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  1. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yea, there are conductive and non-conductive scif rooms. Conductive Rf Shielding is more secure.
  2. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    Given what we know now, how crazy is it that the DOJ decided not to investigate this criminal referral? Remember when @troll and the gop sheep were saying that this was improper but not impeachable? Lol, oh lord, that’s a bad look now.
  3. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    Sondland doesn't seem to be the sharpest of guys. How could he not realize that the whole point of having him testify first and then Taylor who is way more decorated, credible, and experienced in foreign policy, was to see what inconsistencies came up for a later call-up?
  4. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread Resetting the quarterback prospect rankings for the 2020 NFL Draft First Tier – Seasoned passing prospects ready to lead an NFL offense 1. *Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama (6-0, 219, 4.78) 2019 statline: 145/194 (74.7%), 2,166 pass yards, 27 TD, 2 INT, 2 rush TD The No. 1 quarterback on my preseason draft board remains the top draft-eligible quarterback today. Tagovailoa’s quick processor, field vision and natural instincts are what sets him apart. He is explosive with his reads to stay a step ahead of the defense, delivering with an easy stroke and accurate placement. Tagovailoa has done a great job limiting the negative plays in 2019, taking what the defense is giving him and relying on his dynamic targets to make plays. The biggest question is durability and it is a valid concern, especially now that he is expected to miss a few weeks with a high ankle sprain. Will he be near 100% health before Alabama welcomes LSU to Tuscaloosa on Nov. 9 for the showdown between Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow? Right now, the Hawaiian native remains the favorite to be the first quarterback drafted in April. 2. Joe Burrow, LSU (6-3, 212, 4.88) 2019 statline: 173/218 (79.4%), 2,894 pass yards, 29 TD, 3 INT, 2 rush TD At this point in the process, there is a clear top-two quarterbacks in my rankings, which is an opinion shared by many throughout the league. That’s not a surprise. The surprise is that Burrow has elevated his game to be in that top tier with Tagovailoa (AFC North scouting director: “There’s Tua, then Burrow, then a gap”). The Ohio State transfer played better down the stretch last season, but his substantial improvement in key areas as a senior is the story of the scouting world. Burrow’s ability to negotiate muddy pockets and deliver an accurate football downfield are NFL-ready skills. He has a stone-cold demeanor on the field and looks unfazed by whatever is thrown at him. Burrow’s performance in Tuscaloosa in a few weeks will carry a lot of weight with evaluators and might be an audition for QB1. Second Tier – Toolsy quarterbacks with grandiose physical traits and sky-high potential 3. *Jordan Love, Utah State (6-3, 224, 4.68) 2019 statline: 133/223 (59.6%), 1,506 pass yards, 7 TD, 9 INT, 0 rush TD For me, the No. 1 and 2 quarterbacks are clear. But now in the second tier, spots No. 3, 4 and 5 are tougher to discern. And although it will upset the box score scouts who marry their evaluations to production, Love’s raw talent and untapped upside are why he receives the edge over Justin Herbert and Jacob Eason in this second grouping. He is a very twitchy passer and athlete, using loose movements to create outside of structure and effortlessly deliver fastballs downfield. Love needs to fine-tune his decision-making and show better understanding of what the defense is doing, but his downfield touch and middle-of-the-field accuracy are above average. Although his statline appears unsightly, Love isn’t playing with NFL talent around him and I remain confident about his next level potential (NFC East scout: “We’ve got our guy (quarterback), but if we were in the market, Love has the best raw talent and potential of this group. Just scratching the surface.”) 4. Justin Herbert, Oregon (6-6, 240, 4.68) 2019 statline: 158/232 (68.1%), 1,882 pass yards, 21 TD, 1 INT, 0 rush TD Not much has happened this season with Herbert to move the needle on his evaluation. If you were a believer entering the season, you likely still are. The Eugene native is producing at a better clip as a senior and is one of the main reasons Oregon is 6-1 and the favorites to win the Pac-12 conference. But if you had questions entering the season, most of those concerns remain unanswered. Herbert doesn’t consistently anticipate with his reads, leading to late decisions and mistakes. He will make a pinpoint throw over the middle followed by a tough sideline seed, but then follow it up with a few misses, either sailing or delivering a grounder. Bottom line, Herbert remains a better athlete and thrower than instinctive passer at this point in his development. Can he continue to evolve with NFL coaching? Absolutely. Herbert is an extremely impressive prospect – there just seems to be something missing. 5. *Jacob Eason, Washington (6-6, 230, 5.06) 2019 statline: 157/233 (67.4%), 1,981 pass yards, 16 TD, 3 INT, 0 rush TD With his smaller sample size, Eason’s name will likely fluctuate the most in rankings between now and April (if he declares) as he continues to prove himself to evaluators. Although he was on the losing end of Saturday’s game vs. Oregon, he outplayed Herbert in certain categories and did a great job on downfield throws. He completed 60% of his passes that traveled at least 10 yards in the air and was perfect on throws of 20-plus yards (3-for-3 for 95 yards and one touchdown). Eason is a big-boned, strong-armed passer with the velocity that puts the ball on his targets in a blink. He has played well over the first eight games of the season, but Eason hasn’t been nearly as effective when forced from his spot. He must show improvements navigating pressure and buying second-chance throws to convince NFL teams that he is worth a high draft pick. Third Tier – Outside-the-box, wired-right quarterbacks who will challenge evaluators 6. *Jake Fromm, Georgia (6-1, 221, 4.78) 2019 statline: 123/174 (70.7%), 1,406 pass yards, 9 TD, 3 INT, 0 rush TD The next two quarterbacks in this third tier are both a little outside the box, but in different ways. For Fromm, he checks the first two boxes on my quarterback “must have” list: mental processing and accuracy. He eliminates things quickly, efficiently works through his reads and puts the football where only his target can make a play. However, everything else is average at best and that simply won’t be for everyone. Fromm will challenge evaluators because his mind, accuracy and intangibles translate very well to the NFL game, but is that enough? Fromm is somewhere between Drew Brees and Case Keenum on the spectrum and opinions will be split on exactly where he lands. 7. Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma (6-1, 223, 4.61) 2019 statline: 114/154 (74.0%), 2,074 pass yards, 20 TD, 3 INT, 10 rush TD For the third straight season, Lincoln Riley’s offense has a transfer quarterback playing at a Heisman-worthy level. The Sooners can beat defenses in so many ways and Hurts has been a terrific point guard to facilitate and influence the scoreboard. He has widescreen vision to see everything happening at the line of scrimmage, the poise to react and the natural talent that forces defenses to respect both his arm and his legs. However, NFL teams must separate Hurts from the offensive system and forecast the ceiling of his unique skill set vs. NFL speed. Hurts won’t be the No. 1 overall pick like his predecessors Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, but he is a high character player worth the gamble at some point in the top-100 picks – the question is where? Fourth Tier – Low-ceiling, high-floor passers with NFL makeup 8. Nate Stanley, Iowa (6-4, 245, 4.89) 2019 statline: 147/236 (62.3%), 1,771 pass yards, 9 TD, 5 INT, 1 rush TD Now in his third year as a starter, Stanley is having his best season as a senior, despite the low touchdown total. A large-framed quarterback, he is most effective on three- and five-step drops where he can make quick reads and power throws. Where he struggles is when forced to move his feet or react to a collapsing pocket, rarely creating second chances for himself once the hint of pressure presents itself. He also has a better fastball than change-up and must improve his touch. But Stanley has won several big games over his Hawkeyes’ career and owns enough workable traits that project him as an NFL backup who can step in as a starter if needed – similar in several ways to Mason Rudolph as a prospect. 9. *K.J. Costello, Stanford (6-5, 217, 4.94) 2019 statline: 53/94 (56.4%), 471 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 0 rush TD Injuries have derailed what many believe to be Costello’s final collegiate season, missing four of Stanford’s seven games this season. And when he has been on the field, it hasn’t been much better with as many interceptions as touchdowns. Costello has a bad habit of staring down receivers and makes too many head-scratching decisions, but there are projectable traits that make him worthy of mid-round consideration. He is a good-sized athlete with the competitive toughness and moxie that will endear him to NFL teams. Can he return to the field soon and finish the season strong? Either way, I have no doubt that Costello will crush the interview process with his mature makeup and confident leadership.
  5. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I could see this happening. 1. Bengals Joe Burrow QB, LSU Don't look now, but the Joe Burrow train has already left the station -- if you're hoping to get on before things get too crazy, you're running out of time. Burrow has been absolutely sublime this season, operating the Tigers offense to near perfection through 7 games. Why would Cincinnati target Burrow over Tua Tagovailoa? Why would anyone covet Burrow over Tua at all. We're teetering on the brink of durability concerns for Tua, who suffered a high ankle sprain this past week versus Tennessee. Furthermore, Tua may well get pushback from a traditionalist front office in Cincinnati: he's shorter than the prototype, he's left-handed. I'm not saying these are legitimate gripes to suggest Tua won't be successful -- but at the very least they are boxes Burrow checks over Tua. Not to mention an abysmal Cincinnati team is likely to be hands on as one of the active coaching staffs in Mobile this January for the 2020 Senior Bowl -- a game that Burrow is eligible for. Tua is not. 2. Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa QB, Alabama Imagine all this fuss and hubbub about "Tank for Tua", only for the Dolphins to "drop the ball" and fail to secure the top pick...and then be positioned to draft Tua Tagovailoa anyway. We've reached the point in the season (midway) where we can start embracing new narratives: here's one for you -- both Burrow and Tua are top of the draft talents who any team should gladly gobble up. The rest of the pack has enough warts that they should be considered "consolation prizes". The Dolphins ultimately get their man at #2 overall -- a cerebral passer with high end short area quickness and a natural feel for climbing in the pocket to avoid rushers off the edge. Yes: Tua needs to keep guys off of his feet and the Dolphins will be tasked with a significant offseason overhaul of their offensive line in order to protect their investment. But Tua is the guy. 3. Redskins Chase Young EDGE, Ohio State This pick is pretty simple at this point: take the best player available. And Chase Young is leaving little doubt on where he stands in the lexicon of 2020 NFL Draft talents: right at the top. Washington faces an aging Ryan Kerrigan and while the team boasts a 1st-round pick in Montez Sweat from 2019 and a potent group of interior rushers in Da'Ron Payne and Jon Allen, I dare you to find me a team in the NFL that has "too many pass rushers". I'll wait.
  6. I cried when I heard. Our world is a little less bright with his passing. His heart and courage will be sorely missed.
  7. Man, I hated watching Alex Smith play for us. So many hitches to his throwing motion and no chemistry whatsoever with our guys. I'm still in the camp that people are over-reacting to Haskins development or lack thereof so far and are creating artifical "must start" dead-lines due to the pressure of the Redskins current situation. He only had one year of college ball. If he takes more than a year to get ready for the NFL, that is understandable. To my eyes he made progress with each consecutive preseason game and given the situation with the giants game and the personal hype he must have felt, I'm not too worried about the regression he showed in that game. I'm cool with giving him the reins after the bye week, when Guice should be back as well and letting him manage some games and get his feet wet. If he shows no progression during those games, then I'll worry.
  8. Fresh8686

