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  1. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The lack of Isaiah Hodgins noise doesn't make sense to me. I'd be happy as hell to have him in the 4th/5th as a Tee Higgins consolation prize. Tee can get a bit more down field separation and has better YAC, but Isaiah catches everything and has one of the highest contested catch rate % of the class. (Per PFF) Tee Higgin's 2019 Ovr Grd: 90.5 Snaps: 551 Rec-Trgt: 59/87 Yards: 1167 Yards Per Rec.: 19.8 Td's: 13 2018 Ovr Grd: 87.7 Snaps: 551 Rec-Trgt: 59/94 Yards: 936 Yards Per Rec.: 15.9 Td's: 12 Recvng Grade: 89.8 Yards Route Run: 3.67 Drop Rate: 8.6% Contested Catch Rate: 55% Deep Grade: 94.5 Isaiah Hodgins 2019 Ovr Grd: 90.1 Snaps: 794 Rec-Trgt: 86/118 Yards: 1164 Yards Per Rec.: 13.5 Td's: 13 2018 Ovr Grd: 84.6 Snaps: 666 Rec-Trgt: 59/80 Yards: 876 Yards Per Rec.: 14.8 Td's: 5 Recvng Grade: 89.8 Yards Route Run: 2.68 Drop Rate: 1.1% Contested Catch Rate: 59.1% Deep Grade: 90.5
  2. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Pre-Combine NFL Draft rankings: McKinney, Delpit lead assorted group of safeties
  3. I'm really getting tired of this race to the bottom, cater to the lowest among us bull**** that going on with so many things that are profit motivated.
  4. Fresh8686

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Probably more so in regards to the Lions than us.
  5. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    stupid ****ing computer
  6. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @Skinsinparadise Yup, I feel the same way. History has shown that they aren’t afraid to go BPA in the later rounds if they are getting at least +2 round positional value. Love whose arguably 1st/2nd round value in the 4th and Harmon who by the way Kyle talked about him was considered value by at least the 4th and got in the 6th. If I’m remembering Moreau right, that was a potential 1st round grade picked up in the 3rd? So that would work with that theory too. I wonder if there is something to the above that goes into whether they pick for need or BPA in those rounds? Ibinoghene was one of my favorite corners to watch because of how often he’d play press man coverage. The Auburn defense in general was fun to watch.
  7. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yea, I feel bad for him. Who knows where he falls to now. Maybe the 5th or 6th, or the 4th? He has some really great traits but a lot of people were wondering how he’d time. He had a lot to gain with a good combine.