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  1. My 2 cents as a rival fan: I think the name has to change, just due to the perception by so many that name "Redskins" is a term used to categorize a group of people based on the color of their skin. I understand the argument that it refers to something else, but the reality is that there is a history of the term being primarily used in a derogatory manner. From my perspective, I don't believe team names like the Indians or Braves are inherently racist. I do see the Cleveland Indians logo as being offensive, but not the name. On the other hand, I do not see the Redskins logo as offensive in any way. To me it is a symbol that signifies the strength and dignity of Native Americans. I personally think the Warriors, with the spear/feathers logo would be a good option. However, anything related to Native American culture may create further backlash. So, I understand why some would want to avoid that. On a side note, I grew up with some friends that were Lakota Sioux. They definitely faced frequent bigotry and racism from idiots in school and the broader community. I don't recall the term Redskin being used, but I'm sure it was by some. I do remember one of my closer Lakota friends talking about being rejected by many in his former community because his family left the reservation to seek a better life. They would refer to him as an "apple", meaning red on the outside, white on the inside. That is the only time I remember talking with him about anyone referring to "red skin".
  2. I like some musicals, depends on the songs. Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably my favourite. I would love to watch Hamilton, but I don't have Disney + currently. Will that performance be on that platform over the long term, or is it temporary?
  3. It has been interesting living in South Dakota this week, as Trump is visiting Mt. Rushmore today. There have been several news stories here about how Mt Rushmore is a "monument to white supremacy" and needs to come down. I would laugh my ass off if Snyder came out in a few days and announced he was changing the name to the D.C Redskins. "After much reflection, we have decided that we can't continue to associate our team with the name Washington. "
  4. His channel is awesome for learning about so many aspects of spaceflight, and particularly in potential solutions to problems that limit us currently. I found it ironic that in his early videos he would always include apologies for his speech impediment making it difficult for people to understand him, when he was able to communicate complicated subjects more clearly than just about anyone I have ever come across.
  5. That was so cool. I'm pretty excited about SpaceX. I have always been interested in space flight, particularly in manned missions and exploration. I feel like today was a big step towards making it much more possible for the masses to have a chance to actually experience space flight in the foreseeable future. I always found it ironic that so many kids would say they want to be an astronaut when they grow up, and were told it can happen for them if they work hard in school. If a 10 year old boy says he has a goal of becoming an NFL quarterback, they are told that is very unlikely because there are so few people that can actually achieve that goal. Well, so far, the average ten year old (male) would have had a much better chance of becoming an NFL QB than they have had of becoming an astronaut that actually goes to space. I think today may have changed that.
  6. I do think it is a good sign that he is using the off season to better himself physically. I agree it shows some dedication to improving himself as a player, and that dedication is so often the difference between guys who bust and guys who have success. Hopefully he approaches things like mechanics, learning the playbook, and reading defenses the same way. P.S. If he wants to get better at messing with the media and fans, now would be a good time for him to post on social media that he has been working out intensely to prepare for his upcoming run with the bulls. "I will have to be in the best shape of my life to have a chance to reach my goal of jumping over two bulls at the same time!"
  7. I don't pay a lot of attention to state politics in South Dakota (where I live) but my perception was that the Governor was taking things fairly seriously. She seemed to shut down schools quickly at least. Also, I feel like this is a bit of a misleading headline. I don't know what other states are doing with their large food processing plants, but I have assumed that maintaining a food supply is something that is considered essential, even for states where stay at home orders are in effect. My guess is that this business would have been exempted in any state with stay at home orders, so I don't think the first sentence of the headline has anything to do with what happened at that food processing plant. Of course, I could be wrong.
  8. I agree that almost nobody would endorse the goal of "punishing the rich" as a primary reason for progressive policies. But, that is how a lot of conservatives view it. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of beliefs of progressives. The tendency to distort the reasoning of people who disagree with us politically into a unreasonable strawman argument is one of the core issues that fuels political divisions. In my opinion. On a side note, I have met one person who seems like they might fit into the "punish the rich at all costs" stereotype. When I was an undergrad in the mid 90s, my intro to philosophy teacher was pretty extreme. I remember there were wildfires that swept through part of California where some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the state were. The philosophy professor went on and on about how happy he was that these people had to face adversity. It genuinely brought him joy to think about these people he had never met loosing their possessions and being in distress.
