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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Daron Payne take advantage of having more 1-gap assignments. We've only really seen him do it sporadically in college IIRC, but he's got the get-off and athleticism for his size to make the most of those opportunities.
  2. If a person is entitled to their opinion, they are also responsible for their opinion and making sure it is accurate and not stupid or harmful to other people. JDR is a weak ass **** when it comes to character based on that interview with Ben Standig. He runs his mouth about how Tony Dungy preaches accountability and admitting when you were wrong and can be better and then completely dodges any accountability when Ben asks him about those dumbass tweets he made that were reacting to parody accounts/false information. **** that guy.
  3. He was my favorite receiver so far. He's a definite first rounder with a high level of polish already for someone so young. Both him and Caleb Fairley, a 1st Round CB prospect out of Virginia Tech are opting out and declaring for the draft.
  4. Watching that Randy Jordan presser was worthwhile. I didn’t realize Antonio Gibson used to play QB, that bodes well for holistic thinking when it comes to his various positions and how they work to setup and attack the defense. I’m really excited to see what he can do in this offense, especially because the second thing that was valuable to learn was about the new complexity of RB route concepts. Which switches the route of a given play based on man/zone coverage and leverages of the defense while depending on the qb and rb to be reading the same thing and adjusting accordingly. So basically our rb’s will be running a **** load of choice routes and Dwayne is the kind of guy to get off on having that level of dynamicism to attack a secondary with. There will be some growing pains but I’m starting to better appreciate what they’re trying to put together.
  5. This is the most optimistic post, I've ever seen you make. I hope you're right, not just because this is our team, but because it would be awesome to see a genuinely good man have success in this place again like Joe Gibbs Part 1.
  6. One thing, I'll be super interested to see this year is how much of a polymath AGG truly is and how that will positively affect his learning curve amidst all the other challenges unique to this season.
  7. This Tom Cotton guy must have failed history class. He ever read about the Boston Massacre or the Kent State Shooting?
  8. It's crazy to me that people haven't yet made the deeply fundamental connection between integrity and health. Health both in the individual sense, and in the collective or societal sense. Not only is integrity a continued requirement for the healthy functioning of an individual and society, but in order to advance or further civilize a society, even higher standards of integrity are required. I personally worry more about mental/emotional/physical/spiritual health than whether people believe in God or give a name to what we are all connected to, because it's ****ing obvious how things are supposed to work, the healthier you get and the more your holistic palate harmonizes with the interconnections of reality. And these interconnections were here and working based on these requirements before language, the bible, or humans even existed and they will still hold true in the future if life takes on different forms in different locations of the universe. When I talk about integrity, I am talking about something beyond morality that is so fundamental to the structure of the universe and the structure within us, that it is a requirement of movement and communication in every level of life from the quantum to the quaint.
  9. Intelligence doesn’t mean **** if you don’t apply it to due diligence and rigorous self-reflection. This country is filled with smart dumbasses who dunning Kruger themselves out of most opportunities to gain wisdom and learn healthier ways of being.