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  1. Fresh8686

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I could see Biden as a bridge quarterback while the youngn redshirts for the first 4. Plus, there are a **** load of baby boomers who feel comfortable with him and we’ll need their vote. He’s not who I prefer but he’s probably our most likely chance to win.
  2. What? Are you quoting the right person? Where in the hell have you seen me do that?
  3. Yup, although I still am active and doing my part to make things better and provide resistance to people who do bad things that I want stopped (staying informed, voting, calling legislators, protesting, using resist bot). I'll moderate the attention and energy I give by exposing myself to whatever nonsense their spewing, but I don't go so far into moderation that I neglect what I feel is my responsibility to this country to protect and promote it's core values that I also believe in. That's the hard part, striding those two lines and maintaining balance. Not getting too involved to the point it ruins your life, but staying involved to the point where you're being a positive part of the solution and not just on the sidelines.
  4. I feel you and I highly doubt he will change as well. I don't keep from absolutely hating him for his sake, but for my own and my health. I consciously put in effort not to hate him and maintain that distinction is the point. I don't know about other people but I put in special effort to wean myself off of certain kinds of emotions. Self-righteousness, absolute certainty, absolute hate, certain kinds of comfort, bravado, etc.
  5. It's simple, I hold to the possibility for change. I understand how personalities and beliefs work, giving me a mechanical view of things that helps to keep myself just beyond the line of absolutely hating him. It's the line between 99 and 100. It's small but it makes a difference in my emotions and I am thankful for the ability to have that emotional nuance. I've done the absolutely hating a person with no nuance thing and it wasn't good for my health. Plus, absolute hate makes one an easy mark for over-indulgence in self-righteousness and that emotion is a dangerous one, like a superhighway towards blind assholery.
  6. Where in all this is the reality that people actually want the world to be better and it's not all about petty ass stuff, like schadenfreude? Anger is what we feel when we want things to be different. Some people are actually angry about this because we want a better world where people don't get a platform to spew **** like this and have crowds of other ****ty ass people validate and approve of it. We don't accept it, we care about better standards and having integrity and a moral compass. We get angry when other people wipe their ass with those things. I don't hate Tucker Carlson personally, but I do hate his behaviors and beliefs, his sense of entitlement and penchant for corrupting national discourse. If he truly changed all that I'd be happy for him and respect the road to redemption, but it would take a long time to get to that point.
  7. Fresh8686

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Hockenson is good enough to be the pick at 15, definitely.
  8. Fresh8686

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That’s what taking Lindstrom in the 2nd handles. He’s seen as a day 1 starting left guard. And then hockenson presumably handles all the many many times where poor TE blocking killed our run game, while also eventually replacing reeds production. All of which plays really well with an offense focused on the run game and play action.
  9. Fresh8686

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Hockenson is actually a huge plus when it comes to blocking and his talent there at both that and receiving is just as valuable as a guard and harder to find. He doesn’t telegraph our plays like reed or sprinkle would. And anyways they could go hockenson in the first and og lindstrom in the 2nd and boom you’ve got your wish.
  10. I'd love CJ Mosley but not for over $13 million APY and judging by what Kwon Alexander got, his price will be too rich for our blood.
  12. I ain't ****ing with Elvis either.****-and-luring-14-year-olds-into-bed?utm_campaign=sharebutton&fbclid=IwAR0fu64CZ7NBslWLeocKlmzIFl66WtMdlpHjp9eLV-lM9b2H__i_NXJJnhw
  13. I thought this was interesting, regarding the NY Attorney General although there are dissenting opinions as well.