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  1. I disagree. If almost any portion of the contract is guaranteed, it is a bad deal for the Redskins. I don't think anyone expected him to make a roster unless it was for a league minimum deal. The expectation was that a team would pay him less than one million, IF he was able to show he was good enough to play on an NFL team. If it costs the team anything to cut him, it is a bad deal. Maybe if most of the $4 mil is for absurd incentives (like all pro selection), it is reasonable. Otherwise, he is going to be paid more than the starting QB, and most of the starters on the team... Despite being a guy that no one else seems to want even as a backup. If he shows enough ability to make the team, he should still be getting 1 mil or less. In my opinion.
  2. Nerm

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Man, I can empathize with that. I rewatched the episodes with my wife after I was few seasons in. I was super excited to see her reaction to the red wedding episode. Then, right when the stabbing began (which blew my mind when I first watched it), she pauses the show and says she wants to go have a smoke. I was like WTF? Did you see that girl getting stabbed in the belly? On a side note, your wording about feeling like you could die of a heart attack while watching the show hits home for me. The night I watched the Nights Watch episode with Jon Snow... I actually did have a heart attack. That is no joke, it was my second heart attack (one the year prior). My wife swears that she thinks it was because I was so pissed about what happened on the episode. To tell the truth, I don't remember anything else about that night, or the following several days... But when I woke in the hospital,I did remember watching that. Now that is the kind of entertainment that I am willing to pay monthly fees to watch.
  3. Nerm

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Maybe, there is a trend towards the good guys killing the bad guys in recent seasons. One thing I could not forgive is if the Hound and the Mountain fought, and the Mountain won. Unless maybe Aryia(sp?) then killed the Mountain.
  4. I think he wears them on the correct feet. i don't have the ability to zoom in on his feet, but from a distance, it seems like he is playing on roller skates. Maybe that is the issue.
  5. It will be interesting to see if there is any guaranted money. If there anything more than 50k guaranted, then this seems like an overpayment. Most people thought he would get a vet minimum offer with no guarantee, for a chance to land on a roster. 4 mill seems very steep, you almost have to cut him if he doesn't win the starting spot (or if the competition is even close).
  6. I'm also four episodes in. The episode with the three robots was my favorite so far. Very funny. I really liked three of the four that I have seen so far.
  7. I would explain why I think that is a very naive way to look at the act of cold readings... which is a centuries old practice. But I have learned the hard way, through conversations with my wife, that it will just make people angry with me. So, I will say you might be right, and I may be wrong. The most bizarre aspect of my discussions with my wife is that she does not believe there is an afterlife... but if I tell her that it is bull**** that the guy is talking to someone who is in the afterlife, she gets mad at me and explains why there is no other way he could have known that stuff. If I point this contradiction out to her, she gets very, very mad at me.
  8. The judge in the case talked about how hard the decision to impose the death penalty usually is. Then thanked the guy for making it an easy decision. However, that was around 20 years ago... Still in the appeals process.
  9. Overall, I am uncomfortable about the death penalty due to the possibility of wrongful convictions and the inconsistency of applying the punishment based on the demographics of the accused and victim. However, there are some people that I absolutely believe need to die for what they have done. The one that sticks in my mind is the killer of Polly Klass. He was convicted of raping and killing the 12 year old. When he went on the stand during the sentencing for that, he used the opportunity to taunt the family of the little girl. Said that her final words were something like "you aren't going to do me like my daddy does are you?" I just feel so much rage when thinking about that.
  10. Never seen the bachelor, but I disagree that it is the worst. My wife watches Hollywood Medium... That is the WORST. The dude pretends that he has never heard of the D list celebs that he gives readings to. Then he proves his psychic abilities by telling them things about themselves that you can find on their Wikipedia and Facebook pages. The "celebrities" show their shock and amazement. Finally, the Hollywood Medium tells them some dead family member is happy in the afterlife and wants them to know how much they love them. Celeb then cries and tells the medium how greatful they are to know their dead relative is at peace.
  11. Im not sure that matters much. Zeke was never arrested and never had charges filed against him. She was caught in text messages asking a friend to say that Zeke hit her... Her friend replies "you want me to lie?" She says "yes." The NFL sends only one person to talk to her. The accuser says she will only make the accusation when not under oath. NFL is fine with that. The lead investigator meets with the accuser, comes back and tells the NFL the accusations are not credible. The NFL fires the lead investigator and suspends Zeke for 6 games... Even though no one from the NFL who had talked to the accuser believed the allegations. Zeke appealed. The judge says the NFLs investigation was the worst abuse of due process he has seen in his career on the court. Then Jerry Jones gets fined for appealing the decision and speaking out against it.
  12. If you were ok with the NFL giving a cap penalty of much more than 24 million, and also loosing draft picks as an additional penalty you could. Of course the upside would be that Snyder would be banned from having anything to do with the team for a period of time.
  13. I think Berry is only going to get one year prove it offers. He was an incredible player, but I think he has some injuries that are never going to heal. I also read that he decided against surgery to deal with some leg/foot issue that is expected to have a significant impact on his speed and agility. He is a very highly respected player and an inspirational person. I hope Dallas takes a look at him, but there are a lot of doubts that he can ever be a good starter again. Sad, he looked like a HOF player just a few years ago.
  14. If I was the Giants' GM, I would respond with something about wishing OBJ the best, and that I hope he celebrates with an Instagram model, a pizza, and an unknown white powdery substance.
  15. I'm not sure what to think about him. I get the red flags about a guy who a team is willing to trade one year after drafting him #10 overall, but there is also the possibility that this is about the coaches infatuation with Murray, not that Rosen is a bum. I don't think that Rosen's play with the Cards last year is an indicator of his future. That team made it look like David Johnson sucked too. No chance for a rookie QB to look good.