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  1. Nerm

    Random Thought Thread

    A few weeks ago, I got interested in the Apollo program to send people to the moon. While Apollo 11 was the first moon landing, I learned that Apollo 10 was a full "dress rehearsal" for that mission, meaning all of the systems were fully functional and capable of landing on the moon if the astronauts said "screw it, we are making history today". The lunar lander on Apollo 10 was called Snoopy, after the Peanuts character. So, in my almost nonexistent understanding of physics, I now believe there is an alternative timeline where the Apollo 10 mission landed on the moon first, and the phrase "The beagle has landed" is an iconic phrase in history.
  2. Sounds like me. I am totally "that guy" who tends to sweat on a relatively cool day. My wife really gets annoyed by it. I'll be sitting in the car, she gets in and looks at me, shakes her head, and says "Really?" In a frustrated tone. Like I am stubbornly sweating on purpose to win an argument about keeping the car running with the AC on.
  3. Off topic (my apologies) but I used to play D&D in the mid 80s. This past week, I was asking my wife and 2 daughters if they wanted to play. Apparently, D&D has had a resurgence since Stranger Things. So, I downloaded the free "Basic Rules" from the website, to get a refresher on what I would need to do as a dungeon master to run the game. After reading about 50 pages, I am thinking there is no way I could do it competently. The basic rules were more complex than most of the textbooks that I read in graduate school. So, I told my family that we shouldn't play. It is probably for the best though. People said I was a dork for playing way back then. I would hate to see my kids become social rejects for not just playing D&D, but playing it with their parents. I suspect there is no defense for that among their pre teen peers.
  4. Nerm

    2019 Game Day Thread

    After following some of the preseason games online, I have to say that I am worried about the challenges to PI, especially challenges to no calls. One of the reasons I don't watch many games live anymore, is that it I stopped enjoying big plays because they were so often wiped out by penalty or on replay. Now, it doesn't even matter if the announcer makes the "No flags" statement on a big catch. You still can't get excited until you see what random decision the replay official makes if there is any contact between WRs and defenders during the play. As bad as the no call was for the Saints last year, I am worried that the solution is going to be worse.
  5. If so, it will be the first time I have seen a player use the strategy of... " I don't trust my employers or the training staff. I will never play for that team again" negotiating ploy before.
  6. Anyone have thoughts about the old HBO show True Blood? I have loved HBO several HBO shows, but I have not watched that one, even though the genre is one that I would typically like.
  7. Nerm

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Louis CK has a great bit about pot becoming too powerful. "I'm taking huge hits... because I had no idea they had been working on this like it was the cure for cancer... and at one point I realize that I need to get out of here, because the air is touching my arm weirdly, and they can tell, they totally know that I'm not handling the way air is touching my arm right now." I am always surprised when people say that marijuana helps them with anxiety. I have heard so many hilarious stories about people becoming irrationally anxious when smoking pot.
  8. Nerm

    Eli - career win %

    It looks like Eli is expected to be the starter for the Giants to begin the season. I reviewed his career stats, and I noticed that he is only 2 games above .500 as a starter in his regular season games. So, I thought I would ask everyone.... Do you think Eli will end his career with a winning record, at .500, or with a loosing record? and... Do you think it matters when it comes time for HOF votes? I don't know if there are any QBs with loosing records in the HOF. I think Warren Moon was 1 game over .500, and Dan Fouts was 2 games over, but they did not have SB wins.
  9. It was a Washington Post article from Aug 1st. I'm having trouble with a link, the article is behind a paywall
  10. In my opinion, the reports from the front office telling the media that they expect fines will force Trent to come back was a very bad approach. It seems like, even if you believe that it will work, it is a bad idea to make that public. I feel like that public posturing will just make a player dig in deeper.
  11. The Vikings look like they are going to cut Laquon Treadwell, who I think was drafted one pick before or one pick after Doctson. They are shopping him, but he will probably be cut. If the Skins know Doctson is not going to make the team, maybe they could swap WR busts to see if a change of scenery helps him at all.
  12. The proposal for ammunition tax, in response to a mass murder, always reminds me of this sign.
  13. I really do try to stay out of politics, but I'm going to put my 2 cents in about proposals to increase taxes on ammunition as a way of reducing gun violence. If we use the phrase "common sense" gun legislation, I ask: Which of the following people will NOT be discouraged from using guns because of the cost of ammunition? A. Hunters B. People that like to shoot targets at gun ranges C. People who want to commit mass murder (usually knowing they will die in the process)
  14. I am proud to say, that I was alive to see Fonzi actually jump the shark on Happy Days when it first aired. In retrospect, it is like my parents telling me about sitting around the TV to watch the moon landing. Of course, that Happy Days episode occurred at a time where if you didn't see the program as it was aired, you would assume that you would never see it in your life. These are the horror stories that I tell my children about what I had to face during childhood.
  15. I agree that there is very little chance Dak is asking for $40 million. My guess is he ends up with a little more than Wentz got with his extension. That seems reasonable based on fairly similar production between the two over the three years they have been in the league. As for Trent, I see the logic in waiting for a team to get desperate due to injury to their LT. However, here is some risk to that approach. For example, if Houston is interested, their interest could completely disappear if Watson goes down with an injury in the next few weeks (and he does take a lot of hits). I think it is possible that the Skins could get a 1st for Trent, but it is hard to know for sure. Another factor could be if Trent is also asking for a new contract from any team he is traded to. That would impact his trade value.