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  1. jjpomeroy

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    As somebody from the 80's - bow chicka wow wow
  2. jjpomeroy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Here are my quick thoughts: I get the "importance" of a new stadium - how the heck with the crapfest that Snyder/Allen have created do they expect the local politicians to agree to funding a new stadium from tax payer monies? It's clear to me that Dan may be rich, but it's all tied up in an illiquid asset (Redskins/FedEx field) - he's lost serious money in all his business investments since buying the Skins (Johnny Rockets, Red Zebra, Six Flags) - probably explains why he's got so cheap over the past few years, and while Bruce gets "credit" for establishing fiscal responsibility - I think its more that than Bruce's "business smarts". Finally, even if they somehow "hoodwink" some politicians and somehow they get public funding for a stadium - do they think it will "magically" fill up the stands and all will be forgiven? Dan is delusional.
  3. jjpomeroy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No disrespect, but what the heck are you smoking????
  4. jjpomeroy

    Enough is enough. A fond farewell.

    I have moaned previously how the Redskins under Allen and Snyder have been slowly killing me "fandom" for the team. While I would never withdraw my fan card, and root for another team (after 49 years - I just can't do that) - I has greatly diminished my love for the game. Now, with the latest escapades - I have gotten to a point where I am totally pissed off and will support whatever measures that we as a fan base can take to make Snyder's and Allen's existences painful UNTIL actions are taken. - Not spending any money on the Skins is easy - I can control. - Posting my displeasure on the Redskins social media accounts - I can control. - Reaching out to the other minority owners to state my displeasure - I can control. - Reaching out to the Redskins front office via letter, email and phone - I can control. - Reaching out to all the Redskins' Corporate Sponsors to share my displeasure - I can control. - Reaching out to the NFL front office as well other NFL owners - I can control. NOTE: I am also pretty sure that Lafemina's termination got the attention of the Commish and I am confident that those two still talk. Finally, I would love to be able to help finance an effort to get Danny's attention by paying for an airplane to fly over FedEX during our home games pulling a banner that simply said "#FireBruceAllenNOW. Does anybody have the connections or wherewithal to get this done? It's worked well up at the Meadowlands with both the Jets and Giants..... #HTTR! "Not a dollar more until we stop being a clown show and become a professional sports franchise!"
  5. jjpomeroy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Eric is a 2nd level connection for me - what exactly would you recommend?
  6. jjpomeroy

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I just love Wikipedia, now I am going to have to make a contribution...... #firebruceallen
  7. The classic was for the 2005 Playoffs. The Skins were scheduled to play TB in TB. Tampa Bay instituted some sort of "special security code" for the purchase of tickets to "prevent" out-of-town fans from the Skins buying tickets. Somebody got this "security code" and posted it on ExtremeSkins. As I recall, a large number of Skins fans used it and literally made it "FedEx-South"............
  8. Would that be the Jim Zorn or George Allen version ? ?
  9. Great post.  I really feel your frustration.  I grew up being a Skins fan, because it was a way to bond with my Dad.  What Snyder/Allen have done to this franchise makes me so sad; at least my Dad isn't here to see what they've done.


    I knew we were going to get blown out by Atlanta, and didn't even watch.  I have NFL replay and will watch soon; but I already know that Alex Smith was nowhere near as accurate in passing as the spin-masters would like us to believe.  He's got 2 more games to show something, or I'm going to really call him out anyway I can. (That's sad,because he really is a somewhat likeable guy!)


  10. jjpomeroy

    At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

    @kleese while I always don’t agree with you - the majority of the time I do and I appreciate your insights. Please keep them coming. I joiniedExtremeSkins back after Gibbs II started. For the most part, I have merely “lurked” reading great insights from fans like you, and who had a much bigger knowledge base about football than me. My biggest problems are with the FO - Bruce Allen...... he alone with Danny have almost killed my undying love for this franchise that started way, way back back in 1969. I am just tired at the age of 60 of investing anymore of my heart in this team. They consistently do everything possible to rip out my heart. I feel so bad for my youngest son who I “influenced” into becoming a huge Skins fan like his dad. Allen’s screw up of the entire Kirk (Kurt) Cousins negotiations and chasing away the best QB that we had since Rypien was maddening. Once Kirk was gone - I initially felt like getting Alex Smith was the best possible alternative UNTIL the details around the extension given to Alex were disclosed - that was Bruce’s final FU to the Skins fan base - as we’ll be stuck for awhile. What really pisses me off is that even if Allen gets fired - he’ll walk away totally enriched while the Skins fans are stuck yet again. It also really kills me to see Skins fans attacking each other due to our mutual frustration with the team. I am almost to the same point I was after the Senators moved to Texas where I went from being a big baseball fan to a sports guy that didn’t watch a single pitch of this year's World Series. Pro football has pushed me to a point that I have thought was impossible.
  11. jjpomeroy

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I understand the details- I was being a little sarcastic about Aaron Rodgers having such “powers/influence” over the GB front office.
  12. jjpomeroy

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    If Aaron Rodgers has so much power - explain Jordy Nelson?
  13. jjpomeroy

    Some Hard Truths

    Good take. We are stuck with Alex Smith until June 1st 2020. Unfortunately, I don't see a sudden turnaround in his play (still keeping the fingers crossed). The extension that Bruce Allen keeps from seeking any veteran QB help - because they'll be too costly on top of Alex's contract. So we are forced to follow the Chief's model. Somehow we have to get lucky and draft a quality QB in 2019 draft. Alex goes into the 2019 season as the starter and we let the rookie compete for the job. The cap for a rookie QB isn't too bad and absent a turnaround in Alex's play in 2019 - in June 2020 we cut Alex. If there is a turnaround - I would still follow the Chief's model and try trading him (if they don't solve their QB problem for next year - maybe to the Jaguars.....).
  14. jjpomeroy

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. The Bye

    I don't think that will be an issue. However, from the Saints perspective - they now have to weave Ingram into the game plan. Fingers crossed that this causes a disruption to their game flow for Kamara, which to this point has been real good...
  15. jjpomeroy

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Game is a nail biter - 26-20 Skins