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  1. Thanks for all you did Alex. But at the end of the day this is a business. 11-5 as a starter here!! Team plays well around him and a great leader - dude takes care of the ball for the most part and finds ways to win. But this move has to be done. For the money we can't relay on that leg and for 209 yards a game, 16:13 TD to interception and sacked 44 times in 18 games, that just won't cut it moving forward. Best of luck to Alex....a class act and a true warrior and inspiration!
  2. Dan Orlovsky said it best....."If you can't lead yourself, you can't lead others. You can't play quarterback in the NFL".
  3. I think we come up with defensive game plan to "limit" them. They are healthier this time around and "should" beat us. Will be a close one, 4 point game either way. I'll go with Washington 24 Dallas 20
  4. It reminded me of the Kiko Alonso hit on Joe Flacco a few years ago. It's bang bang in football, tough not to be aggressive when aggressive is in you. But, in this day and age, he will pay a price.
  5. We pull this one out. D-line will win this game with an impressive performance. Washington: 20 NY: 17
  6. As much as Hopkins "went off" last week, it is still a dink and dunk offense. Even his longest reception was all YAC. Murray's average yards per attempt was 5.8 yards and his yards per completion was 8.8 yards. Outside of Hopkins' 33 yard YAC on the one play, the numbers are even less than stellar. Not saying he's a bad QB, just saying there was nothing impressive, just like our offense. Hold Murray's scrambling and rushing yards to a minimum and we have a punchers chance. Last time I used "punchers chance" was last week. Soooooo, that means: Fo
  7. In a bizarre world.....We lost the Tank for Tua game but won the Chase Bowl.....time to face reality.
  8. I get what you're saying about drafting Burrow in this situation. (Although I wouldn't....I'm on the Chase Young side) But the logic of running slower in the 40 really should have nothing to do with QB play. So Manning is slow, big deal? I'd take his 2 SB's. Brady would like to have a word too. No I am not comparing Haskins to these QB's just their "speed". As many other "Slow" qb's....Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Jim McMahon etc etc. Hell Jimmy Garoppolo is "slower" than Manning. Point was made about taking a QB, the "argument" as to wh....y is just off.
  9. Locks: 1. Burrow 2. Young Trading period begins after first 2 picks. No way either team moves, unless Cincy is blown away, we will not be blown away at #2
  10. This is it. Starts now. I am excited with this hire. 49ers went from 4-12 in 2018 to 1st seed in the conference in 2019. I'm not saying that is what will happen, but there is talent on this team, especially the d-side of the ball, in which Manusky was a huge problem. Bringing Coach Rivera aboard - will get these guys going. Ironically, the 49ers took a DE/Edge player from Ohio State, #2 overall last year to get things going, I am hoping for a repeat of what has transpired there. Welcome Coach, and adios Manusky.
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