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  1. I watched "Willy's Wonderland" on Hulu. Nick Cage is the star, is on camera for 80% of the movie... and does not have one line of dialog. The movie is terrible in so many ways... like it wasn't even trying to be a real movie... and for some inexplicable reason, I was entertained by it. Also, "Barb and Star go to Vista Dell Mar"... on Hulu was really funny to me. It was made by the people who did the movie Bridesmaids. It is focused on a pair of female friends in their 40s taking a vacation. It is pretty random humor, and a lot of people will not find it funny, but if you like
  2. I kind of liked it too. I don't have high standards. I rarely hate a movie. Plus, I have two teen daughters that enjoy when girls kick butt, so I tend to enjoy this kind of movie vicariously on some level.
  3. I'm just starting to get back into NBA stuff since the pandemic, so I don't know much about the strengths/weaknesses of various players except what I have seen spouted by various people on reddit. I'm a casual Lakers fan, so I follow speculation about what players they might be interested in more than other teams. I was wondering what people more familiar with Westbrook's recent play think about how he would fit on the Lakers if he did end up there. I have seen a lot of hot takes from reddit that act like any team with Westbrook has no chance of winning a championship, but ther
  4. I agree that identifying if it developed in nature or in the lab is the key question that needs to be answered in order to know how to reduce threats from future pandemics. The answer to that question is vital to guiding future policies. If it developed in nature, that would lead to an increased support for research to address the pressing risks of viruses that evolved in nature, most likely including gain of function research. On the other hand, if we assume it evolved in nature and are incorrect about that, that could result in us increasing future risk dramatically by doing a
  5. Awesome. I know the general meaning of several of those words. This is a little off topic, but I need some input from a physicist. I like sci-fi stories. I was thinking that if I wrote a story about time travel or faster than light space travel, I could throw in the phrase "We learned how to stabilize an Einstein-Rosen bridge" as a sufficient explanation for everything else that happens in the story. Do you think most non-physicists would think that was a good enough explanation?
  6. Man... you just double dissed me. LOL. I have a Ph.D in clinical psychology. I attended a University that only accepted 6 of 120+ applicants for the program. So, after a decade in school, I earned my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. Also, PH.D stands for doctor of philosophy. It does not say what subject you earned your doctoral degree in. I think that idiot is an English literature doctor. Don't you feel silly now.
  7. Honestly, I have not seen much speculation that Covid was a biological weapon, or was intentionally released. Saying that the virus was created in a lab does not mean that it was a weapon or was meant to harm anyone. The jury is out about if it was even created vs evolving on its own in nature. If it was created, it most likely was done so to help us learn how to defeat such a virus and prevent the kind of pandemic that we ended up with. There is also a possibility that the research was supported by American funding of "gain of function" research. I would hope our intelligence
  8. Honestly, I don't really want to go any further than what I said. I don't know if covid came from nature or a lab. I was never a Trump supporter. I despise the man. I don't have any desire to try to convince anyone that it is possible Trump was right about anything. I just tried to answer the question about why Trumpers might be upset.
  9. I don't use things like Twitter, Facebook, etc. So, I don't know what people are saying. But I expect that people are upset that Fauci was receiving emails suggesting that covid showed markers that were more consistent with being created in a lab rather than evolving naturally. Also, that Fauci had a part in the "gain of function" research that may have created the virus. So, I would guess that "Trumpers" are upset about being called racist conspiracy nuts for suggesting the possibility of covid being created in a lab, when Fauci knew about this stuff and didn't say anything.
  10. He has all the tools. Wax on/off, paint the fence, sand the floor. You didn't think the original movie was about a guy learning karate to win over the girl did you? Read between the lines! Edit to add "Look eye! Always look eye!"
  11. My guess would be he will be starting week 1, but I have not really followed his progress. I expect him to be fine for the regular season. The team is so full of question marks, I don't focus too much on Dak. I may be too optimistic... but I am assuming the Cowboys' season will be terrible for reasons that are not related to Dak's health.
  12. My first take as a Cowboys fan was that the NFL screwed Washington with those last 5 games. But, as bad as the NFC East is, there is the possibility that more than 1 team in the East will be in tank mode at that point. I hope the Cowboys are in it until the end. If they are not, I will be really hoping that it comes down to the Giants-WFT game at the end. After all the anger from Giants fans last year about how it was unfair that "Philly tanked the 4th quarter or we would have won the division"... it would be so fun to watch an eliminated Giants team approach the final game if Ph
  13. This whole cyber security issue is such a source of frustration, partially because I know so little about the issue. I'm a guy who thinks our justice system is far too punitive and that punishments tend to be excessive. But when it comes to cyber criminals, my lizard brain kicks in and starts telling me we need to get medieval on them. I gotta admit, I judge myself for thoughts that go through my mind, such as " I wonder if these guys would still be hackers if they did not have any fingers?" On a side note, there is a guy who has a YouTube channel where he records himself screwi
  14. I agree with the downside risk being a concern. It has been fairly common for great QBs to have their play drop off a cliff quickly after looking very good. Brees and Manning come to mind. There is also the possibility that he just decides to move on from football if he doesn't have a great experience with a new team. With all the excitement it would bring, I would want some protection on the downside. I would be hesitant to trade for him without picks being contingent on games played, making the playoffs, etc.
  15. Does it move the needle any that Rodgers dominates the Cowboys in the regular season and post season? As a bonus, I think he is undefeated in the Cowboys fancy stadium.
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