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  1. You’ll be seeing a contract for Terry around this time next year.
  2. Anybody here ever try blissfull wizard from cookiemaine? From what I read it’s shown thc levels around 35-37% and is super strong. I’m not really into thc % being this ultimate thing to judge quality and prefer terp profile/entourage effect, but I’m super interested in this one. It’s also supposed to be really positive and uplifting without being racey or whatever.
  3. It depends on what the grower is trying to do. That short veg time is mostly for breeders doing pheno hunts or personal growers who care more about variety than yield. In the first case the ruderalis genetics in auto’s will be a no go for breeders who are looking to cross photo-periods. Further there are genetic issues with the dominant and recessive genes within ruderalis plants that make certain crosses problematic which get in the way of selecting certain traits and getting them to carry over down further generations. For personal grows with variety in mind it can be har
  4. Yes, people keep mother plants in a perpetual veg state so they can take clones. People can also re-veg previously harvested plants if they really like that phenotype, however it takes awhile and you have to keep a couple bud sites on there so they can make the transition. The amount of time to veg is so varied and is super context sensitive. However most people veg from 30-90 days with most doing it for 60 unless they’re pheno-hunting or doing sea of green, where they will veg for 30 days or even less. I’ve seen some people go straight to 12/12 after a couple weeks of seedling stage
  5. If you pick Northern Lights I recommend AK Bean Brains stock. He’s got a massive library of old school seeds like beatrix choice, skunk and northern lights. I’ve got his NL#5xTriangle KushxHaze (NL Dom) strain on my wish list. Apparently the **** is so strong it’ll make some people pass out, which is partly due to its medical benefit of lowering blood pressure in the body. I don’t know if it’s a good strain for beginners to grow though. I haven’t checked on that aspect yet.
  6. Man I ****ing love all the different flavors of weed. It’s such an incredible plant. We’ve got this gelonade which is lemon tree x gelato and the limonene terp has such a strong lemon flavor that it coats your tongue and is so damn delicious. We’ve also got some strawberry banana (strawberry bubblegum x banana Kush) that is like this super sweet strawberry bubblegum flavor that goes great with elbow farms maraschino cherriez and this other sweet dessert strain called Nice Cream. I’ve been learning some cool stuff about mono vs poly terpenes and how different ones
  7. @Simmsy CalMag is a decent quick fix quite a few people use and might be worth a shot. Lolipopping or defoliation is something that is done with healthy plants in the last couple weeks of veg or the first week of flower so that energy is focused to the main bud sites and allows for better air circulation below the canopy. However, this is a stressor and not the time at all for dude to be doing that and these plants aren’t being given time to properly recover.
  8. Ah, good to know. I wouldn’t be surprised if trump still goes after him. Purely for the fact that Desantis is getting attention that trump thinks should belong to him.
  9. I'm looking forward to when the whole Trump turning on DeSantis thing really gets going. Trump's a coward ass **** who can't stand competition and will go after anyone taking his shine.
  10. It’s easier to start with one strain at a time because they will tend to have similar feeding needs and should flower around the same amount of time versus juggling different plants with different feeding and flowering schedules. It takes a couple runs with most strains to really get them dialed in and learn how heavy or light a feeder they are, how much they stretch during flower, how stress and pest/mold resistant they are, etc.
  11. @Simmsy Damn, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s the accumulation of multiple stressors in quick succession and not being able to have the time and space to recover. The biggest challenge new growers have is leaving the plants the **** alone. They want things to go well so badly and they don’t realize the plant does the work and we just facilitate their needs and stay out of their way. Why the hell did this guy top the plants? Topping is high stress training and is often done after the plants have shown a 5th or 6th node and are in bigger size pots. Even in healthy conditions t
  12. I wouldn’t mess with it. Give it more time to stabilize and then reassess. Depending on pot size, plants will run through the nutrients in their soil in like 4-6 weeks. So just keep an eye on things and look for your plants to get that really healthy dark green/black color where just the tips of the leafs are curled slightly down/inwards. If after a week or two it doesn’t reach that point you might want to think about topdressing your soil and giving it some nutrients. Keep in mind that organics are slow release amendments so you want to be ahead of the curve to get the timing right.
  13. It depends on what’s in the soil you’re using. I would make sure your ph is on point and let your plants recover a bit from the overwatering and then reassess. You don’t want to make too many changes too quickly until you have a better idea of what’s going on and what’s needed to fix things. One of the biggest challenges when growing is fighting the need to do too much, especially when there are problems. Sometimes chasing a solution to a problem makes solving it that much harder. If you need to adjust your ph you can use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Later on you ca
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