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  1. "The goddamed Germans got nothing to do with it." - Sheriff Buford T. Justice
  2. "Hold my beer." - AYDS diet candy
  3. Billy/Sonny/Larry/Charley Beating Dallas to go to SB VII
  4. Two actually, and another one in New York, up near Canada.
  5. Trying to avoid a blackout without having to buy them themselves.
  6. I moved away, but still find a way to watch My Redskins games. I am sure I am not alone. I can't get to many games at FedEx Field. I have been to more Redskins Games in NY/NJ. I have been to four home games since the stadium opened.
  7. Friday morning, before you get up. I think around 4:00 AM. I have my TiVo set to record it. I will listen to the Sirius radio broadcast on Thursday though. Miss you, Sonny!
  8. I once took a boombox into my back yard on Long Island, to pick up an AM broadcast of a Redskins v. Bears game off the clouds from Chicago. This was in the 80s when both teams were good.