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Redskins vs Giants Prediction Thread: Meltdown in the Meadowlands Metlife Stadium?

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Who wins the game?  

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  1. 1. Who will win, the 1st place team or the last place team?

    • Washington Redskins
    • New York Giants
    • Tie between worst and first.

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We always play like utter **** in NY, 4-13 since 2001. Yes the Giants are vying for the #1 overall pick in the draft--but we also lost to the Colts. If we get some offensive weapons back, I'd feel better. I just hate, hate, hate playing NY. 


Alex Smith's missed opportunities plague us, only this time it hurts. Giants, 16-10. Defense makes three stands in redzone, Eli hits OBJ for a long game winner, as Kerrigan, Allen, and Payne are all held at the same time.

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I'm going to be true to form here, you guys should know what that means by now. And it's worked so far, so why mess with success!


Well, this offense doesn't score many points, thanks to Alex Smith being Alex Smith. Peterson needs to have another big day or this gets really bad.


Things get really bad.


The luck that Smith has had with turnovers so far (5 fumbles already) disappears, 2 picks and 2 lost fumbles from AS leaves the defense in terrible positions, and NY pounces. Colt McCoy gets a TD late as Alex is benched


Giants 27

'Skins 10

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Eli spends most of this game on his back as Kerrigan and the Bama boys have a dance party in the Giants' backfield.  Skins offense scores on several short fields created by multiple turnovers. 

AP lets it dangle. J.Reed scores.

27-13, good guys. 


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God, this smells like such a trap game.  A chance for us to go up further in the East, kick the Giants further down and really step on their neck.  But you can always throw the records out when we play the Giants.  


I've been picking against the Skins and it's been working so far.  I'll say Giants 27, Skins 24.  Would love to be wrong.

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Never forget who this team is. 


They fake injuries


They cheat with walkie talkies on the sidelines


They sell fake memorobilia


They have the league cover up their domestic violence issues


They have 2 times as much representation on the competition committee as any other team and use it to their advantage


All NFL replays run through their New York offices for final decisions 


This team does everything in its power to give themselves unfair advantages on game days.  They won't play fair, they won't sit back and let the better team win on Sunday. 


We are the better team, but we need to not be mystified and unprepared when things start going against us early on.  Play disciplined, smart football.  Don't let Odell make you mad, don't let the refs force you to adjust how you play defense.  Don't let all your big plays be negated by holding penalties.  Don't give the refs any excuse to "even out the playing field".  And don't think playing safe, conservative, and by the books will be enough to keep these bums from "somehow managing" to stay in the game despite being outplayed.


Hit them hard, early and often.  Make it so one sided that they can't get anything going.  Step on their throats and put this miserable franchise out of contention for the rest of the season.  Don't give them an inch, because if you do they WILL take it, and it WILL come back and bite you in the ass.



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I have faith in the coaches on this one.  Oz's keys to success:


1.  Blitz!  The oline looked brutal at times protecting Eli.  This will give Norman/Dunbar/Moreau the help in the secondary.

2.  Run Run, throw deep!  They seem to be biting on playaction this year.  Lets take advantage of it.

3.  Finish strong.




Redskins 27

Giants 17

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I suspect that the Gnats will win this one.


IF the leaders in the locker room can realize that they have really done nothing yet, and that the Gnats need as much urgency and focus and game planning as any team that they have faced, then we may have a chance, but I just don't see that happening.


We got lucky to get past the CowBoies. Yea a W is a W, but our O is barely functional right now, and is dependent upon AP playing his guts out.


Our DLine is growing up in front of our eyes at the same time that our Pass Rush and #1 cb have decided to go missing.


IF #24 can contain OBJ, and IF RKarebear and PSmith can get a rush on Eli, then we might have a shot.


Barkley will be a great test on the DL and ILB. Remember he caught 9 passes last night, We need HAVE to contain him to maintain  control.


The issue is that no matter how well the D plays, our O as currently constituted  is struggling to put the necessary points on the board.


A Smith needs to have a breakout 300+yd game with WR's factoring heavily.


If Harris, or Floyd or one of the injured WR's can come in and have 100+ with a few TD's then we have a shot.


Otherwise, I see the Gnats winning a rout if the D falters, or a grind'm out battle if the D is stout and the O don't show.

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I was half watching last night but it seemed like when Atlanta went hurry up, the giants secondary was confused and trying to figure out responsibilities when the ball was snapped .... Ryan hit Hall for that long td.


If our offense is in a rut for the first couple drives, id like to see some hurry up. Try something different. From last night, at the very least, the Giants secondary seems to be not communicating well in hurry up.


Stunts. We havent heard about us having trouble w stunts the last 2 weeks. I could see the Giants trying to attack our IOL. If the can do that, we are looking at a saints/colts potential. 

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Im worried about this game but then I'm worried about every game.


We have been blown out (Saints).  Have had wins against decent teams (Packers, Panthers) Wins against mediocre teams (Cowboys) Wins against bad teams (Cardinals) and a loss to a bad/mediocre team... One thing we haven't had is a blow out win...


So Ill go against the concern of a let down and say we get something that surprises us.  A big dominating win.


Skins 34

Giants 10


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Starting to see our OLBs make noise, that's good news going up against an o-line that swiss cheese with a non-mobile QB.  If we can shut down Elliot, the only thing that's going to let Barkley surprise us is arrogance.


This team has to realize they are walking a tight-rope as long as their passing game isn't capable of getting close to 30 points in pretty much any of their games.  That means we can't be turning the ball over or shot up flat.  We need this game for division and NFC purposes, its just as important as any other, regardless of Giants record.


27-13 Redskins.  I really have no idea where Giants get a TD from, fluke play maybe, our defense matches up with them too well to expect a shootout.

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Ugh...hate this matchup every year. I will say that while Alex kinda sucks, Kirk was terrified of blue jerseys so this matchup was essentially a guaranteed loss the last few years. I think having a new guy back there will help. 


While I think we will have a bunch of sacks, they are gonna make plays especially with Dunbar out. I say they get a lead early but we take over late 


Skins 20

Giants 17

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I don't want to pick a score.  This is a game the Skins should win.  I don't believe that they'll be over confident or play with an expectation that will hurt their chances.  I just don't think that's the attitude of this team.  

If they do what they've been doing they'll be better this week then last week and win this game.  

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