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  1. wow, was sure he was done ... i guess he wasn't playing lights out and I've read some fans mention the line played better after he was out, but I'm glad he's not going to miss a lot of time. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/sports/nbcsports/ron-rivera-good-news-on-brandon-scherff-will-miss-a-couple-of-weeks/2424121/
  2. yep, for sure and that confidence goes a long way i'm sure.
  3. isn't doing this more of an indictment on the redskins offense, and not the defense? as in, Kliff is saying who cares if we don't convert, your (Redskins O) probably won't score and if you do, you are not going to score much after that.
  4. This man ... its this. These guys don't care enough to really feel the pulse of the fan base. They are so brutally disconnected.
  5. I think even with the video, the knockout is not going to garner enough outrage or sympathy for the guy that got knocked out ... and while its never justified to hit someone like that, another shoe will probably drop and some info will come out that further "justifies" the brawl ...
  6. wow ... not going to argue because I think I might not only be out of touch but minimizing what happened. I have seen and been part of more than a few brawls like that, so I almost see what he did as par for the course for a younger kid in his 20s. i'm factoring in everything ... late night, drinking, maybe the other guy was talking S. We'll see.
  7. I am surprised to see how many think he's career is done ... I'm not even sure if the Redskins will cut him. I saw the video and yeah, it was brutal ... but still don't think he'll get anything worse than a suspension, 2 or 4 games maybe ..?
  8. yeah, as of right now ...i'm hoping for best expecting worse. It's just how I've been conditioned. My biggest thing, is the no matter who's the coach, we never seem to have a disciplined team. By that, no killer penalties, limited turnovers, and good tackling on D. Gosh, seeing the Pats last night, amazing how tight of a ship they run.
  9. I hope Elliot blows up in their face ... like Trent Richardson bad. Dude looks like a jerk off.
  10. Sheesh ... Mike and Mike said today that not only are they now the clear hands down favorite to win the East, they are now one of the "elite" teams in the NFC! THEY WERE 6-10. If they were 8-8 or 9-7, okay ... but 6-10. Don't give me that, they "lost a lot of close games" excuse. We all lose our share of close games. Man, I just hope this spending spree blows up in their face like the "Dream Team" Eagles from a few years back.
  11. You know, it's probably plain as day, but even as cynical as I can be about the Skins I never stopped to realize that the Skins of old would have found a way to not take advantage of this gift wrapped 2015 season - but the GM and Coach Gruden and Co. jumped all over it (9-7 is not something to write home about) and now they tasted winning, a title, and a foundation should be set to build on.
  12. wow, that long. my neighbor and a coworker just started saying like MAD, so maybe it's just me getting bombarded now. was saying the "D" word (man's anatomy) after like "damn D" a DC thing? You remember that?
  13. "for a minute" When did this become so popular ...
  14. Oh c'mon man. In 2007, when the Skins were pretty much dead in the water, looking back to the 2005 run didn't give you some hope? It sure as hell at least makes me feel good that the Skins turning around this season is doable because a team that was much, much, worse off then us this time last year did the same thing. If you take a sec to look into the 2014 Panthers, the similarities are uncanny. It's not scientific, I'll give you that, but it's something to at least spend a seconding ruminating about.
  15. listen man, if the panthers could get in the playoffs last year, we can do it this year. after 11 games in 2014 they were 3-8 and had lost 6 in a row. In those first 11 games they were scoring 19 and giving up 28. They were running for 103 yards per game, giving up 117. they finished by winning last 4, outscored their opponents 28-12, ran for 197 yards per game! if you google articles from back then, there was A TON of chatter about Newtons' future wiht team and Ron was as good as gone. They ended up wining a freaking playoff game last year!
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