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  1. I wonder where those people who were mad that we didn’t have a second round pick this year are at now? Montez is a stud.
  2. Saw on Twitter from some guy that reviews the NFL injuries that he believes Scherff has a high ankle/ MCL sprain. It’s not season ending but will miss a few weeks. So he probably goes on IR. He got blown by on that Haskins fumble. I hope it’s Saahdiq Charles time. Geron hasn’t been awful but not good enough. I would like to see Wes Martin at center and move Roullier to LG also. Although I remember Wes playing better at RG last season when Scherff was out, so maybe switch him and play the other Wes at LG.
  3. Look at all the 0-2 teams that would be willing to trade a receiver to the WFT. Only one that makes sense is Ron’s former team and acquiring Curtis Samuel. Seems to not be part of the panthers offense so far in a new system. I have seen enough from Inman.
  4. The only team name I like so far is the Washington Warpath. I don’t like warriors unless they get to keep the logo.
  5. Skins fans on social media need to chill the eff out. They got the best player to come out in years supposedly that everyone wanted. Not going to judge this roster until they open up camp. Trust Rivera and Kyle. I'm pretty sure they have a plan tbh.
  6. So does this mean that you're going to cheer for another team?
  7. I'm surprised he didn't want to play for the Vikings as he was one of Cousins biggest supporters when he was our QB .
  8. If we get Harrison Bryant in the 4th and Charlie Woerner with one of our 7th round picks I'll be ecstatic.
  9. I trust Kyle Smith especially having an advantage not having to scout much for our first round pick .
  10. Some of the people commenting on his youtube video think he is Deebo Samuel 2.0 which would be nice.
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