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  1. Yup, dude has been laying it down for decades.
  2. Man, I still haven't played a game with any killing in since TLOU 2. The way it forces you to empathize and come to grips with your justifications for violence in the face of it's destructive, unending cycle laid bare is just amazing. I don't know if it's my most favorite game and I'm not even sure if I'll want to play it again any time soon, but it is the most impactful game I've ever played.
  3. While it’s still early, does anybody got a pick or feel about a player flying under the radar that will breakout this year? I think Kevin Pierre Louis could be that guy on defense and push for starting time. He stepped up in his reserve role for Chicago last year and had great games against the Packers, Cowboys, and Vikings. He’s athletic with 4.4 speed and reads his keys really well and will do much better with his run fits and coverage assignments than our LB’s showed last year, especially with getting to play behind our D-line.
  4. Well, at least this coming draft has a strong IOL class.
  5. I really like S. Charles as well. He’s got great footwork, lateral agility, and a strong anchor. The main thing he needs to work on is hand technique and creating a more active neural connection that marries his hands with his feet better. I was kind of hard on him for his hand placement after reading Bullocks piece in the Athletic, but while he does have a point about it, I wonder if he follows Joe Thomas’ technique of one hand at the opponents pec and the other on the bicep to harness the off-angle leverage and sliding action that naturally happens during a rep. Which makes sense because rarely are you perfectly squared up against an edge defender as they attack off the line. I do wish he had a better punch though and looked to attack with more controlled aggression on run plays. But, I do like the chemistry he has with Moss already and hope that continues for us. The dude definitely has potential.
  6. I really like what I’ve seen from Wyatt Davis so far. His explosion, short area burst, and aggression are all on display in the run game and he sets a strong anchor in the pass game. I didn’t see any real loss in his sets against Clemson. He actually had worse trouble with Michigan state from what I saw and that was only minimal and didn’t lead to much pressure anyways IIRC. I would love to have him on our team. Im kind of meh on Creed Humphrey. I mean he’s good and I want to like him more after all I’ve heard about him and what he does and maybe I’m just missing the nuances of his position, but I see some stuff that gives me pause. I wish he was more of a mauler and worked his hands to stiffen and raise his opponents leverage when anchoring. The dude gives up too many steps before he anchors and is susceptible to inside speed shooting his gap. Which is weird, because he can pull relatively well, but he still is a bit of a plodder. I guess he’s not as fast twitch as I’d like for him to be. My takes are better after ive gotten a larger sample size of IOL under my belt, so take these with a grain of salt.
  7. I feel you and I wasn't meaning to imply that you were. I appreciate the nuance you brought to the subject of case numbers. It just alarms the hell out of me, that this country is so lacking in operational discipline for the common good, that all we can hope for is 70% of the populating getting this for herd immunity or a vaccine in the near future. That leaves people like me and my wife having to be in near total lock-down for who knows how long while this plays out. It's exhausting having your life on the line every day while also dealing with previous issues that are hard enough to survive with as it is.
  8. At least the new law offers this much "Criminal records of simple possession will be sealed, and employers and schools will be banned from asking about prior simple possession convictions." But, your right about background checks. I'm already a felon so it doesn't matter to me as much.
  9. I worry about how the above changes once kids are back in school and flu season comes back around. Then I also worry about the long term debilitating effects having this virus can cause in people and how they will be weaker the next time around if this virus does indeed come back every year. I'm still not clear in my understanding in how well people can fight off getting this virus once they've had it already, hopefully given the relatively low occurrence of mutation we might have some case for optimism? There are so many different variables to consider, that has me worried that people are hoping for things to happen that just won't be the case.
  10. Thanks and yup, I agree on all those counts. There is so much potential synergy that just isn't quantifiable for most people that can bear fruit when a focused, principled, and coherent culture is in place on all levels of a team. We haven't had anything anything like that in DC since the OG Gibbs days.
  11. Not yet. As of today everything that is an ounce or lower, even concentrates or "hash oil" is decriminalized and just a $25 fine with no court costs or jail time. They are also reviewing the next step for legalization and have a report on it due to the government on Nov. 30 2020.
  12. In a similar vein to the above, I’ve often said that it’s mostly only good people that worry about being bad people. They are the ones actually trying to hold themselves to a standard and worrying about how their actions measure up. Bad people don’t self reflect like that or they lie to themselves, project, or scapegoat others to protect themselves from the positive disintegration of self accountability.