    Random Thought Thread

    Having a wife that genuinely loves and adores the **** out of you, even after 7 years does wonders for my confidence. Beetlejuice is a crazy movie even still to this day. That one definitely left a big impression on me as a kid.
  9. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    I feel you. It'd be better if people just @troll rather than quote him when they feel the need to respond.
  10. Fresh8686

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That is a weird mock by PFF. I highly doubt the dolphins don't go QB with at least 1 of their first 2 picks. If we do somehow manage to wrangle a mid-round first for Trent, I'd rather use the #3 pick on Young and try and trade down with that mid-round pick. If Young isn't there it might be better to trade down from #3 and then scoop some players in the back half of the first. There are so many worthwhile players we can get. Press corners like Fulton, Diggs, Lenoire maybe, and to a lesser extent Hall (more off-man? plus his injury) or Simmons if we go ILB, and O-Line like Wirfs, Cosmi, Jackson, and Leatherwood. Then there are also all those wide receivers. This draft class seems so damn deep. I wonder who this years McClaurin is going to be? I know nothing about later round guys right now, but once things settle it'll be fun to comb through the statistical standouts who aren't getting much shine, but who also have the intangibles to make the most out of their shot at the nfl and take that next step. Which also means watching who stands out at the senior bowl.
  11. This is most likely a red-shirt year for Love. We probably won't see him till next year.
  12. Fresh8686

    The Impeachment Thread

    People trotting out the “unseemly” defense are ignoring or ignorant of the two separate criminal referrals issued in response to the call or what the FEC chair has repeatedly called a felony (albeit indirectly). The Barr/Trump DOJ quashed those referrals because supposedly they “can’t quantify the value” of a Ukrainian investigation on Biden but that’s bull**** and besides it’s still obviously in the arena of high crimes and misdemeanors since it goes against the very spirit of protecting our elections from abuses of power and foreign influence. This is kind of **** is exactly what impeachment isn’t supposed to be for.
  13. I don't get shows like Succession. Why are shows centered around such ****ty people fascinating to Americans? It's gotta be more than shaudenfraude right? Even that is a ****ty ass motivation.