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  1. MTG, kind of reminds me of the albino orc from lord of the rings. I'm not trying to down anyone for their looks, I'm sure some people are into that.
  2. Man this is such a measuring stick year for us. I'm excited to see how we do against so many good QB's.
  3. Ben Standig brought up an interesting point in his latest article on the athletic. With this logjam at tackle, what are the chances we trade one of our backups who probably won’t make our team to someone else for a late round pick? Last year we traded a 6th round pick for David Sharpe and a 7th. Now it looks like he’ll have a hard time even making the team. It’d be nice if we could recoup that 5th round pick we traded to the Eagles.
  4. Speaking on that work ethic a bit. According to his coaches Jamin Davis was an hour early to every meeting and IIRC spent an additional hour unprompted with his coach asking questions and reviewing game tape. This guy is exactly the workaholic we want leading our LB corps in the future. Are there false steps and hesitation on his tape? Definitely and it was part of the reason I had him ranked 3rd behind JOK and Zaven, but damn the more research I do on this guy the more I like him and feel safe in having a positive projection about his growth curve. For those who are wonder
  5. I get why you’d have this impression, but one thing you might want to key on when evaluating Dyami is how well he executes his double moves and head fakes while getting in close to the DB and attacking leverage.
  6. He told that other man he look like a toddler in a diaper
  7. Kam Curl will be our Buffalo Nickel and then spell Landon as needed. I don’t know what Landon’s recovery will ultimately be like but I’m sure Kam’ll be rotating with Landon often in the beginning of the season. He’ll find his way on the field.
  8. Thought this was a pretty good video charting Young’s growth over last season. How he learned to add a bull rush to his Arsenal versus using his side scissors all the time.
  9. JDR said that he plans to eventually cross train Toney at both DE and LB.
  10. Yup that was an informative interview with JDR. Landon was told to get lighter this year and will stay at SS but sometimes play in the box like a quasi LB. Kam Curl will get in where he fits in and will alternate between Buffalo Nickel and FS. Also they will at some point cross train Shaka Toney as both DE and LB and in the future JDR envisions WJ3 and BSJ as our two outside corners which would put Fuller in the Slot. He also wants to see our corners helping our d line get sacks as much as the line helps our corners with coverage.
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