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  1. Hopefully with all that late bloomer talk pre-draft he still has more room to grow. He was a walk-on who grinded his way up from special teams to a starting role and eventually led his team in tackles. Here's hoping he can follow a similar, albeit probably accelerated trajectory for us. Hopefully our staff can get him some sand in has pants so he can play with more explosion, but that'll take more time than we have right now.
  2. Haskins looks noticeably faster to me while watching him roll-out at OTA's vs his cut-ups (the Penn state game is what I watched specifically to compare). I wonder how much of that is because he's no longer playing with a brace on and how much is just good old progression? He also looks a little bit leaner than when we picked him on draft day. I'm loving that the mental load isn't overwhelming him. The first test for me was how he handled absorbing the load and complexity of the playbook and that's looking good but still TBD. Next test is internalizing improved technique and then after that is showing how well he holds onto that new technique while under pressure vs. regressing to past habits which won't cut it in the NFL. Stevemcqueen1 called him a prodigy on draft day IIRC and while it's way to early to come to any definitive conclusions, what he has shown so far along those lines is promising.
  3. Fresh8686

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It's amazing and ****ing tragic how wildly the paths of the colts and the redskins have diverged since they were picking #1 and #2 in the draft. If only they had picked you know who instead and we had gotten Luck.
  4. I found it interesting that at 1:24:28 Cooley says that he has Harmon graded as the best blocking wide receiver in the draft. He also said earlier in the segment that Harmon was great against press, which conflicts with some other reports I've read and was a potential worry for me.
  5. At least we've some evidence of his ability to handle higher tier talent at the east-west shrine game and the senior bowl.
  6. I agree and given the choices made over the past couple seasons I’d say Jay Gruden feels the same way when it comes to youth with a higher ceiling than what an older vet can provide.
  7. Yup, he’s good depth at both positions and I doubt he’s gonna rub people the wrong way like scandrick did. However, we only have so many spots and we’ve got a lot of potential in the building. It makes preseason so much more interesting now that our drafts and udfa’s are improving and pushing to make the roster.
  8. I can’t help but wonder if DRC will be the Orlando Scandrick of this year and be cut in favor of a youngin. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Danny Johnson gets passed over for one of these newer dudes.
  9. I doubt that's being considered, especially since he was the #1 rated ST player on our board.
  10. Fresh8686

    2019 Undrafted Free agency Thread

    More Steve Sims love via Rhiannon of The Athletic
  11. I feel you. I wanted to give him a chance to step up, but he's shown how he operates. I'm bowing out and making use of the ignore function.
  12. Wow. Claim? I quoted you. Lowering yourself to my level? Are you really trying to pull a victim card now. Do you think I'm attacking you by telling you to apologize and show you have some decency and integrity. When a person asks are you xyz, that does not equate to calling you xyz. How hard is it to apologize? You disgust me.
  13. What are you doing? Are you really going the whole ignore and hope it goes away route? You know damn well what you and me were "discussing". Are you really that weak, that you can't apologize for saying some terrible ****?