  9. I don't think I have ever met someone who thinks like that. There are a number of assumptions being made in that analysis that show a fundamental difference in beliefs about what helps or hurts people. There are a lot of people out there that feel that taking money from other people, against their will, and giving it to someone else is wrong... even if they would come out ahead personally. Others may feel that such programs should come from the state and local levels instead of the federal level. Some feel that giving money to people will "trap" people into perpetual dependence. You are making the assumption that these voters really believe that welfare is a good thing that helps people. That is not a universally accepted truth. For people who think that welfare is a trap, they view progressive voters as the ones who are willing to sacrifice their wellbeing as long as someone who is successful has to sacrifice more. Please note, I do not have any interest in defending the validity or reasoning behind various beliefs people have. But, as the theme of this thread is about not understanding Trump voters, I think you have to start with the premise that they don't secretly think the policies they oppose are actually good for the people of the country. One of the fundamental skills in being able to "understand" the other side in politics is to be able articulate their reasons for supporting a position, or person, in a way that they would agree with, even if you don't think those reasons are valid. I don't know if you could find anyone who would say "welfare helps me, but I want it cut because someone else would be hurt by the cut more than I would."
  10. Glad to see Bernie drop out, it felt way overdue. It seems like Super Tuesday was a long time ago, but it was only a little more than a month ago (March 3rd). Prior to that, wasn't Bernie considered to be technically in the lead? I was thinking about how different the current political situation would have been if Super Tuesday would have been delayed due to the Corona virus. Would the race be considered a tossup/too close to call? If a bunch of places expanded mail in voting... would that have made any difference in the results? Also, with a few candidates dropping out just before Super Tuesday to help biden, would they have dropped out if Super Tuesday was postponed for a month or two? As much political tension as there is now, I think it would be much more intense if there was no clarity on who the Dem nominee would be.
  11. If Liberia and Myanmar still use it, how could it be a bad idea? It is strange to think of all the small ways that a change to the metric system would impact various industries/trades. I do some woodworking as a hobby, Most of the lumber I buy is (inaccurately) described by width and thickness in inches. It is kind of funny that they are labeled by dimensions that are not the actual dimensions. For example, a 2x4 is actually 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches. A 1x2 is actually .75 inch by 1.5 inches. What a fun system! I actually have started to do my own measurements for wood projects in metric more often than in inches. Using centimeters seems easier to me than calculating fractions of inches. I can do fairly well converting distances from imperial to metric in my mind. I do struggle making mental conversions on things like weight or volume. I read stories about space travel that talk about things like how much is costs to get x kilograms into orbit, and I can never visualize what x kilograms of a various material would actually look like.
  12. Now that it has become clear that I will continue to have a lot of down time for at least the next month, I have decided to watch 24. It is a show I have never seen, despite it being so popular back in the day. So far, I have 4 episodes watched, a little more than 200 more to go!
  13. Here is another early story on Covid. I did add some of the links I was referencing, but I can't really get things that have been deleted, like the Vox article. I will bow out of this thread for a few days. I'm a little discouraged about how a fairly benign discussion of media coverage in the initial days of this is seen as some type of partisan defense of Trump. I see a lot of people piling on, arguing about Trump's history of horrible behavior, as if I said or believe that he isn't a horrible person. There is nothing that I said that defends Trump in any way. People are reading a lot into my comment that some reasonable people, having nothing to do with politics, also thought that the flu was more dangerous than Corona at the end of January. That in no way indicates that I think Trump did anything correctly in responding to the situation.
  14. I'm not making the case that "the left" was reporting anything for political gain. I was saying that people shouldn't jump to the conclusion that you have to be some type of propaganda spreading minion of Trump for believing that the flu was a greater concern in late January. It wasn't a partisan issue at the time.
  15. I am having an hard time linking the material. The Vox article linked below is not the one I was thinking of. It appears they deleted it and the tweets saying people should worry more about the flu than covid. The buzzfeed one has also been altered, and I don't have the original.