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Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: Meltdown in the Meadowlands Metlife Stadium?

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Who wins the game?  

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  1. 1. Who will win, the 1st place team or the last place team?

    • Washington Redskins
    • New York Giants
    • Tie between worst and first.

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When: Sunday 28th  1:00p.m. [ noon central ]

Where: MetLife Stadium New York


OK, the Redskins are firmly in 1st place in the NFC East division.

But why do I feel like they're in 3rd?


The New York Giants have just finished losing a close game to the Falcons in Hotlanta by a score of 23-20. Barkley, their RB, was not a factor in the game, but the WR duo of Beckham and Shepard were both well over 100 yds receiving, which spells that Eli had a fairly good game. Putting up 14 points in the 4th qtr [ something Gruden should take a look at to see how its done ] was not enough to overcome the Falcons.

Really not going to say much about them, there's bigger fish to fry.


This past Sunday, the Redskins fought a hard battle against their division rivals the Cowboys, and hung on to win the game after the Cowboys kicker nailed the upright sending the ball floundering off to the left with a thud. Gruden escaped what could have easily been a total collapse of the entire team.


Yes, the Redskins d-line did a superb job bottling up Suzukio Elliott for a total of 43 yds rushing, and for the majority of the game held the Cowboys offense in check. With that being said, the total opposite took form in the last 6 minutes, with the Redskins leading 20-10, Dak and Suzukio switched uniforms as Dak ran for 1st down after 1st down, eventually diving in for a TD late in the game to bring it to 20-17.

After yet another failed attempt to run out the clock coupled with an absolute bone-headed mistake, QB Alex Smith ran out of bounds, essentially giving the Cowboys a free time-out. After Dak scrambled for yet more 1st downs and a pass here and there against what seemed like a very soft prevent defense, he got them into FG range, only to see their kicker hit the upright and bounce off, giving the Redskins the game.


Maybe that explains a little of my reservations of claiming 1st place. Not to be a negative nancy, but it seems the same problems week in and week out, followed by the same quotes of 'we gotta work on getting better at this or that', but nothing is changing.

Yes, Alex Smith was without his usual WRs, but the running game was still working ok, and Reed and Davis are playing, so in one sense Smith gets a pass but the counter to that is he's not 'progressing' or growing into the offense.


Luckily the defense came to play; well, for 54 minutes at least. They did do a great job of shutting down Elliott and their WRs, but still they let Dallas hang around, and it almost cost them the game.


Ok, so now the Redskins go to New York to take on the Giants, another division rival, who seems to make the Redskins entire team look sluggish, at the most in-opportune times, a few of which I'd rather not get into, I enjoy my blood pressure being normal.

Barkley, the Giants RB, is quick, agile and tough, and it will be another task to keep him in check. The problem is the WRs Beckham and Shepard; they are a dangerous duo who can score on any play, they are fast and have great hands. When the defense shuts them down, their TEs always gives us fits.


Looking at these 2 teams, the Redskins are clearly a 1st half team only, and the Giants are a 2nd half team only. This is the epitome of a see-saw, and could end up being one crazy game. We're all familiar with the Norman / Beckham battles, but now there's a new problem, and that's Shepard. Manusky will need a good game plan to go against this team, who I consider to be better than Dallas, disregarding their records. Seasoned vets are more in tune with each other, that will be the big advantage they have on their side.


Look for this game to be a possible stumbling block. If the Redskins can win in New York then I will feel much better about this team than I did when they played Dallas, and everyone has been mentioning that this could be THE game the Redskins lose, being the way the season has turned out thus far.

It would not surprise me to see the Redskins take a 6-10 point lead going into the half, only to watch it evaporate in the 2nd half. Whatever Gruden has been doing in the 2nd halves of games this year has not panned out, and he must find what he's doing wrong and get it corrected, or else. This team will not be making any noise IF they make the playoffs, and he needs to get this fixed now!


When the dust settles and the drunk Eli photos surface, Eli comes alive and wreaks havoc on the secondary.

I absolutely HATE to say this, but I've got to be honest with myself, and I hope I'm wrong. Prove me wrong Gruden !!!!!!!

Giants 34

Redskins 20


Firsr correct score prediction wins a new Redskins cap and a few other goodies.

Good luck and as always,  G  O     S  K  I  N  S  !!


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I agree Island... this is a bad, bad spot for the Redskins. I always make picks sans emotion and look at the Vegas angle— it will most likely lead you the right way more often than not. 


The line is badically a Pick Em... Joe Public is going to look at that and jump all over the 4-2 team playing the 1-6 team. It’s a trap and in my opinion, it’s a mistake. For me, gambling-wise this is either a play on the Giants or a pass altogether. No chance I’d bet the Redskins this week. 


