he has been this year. The running game, including Dak's running, has also not been as good. The defense has been so much worse than last year, and they never force turnovers.
  12. Dallas is not a good team. But, they do have the #1 passing offense in the NFL. I think passing yards is the most overrated stat in football, but I think your analysis is off on this one. Dallas' offense is very different than the run first team they have been in previous years.
  13. I'm having trouble finding things to be thankful about as a Cowboys fan right now.
  14. Nerm

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I think I read earlier today that the Ravens have only punted twice in the past three games, and both of those punts occurred after Lamar was pulled because the game was well in hand. So, their first team offense has not punted in three games now (If what I read was accurate). I also found out this week that Joe Theismann led the Redskins in punt returns and punt return yards in 1974. That blows my mind.
  15. You win this one. I made the laughable statement that the Cowboys don't commit penalties, and I refused to discuss the obvious way that they get favorable calls from the refs. No need to respond. I'm done with this convo. It was dumb of me to respond in the first place, I know better.