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  1. It was odd. Kind of a catch 22. You want him to protect himself... but he looks so awkward when trying to slide that you worry he is going to injure himself while doing it.
  2. I'm not sure what to expect for today's game. It feels like somewhat of a toss up, with both teams having played so poorly up until this point. I do feel that the Cowboys may be on the verge of total collapse. I get the feeling that If the WFT comes out and takes momentum early in the game, Dallas will go into full meltdown mode. This Cowboys team feels like they are looking for a reason to just quit on the season. I also feel like there is the potential for the WFT defensive line to have a performance like they did again Philly to open the season. The Cowboys OL has nobody
  3. I feel a bit fortunate that I stopped having any expectation of the Cowboys ever being a championship team again. It may happen someday, but the past decade has taught me that there is too much randomness to ever expect anything from them. I watch kickers go from the best ever to missing everything they try. I watch them draft three all pro OL, only to see the Cowboys struggle due to poor offensive line play. They go from one of the worst passing O in the league a couple years ago, to record passing numbers this season... only for them lose most of their games while fumbling t
  4. With Dallas loosing both OTs for the season, I wonder if they would be interested in a guy like Moses. It gets complicated by the Cowboys expectation that he would only be needed for the rest of this season.
  5. Interestingly, the Redskins won a game against Miami last year in the same manner that they lost today. Miami failed on the two point conversion, while they were down by one with ten seconds left. A bunch of people joked that it was strategy for tanking.
  6. Eagles first six drives to start the game: 3 and out 3 and out 3 and out 1st play fumble 3 and out 3 and out
  7. The closest I can think of is Brett Favre. He was picked at #33 in the draft. In a ringing endorsement, their coach, Jerry Glanville, said that the only way that Favre would get game time is if the team plane crashed. However, Favre threw his first NFL pass against the Skins, which was a pick 6. He threw 3 more passes as a Falcon, with another INT and two incompltions. The Falcons then traded him to the Packers for a 1st round pick. Impressive that the Falcons were able to get a first... Also impressive that the Packers got a guy who would win 3 consecutive MVP awards.
  8. Fun piece of nepotism/Norv trivia. Norv got his first NFL Offensive coordinator job by replacing David Shula, the son of coach Don Shula. Dallas had the last ranked Offense in the league with Shula. It was a young team, but the starters included 8 players that would become HOF members, all pros, or players who went to multiple pro bowls. Only their two guards and #2 WR position were not eventually HOF/All pro level players... and they were ranked last in the NFL. Shula was canned for Norv, and the glory years began.
  9. I was wondering about the cap. Are 1st rd contracts guaranteed? Would Haskins theoretically get all his money regardless if he is cut?
  10. The whole debate about the 4th down play reminds me of the debate Cowboys fans had for months following Tony Romo's 2nd season. At the end of their playoff game against the Giants, the Cowboys had a 4th and 11 on the 23 with around 10 seconds left in the game. Romo dropped back and couldn't find anyone open, so he lofted the ball into the endzone to give a WR a chance to get the jump ball or draw a flag. People spent months arguing about if that was a choke. My position was that he made the right call. Just about any throw that was not a TD ended the Cowboys season, so you either accept a
  11. If he is really doing this stuff out of anger, then he is kind of making himself into a meme. I can imagine him reading the story about him being more interested in social media than watching film... and it makes him so mad he spends his night unfollowing people on social media.
  12. I think it means passer rating. That is just what used to be called quarterback rating (and was the overall score relating to passes thrown ). Then ESPN came up with an alternative stat that is more comprehensive of all the QB plays (including things like sacks or running for yards, fumbles. The problem is, ESPN was stupid enough to name this statisic the QBR... which is different than a "quarterback rating". So most people now refer to the older stat as a "passer rating" so that is not confused with a QBR.
  13. Dak on pace for 6,700 passing yards for the season, and a 4-12 record. I can't really complain about his performance, but the Cowboys overall are pretty frustrating.
  14. I am a bit odd when it comes to football. I prefer to follow games through the ESPN play by play gamecast rather than watching live, particularly when it comes to the Cowboys. My frustration and disappointment levels are much lower when just watching the numbers change, rather than seeing the craptacular performances live in HD.
  15. You will get quite a few when you play Dallas. I think they are trying for a fumble record this year!
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