The Giants are a 6 or 7 win team based on talent. They are completely underperforming so far. If we beat them they are on pace for a 2-14 season. That’s absurd with that roster. I’m not saying the Giants are GOOD, but they should NOT be this bad. It’s a bad look for Shurmur. 


But there is talent there and it’s the type of talent that can give us fits... lots of speed and quickness at skill positions. Eli can’t do anything on his own anymore, but if he gets a clean pocket can still distribute to their playmakers. Their OL isn’t good so that’s one area where we can exploit them like just about everyone else does. 


But I think this game stinks out loud. Terrible spot for Skins. Packers and Panthers games were the opposite— felt Cowboys game was neutral in that regard. 


Match ups aren’t great and we are banged up on offense. Giants D player better tonight against a passing offense 10 times more dangerous than ours. I like where the Redskins are right now and I don’t think this would be a crushing loss, but I do not have high hopes for this Sunday.



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This game concerns me.  Forgetting the narratives - trap game, desperation, etc. - Giants have the pass catchers to give us fits, but a back we have to sell out to stop.  I’m not sure our secondary is up to the task.  


On the bright side, our D has been opportunistic, and Eli and this oline will give our D a chance to get some turnovers.  I hate banking on turnovers though, so I’m going 24-17, bad guys.  


I would seriously consider stacking the heck out of the box almost nonstop early on.  Put almost everyone on the line, rush 5, 6, or 7.  They’ll get their big plays, but I think we’d rattle Eli.  

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Keim said last week on Sheehan's podcast he predicted that they'd beat Dallas and then lose to the NY Giants because that would be sooo Redskins.  I get what he means, hopefully he's wrong.   this is a good test.  This team for whatever reason gets big headed or complacent or whatever it is in recent years after just one win -- so now they have to deal with that feeling after two wins.  Stay hungry my friends.  hopefully Jonathan Allen and Peterson who seem to be the culture changers here get into everyones heads.


I think it will be a grind it out, close game. Looks like we are banged up in the secondary and our depth is questionable at that spot.  The Giants have plenty of weapons -- much more than we do.  But they have a terrible QB.  I've not been blown away by Alex but unlike Eli he doesn't make crushing mistakes.  The Giants D line is stout.  BJ Hill is emerging as a good player.  Snacks is probably the best nose in the league.  Tomlinson was a handful for our O line last year.


The offense now seems mostly quick screens to Barkley and Eli flinging it to Beckham every now and then.


I see this as another Peterson game -- inside zone-duo is tough against the middle of the Giants line.  So I think you go with a lot of outside zone and backfield motion-sweeps to open up the edges in the running game.


Redskins 20 Giants 17.



Love this headline from the NY Post



Adrian Peterson is a problem again and heading for the Giants

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I know for a fact that we can trash the Giants, which is usually when we fall flat on our face. 


This is game will prove who the Redskins really are, good teams take a 1-6 team on a short week, step in their throat and end their season....bad teams let a team like this hang around and have a chance to win. This game will tell the true tale, because if anyone thinks we are going to do anything you have to win games like this. 


Im predicting a win but shocked I would not be if this was the Giants get back game. 


Redskins 21

Giants 20


we do our usual score early then let them back in and have a heart attack finish and barely get out of their with a win. 

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Skins keep up the streak and put the past in the past shedding the memory of years past. The D leads the way with relentless pressure on Eli and the offense shows incremental signs of improvement with Alex, Doc, Reed and M. Floyd hooking up for some solid gains.  AlPha continues to lead the way with another solid game on the ground complimented by CT or Bibbs dominating T.O.P. .


31 - 17 Skins        

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Atlanta basically shut down Barkley (14-43) Monday night but were gashed by Sheppard (5-167) and Beckham (8-143).  Manning (27-38-399-1td-0int) was sacked four times but looked good going deep. If we don't get constant pressure on the goofy-looking one then it could be a big test for our secondary (please blitz more!).


Skins - 31

giants - 24

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I understand the angle that NY is due for a win because they’ve been so dreadful.  However, Im not sure many of you realize just how inept their offense is.  I’ve watched several of their games for one reason or another and they are absolutely dreadful.  More dreadful than we are because Eli is basically a corpse.  There is no angle or excuse that could add up to a legitimate reason to lose to this team if the Skins are legitimately who we think they are, particularly on defense.


Skins   23

Giants  10


Hopkins is going to have a day in the Meadowlands.

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Giants are always a pain in our ass, It doesn't matter if we are good or bad or if they are good or bad, NY always seems to get pumped to play us.   You have to go back to the 80's to find a decade where we had a better head to head record and even then its only 11-10 in our favor, yeah not good. 


This game will tell us alot about the Redskins, If we win we do what good teams are suppose to do ie beat bad teams...If we lose, well maybe this squad has been over achieving the past few weeks


The Homer in me says

Was 23 Ny 18


The Pessimist in me says the Giants stack the box take away the run and force Alex Smith to win the game

Was 9 Ny 21

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