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  1. I have no idea what the hell guava actually smells or tastes like, but if it’s anything like this guavalato I’m ****ing with it.
  2. How do people here feel about Forsythe? He might be a day 2/day 3 value option.
  3. I thought it was cool that the first person that called Reyes once he signed was Logan Thomas. We got a team dedicated to getting better as a group.
  4. Cosmi at #51 is great value. I'd have to consider it for sure. We could secure both bookend tackles for the future in one draft.
  5. I’d rather have Jaelon Darden in the 4th than Toney in the 2nd. He’s explosive as ****.
  6. I’m JOK, then Collins, then Jamin. @stevemcqueen1 Asante definitely has that edge as a tone setter, but I ask myself how much better is he than Jimmy Moreland? He’s sturdier than Jimmy and carries a better chance of playing outside in the NFL, but Jimmy while being more finesse has similar instincts and maybe slightly better burst. They both have clean feet, but Asante is slightly more vulnerable to pick/rub routes. Asante is also more of a bail out or play with cushion kind of guy with his eyes on the QB at nearly all times that like you mentioned would be kind
  7. @stevemcqueen1 No doubt, I feel like we’ll need a tone setter on every level of our defense and only our front 4 has that right now. JOK would be a step towards that but not the final piece by any means. It was tough to choose between JOK and Zaven, but I valued the former’s ability to cover both TE and WR, explosiveness, and pass rush potential over Zaven’s easy strength and awareness of the field. I could be wrong but I value JOK’s intensity slightly more than Zaven’s cerebral calm when it comes to tone setting. I think JDR and Ron can properly channel that intensit
  8. For what he is and the specialization he brings, JOK could be a blue chip player in my opinion. He’s my #1 LB currently and yea he is under-sized but if you’re going to be small you better have fire and explosion with a hard nosed mentality and he has it. Plus, Darius Leonard plays at 215lbs for the colts and JOK was at 225lbs at his pro day IIRC. Give him the right role and responsibility and he can be a playmaker for us and a firecracker of a tone setter to go along with Chase and that defense. If we want our defense to be feared, he’s the piece in the draft that adds the most to that end IM
  9. Well, in that tweet or whatever the key part was the diagnosis that it is not Chronic by NFL doctors.
  10. I recommend anyone doing an evaluation on Nico Collins pay special attention to his senior bowl tape over his 2019 tape. He’s changed his body and gotten more explosive. Anyone watching Bateman should make sure they watch last years tape and give it more weight than this years. Looks like Caleb Farley might be back in the 1st round discussion.
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