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  1. I honestly don’t know how to feel, I enjoyed watching this team at times, but I think I will forever be pissed off about the name change. I don’t know where the path of fandom leads for me, this year certainly didn’t make me embrace the new name, and it certainly didn’t inspire me for the future like it has done others. I still don’t want any gear that says Washington football team, and even making the playoffs doesn’t make that horrible name go away.....in the middle of beating the Steelers like a rented mule at a hooters in Pensacola beach Florida some dude at the bar sta
  2. This went a lot better than I thought but ultimately the end result was what I thought it was gonna be. Maybe this is something to build on but I’m still pessimistic about it and will believe it when I see it.
  3. Well I did say try and I suppose....so If this team had done anything in the last 20 years to prove me wrong then I would have a little optimism but they haven’t, from horrible front office, to horrible draft picks, to the name change since the 91 season this team has been an utter disappointment even Gibbs couldn’t save it. Start consistently winning and I might have more optimism until then, it is what it is, sorry I’m not cheerful enough
  4. Since I’ve been called “negative” I’ll try to lighten up a bit I suppose....... Simply put this team doesnt have a quarter back capable of beating Tampa Bay, Alex Smith’s story is outstanding but he has never been the guy anywhere and he isn’t it here and that was before the injury. Phenomenal game manager, not someone you build your franchise around as demonstrated by the 49ers and Chiefs already. The defense is good theirs is better, their offense is light years ahead of ours. It’s gonna be a blow out I think TOMpa Bay: 38 The Team that plays football:
  5. Ehhh I just think I’m realistic...hasn’t Sims Jr been an issue all year on returns yet Ron the savior keeps him there. Sure we won the NFC East BARELY in a horrible division absolutely retched, and barely won last night Hurts stays in I am not so sure we win that game. I haven’t seen much this season that equates to playoff wins. I’m always happy we are in ill probably even buy a t-shirt but let’s not confuse realism for negativity
  6. Has Sims ever fielded a clean punt....why is he back there!!! He sucks!!!!!! @RiverboatRonHC ain’t as smart as you all think he is.
  7. As I said.....this team ain’t that good, you give Jalen Hurts too many chances (like we have the last 2 drives) and it’s gonna be over. either way Tampa bay destroys us so
  8. I’m trying not to get to up....this team has let me down so many times and a lot of football left....with that said that drive was almost perfect couple more of those it’s over early
  9. Let this sink in a guy that almost had his leg amputated, wears a huge brace on that same leg, is not just a little better....is infinitely better than Haskins. Alex Smith physically shouldn’t be able to compete with Haskins but not only can he, he is better in every way. What a waste Haskins was.
  10. Yea it’s already a foregone conclusion that this team loses, it’s all over but the crying. On top of that this is not playoff caliber football being played in Washington and a playoff birth seems hollow and ripe with disappointment even though the pundits will say oh Rivera he got us to the playoffs in year one, wooooooo we rolling, and the front office will use it to raise ticket prices etc. etc. when in reality this team shouldn’t even be in the conversation. Eagles: 24 Washington Team that plays football and used to have a glorious name and history that is no reduce
  11. BOOM!!!!!!! Bye Haskins good luck with your future filing for unemployment
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