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  1. The biggest knocks I've read on Hurney was that he missed on players outside of the 1st round and over-payed guys on contracts. Here in Washington, we have Rob Rogers doing contracts so that problem is handled and we have Eric Stokes and his staff, plus Kyle (if he stays), and the input of coaches who have done well with their choices (Turner for Antonio Gibson, Hoener for Logan Thomas). I'm okay with things if there is more to come. Still in wait and see mode, though.
  2. Tampa Bays secondary isn’t all that great and while their run defense is ranked 1st overall it’s not as fierce as it was when Vita Vea was playing. Plus, I think their top corner is out for this game. So if Heineken can get the ball out quick and avoid the blitz we might have a slim chance.
  3. I wonder if these cops feel any different about posing with insurrectionists when one of them might have murdered one of their own.
  4. They just carted out a gravely injured dead woman on a stretcher. Aired it on msnbc while literally trying to palpitate her heart and blood all over. We looked into her eyes and her life was gone. It hit both me and my wife.
  5. If history repeats Safeties will see a downturn in cost after the first tier signs in FA. Especially, with the cap the way it is. The market this year will be very interesting and we should be able to find some deals if we're patient and continue to target the right kind of "on the cusp" guys.
  6. There are 190,000 votes left to count in Dekalb County alone and Dems are winning that at over 80%
  7. Dekalb county is still only 29% reported. A lot of blue votes there left to count. Forsyth still hasn’t reported though. If reps underperform that is very bad news for their chances.
  8. The vast majority of votes left to count are in Dem leaning counties. I’m feeling good as hell for a sweep.
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