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  1. Best of luck to the WFT tonight. I am rooting for them, even though they are rivals. I really respect the culture change, and the perseverance of Rivera and Alex Smith. The thought of Antonio Brown ending up being rewarded for all his behavior with a Super Bowl ring is disgusting to me. I hope you guys end that possibility tonight.
  2. One of the things that is being ignored in the outrage of benching Hurts is that Pederson said during the week that he was going to play Sudfield in the second half of this game. So, apparently that was the plan before the game even started. There is far too much outrage about the decision to bench a QB who was playing poorly anyway.
  3. I certainly feel like the WFT deserved the division more than any other team. I have not seen any Giants fans complaining that they earned the division title and were robbed. The complaints I have seen have more to do with a perception that Philly made an active effort to lose the game. I don't think anyone is upset about Philly sitting many of their starters, which is pretty common. What I am hearing is complaints that Philly made a conscious decision to make sure they didn't score in the 4th quarter. That is a totally different complaint than when teams rest starters in a meaningless ga
  4. Good point. I'm going to be rooting for Dallas for sure this week.
  5. This may sound strange coming from a Dallas fan, but if Washington wins the division, I would not hate to see them winning the Super Bowl with Alex Smith. With what Smith and Rivera have been through, it would be hard not to root for them to overcome such unthinkable odds and come out on top. On the other hand, the sight of Dan Snyder holding up the Lombardi trophy would be hard to take.
  6. I was unaware of that when I stated Leaf seems to have matured. However, since this is the internet, I will continue to insist I was right. Obviously the fact that he is now being arrested for misdemeanors instead of felonies is a clear sign of maturity. Only a fool would disagree with that.
  7. Honestly, I think Leaf has matured at this point. He spends much of his life talking about how horrible his behavior was, and how he destroyed his own career. He is highly critical of himself for the stupid things he did, and that is why he is weighing on this. He said Haskins behavior "is like looking in a mirror".
  8. I don't really understand what the protocol is. I think a couple Giants players had photos come out of them at a bar without masks on earlier in the season. If I remember correctly, they lied and said the picture was from last year, but that was proven false. The team fined them, but the league didn't do anything about it. I don't think they even had to go through any covid protocol.
  9. It is kind of funny that I don't even watch games, but I still hate the way Ezekiel Elliott looks. I used to hate how dumb he looks with a stupid nose ring. Now, I follow the game on ESPN gamecast, so I only really watch the play by play description of the game... but the tiny 2 cm picture of Elliott they have next to his name still pisses me off. The dude looks like Mickey Mouse.
  10. I have never been a fan of the idea of tanking for a higher pick. I have seen fans of all NFC East teams this year arguing that it would be better to get a high draft pick than it would be to win the division and be "one and done" in the playoffs. Frankly, I enjoy the games a lot more when my team is in the hunt until the end. I think it is particularly important to be division winners/playoff teams when it comes to free agency. There are free agents who prioritize winning, and free agents that prioritize their earnings. If a team is consistently out of the playoff hunt, they will be much
  11. I wouldn't lower my expectations on Young just yet. Reminds me Dallas fans during Demarcus Ware's rookie season. He only had 4 sacks in his first 14 games. Lots of hand wringing by Cowboy fans. In the end, he became the HOF guy they hyped him to be. I think Young will turn into the dominant force he was touted to be.
  12. The data I was watching on Real Clear Politics was way off. They were showing 91% in and Trump with a 17 point lead. Now they switched it to less than 50 percent in and a close race. Not sure what others are showing.
  13. When my wife and I lived in Illinois, our polling place was literally right across the street. She ran over to vote about 5 minutes before polls closed. No lines. She was a bit disappointed that they called the state for Obama less than 2 minutes after she voted. She hadn't even walked the 150 feet to our front door before it was called.
  14. It took me about three weeks before I was able to not call Romo, Roma. I had never learned Romo's name... but I had eaten Tony Roma's Italian food several times. I hope Mr Bonaduce has a similar story.
  15. It was odd. Kind of a catch 22. You want him to protect himself... but he looks so awkward when trying to slide that you worry he is going to injure himself while doing it.
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