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  1. You'd of thought this was wk 17 w/ everything on the line the way some ppl were reacting. Browns go first team both sides of the ball and begin the game in 2 min offense. Looks like  a lot of folks were looking for the big win. Glad to see someone w/ realistic expectations.  #HTTR# 

    1. SkinsGuy


      Thank you.


      It seems like the thinking here by some is that if you have logical reasons for why things worked out the way they did, you are being illogical, and believe the team is going 14-2 this season. :)


      I don't believe that, but that doesn't mean I can't see when two teams playing each other have to different agendas.

  2. #BgMase76#

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Best draft I can remember.
  3. Clearly Dunny was the best cover corner prior to his freak injury. Curious as to what Moreau can do w/ starter reps.
  4. Saw this on B/R and instantly thought UPGRADE. Love the move. Let's DRC just be ball hawk. Less wear and tear on the body. Only question left is Nicholson done?
  5. #BgMase76#

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at An's Boobs

    Watched the game, and was pleasantly surprised. Every issue I had with Gruden I still have, but he had the team looking competent. (Considering) If they look like this next week against Philly Gruden is definitely coming back. In spite of everything the team actually had a chance to win yesterday. That over throw to Doctson on the first possession. Skinz settled for a FG. That was the deciding factor. Doctson got loose a couple times. Behind this rag tag, fourth string, intermural JuCo practice squad OL. Saw AP start to shimmer. Too bad we didn't have the talent to let him bling.
  6. My GAWD, is this not the slowest team in the league? Couldn't wait to see Hamilton at LB over Mason Foster. Guess Brown is hurt cause I still see Foster trailing the play and Hamilton getting consumed by interior OL. And yes, pls them all. Clean house.
  7. It was the same old story. Gruden hasn't innovated his offense. Anyone on here who watches the games can call pass or run based on the formation. We can't take shots down field. Stop the run early and Gruden abandons it. At no point did it look like our defense knew what was coming. 3rd and long/3rd and inches. Their offensive playcalling was based on what they knew the defense was doing. Imagine their coaching staff building a game plan based on what the other team wants to do and their weaknesses. Hmmmm
  8. Smith is getting abused and owned on the edge. God I hope they don't pay him.
  9. Give them a second. Booth still taking their glitter off from New Orleans. LMAO
  10. Who's the biggest obstacle, the players getting in their own way or Gruden's horrible play selection at the most in opportune time?
  11. I'd rather see Vigil on the field than Mason Foster. He's just ridiculously bad in every aspect.
  12. Notice Philly offense is going almost exclusively at Foster.
  13. Classic Jay. Wasted possession with bad playcalling. When he gonna learn to run AP downhill? Enough with the offset back.
  14. Can you count the botched plays by Mason Foster alone? This team isn't focused, dialed in, or paying attention to the details. Not crazy about the Ruben Foster signing but watching Mason Foster get beat in every possible scenario could change a lot of minds going into next season.
  15. Skinz done for the season. Not gonna win another game with Mason Foster leading this defense. He's useless outside of the A gap.