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  1. One other thing i liked today was Norman not being on the field. Granted there wasn't much passing at all but i felt better knowing Norman's guy wasn't running free. Moreau's best game since coming back. No holding calls against him today.
  2. Zero confidence. Gets happy feet quick and accuracy is piss poor. He's left a lot of points on the field. Finally actually connected w/ Quinn. Call me ignorant, but i just don't see what he's giving the team that Haskins can't at this point.
  3. Already doing that every time Keenum doesn't hand off the ball. Just our sad state at this point.
  4. Thx you good sir. I just needed that sanity check. I'm so DAYUM tired of seeing bunch formations and stacked boxes. We create stacked boxes and try to run on them. We don't spread the field or use half of it. We don't run slants, curls, or comebacks.
  5. That's where i am. Wanna know how autonomous KOC is in playcalling. The screen for a first used their aggressiveness against them. The play where Smallwood moved up closer to the LOS and he hit Quinn showed thought but other than that i saw nothing inspiring.
  6. So why did it work for the Niners? They stuck to the run game, didn't do anything fancy. Oh yeah, Case got out played by Jimmy G.
  7. Really interested to know how much autonomy KOC has in playcalling. Two games in and really not impressed thus far. Just finished watching the Niners game. How many Sims gadget plays are we gonna call per game? Felt like they went away from downhill running and got too cute.
  8. Watching the game you're just floored by the miss tackles, bad schemes, and utter lack of discipline and technique. Everyone looks out of place and clueless.
  9. The same reason he killed Norman on a rte. It'd if been different if he bodied him up. No, he killed him on a rte. Norman can't cover Witten. He has no biz being on the field at all.
  10. I'm just flabbergasted by the play calling. DL looks like it's getting worn down quick. They don't send any heat. Norman is sooo bad they back off everyone. How many times does he have to get isolated on a speed WR before they recognize and adjust. Teams are looking for him. He's averaging a +40 yd td a game. I wouldn't even be mad if the secondary was getting beat in press man. But it's death by a 1,000 cuts watching them. I like Holcomb but he was getting swallowed by dallass OL. SMDH
  11. IDK, i think if we do what we did last year we'll win this game. Ugly low scoring defensive game. Can't wait to see Scary Terry, Guise,a healthy Reed, and that D get after it. Really excited about seeing Da'Ron Payne take it to that next level and put the D on the map.
  12. You'd of thought this was wk 17 w/ everything on the line the way some ppl were reacting. Browns go first team both sides of the ball and begin the game in 2 min offense. Looks like  a lot of folks were looking for the big win. Glad to see someone w/ realistic expectations.  #HTTR# 

    1. SkinsGuy


      Thank you.


      It seems like the thinking here by some is that if you have logical reasons for why things worked out the way they did, you are being illogical, and believe the team is going 14-2 this season. :)


      I don't believe that, but that doesn't mean I can't see when two teams playing each other have to different agendas.

  13. Clearly Dunny was the best cover corner prior to his freak injury. Curious as to what Moreau can do w/ starter reps.
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