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  1. Man, it's crazy that we have the #1 rated pass defense right now. Who the hell saw that coming? We'll of course have to see how that holds up against tougher competition, but still.
  2. They actually did have him at guard a few times, at least in practice. Can't remember if he played any snaps in game, but I saw a report where he was next man up if Wes Schweitzer was unable to play against the rams.
  3. I feel like we’re gonna kick the **** out of trump and the gop.
  4. With the amount of yardage he gets after contact, he really should be the one in the majority of our goal line situations. I get that right now the coaching staff thinks Barber has better vision for those situations, but he doesn't do much to really push the pile like AG can.
  5. Saw this on my Wife's facebook from a friend in the South. It speaks to the Toxic/Hyper Masculinity that ferments these dumb mother****ers.
  6. If only our offense could face defensive masterminds like this every Sunday.
  7. Yup, and that's where college is trending anyways. if you saw the college highlights over the weekend, most of them were of a QB running in touchdowns. I'm hoping they can schedule some extra games with higher level competition since BYU is independent. IIRC Houston was able to pressure Zach and fluster him a couple times, till the run game took the pressure off him. I'm not sure if that was just him settling in at the beginning of the game or something deeper. I really like the kid though and see why Drew Brees has taken such a shine to him.
  8. I need to see Zach Wilson against better competition, before I'm sold on him being a top 15-20 pick. I love his creativity and understanding of ball placement, but how does that creativity flow when he can't lean on the run game like he has been for reasonable down and distance and the windows are smaller or time in the pocket is shorter? If that get's choked up, than his athletic skills won't buy him the same amount of time the other top 3 QB's have on hand.
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