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  1. Even in a bad season, and this is yet again a bad season, with a bad team, in a bad division. Even still I love beating the Cowboys. However after what I saw from both teams last week I can’t see us beating them. If Dalton stays in the game we lose. Cowboys: 28 The team that plays football: 12 I think it’s close until the half but they never lead, they keep it close enough to keep everyone interested and not utter my favorite line from Adams Family Values “I am a turkey, Kill Me!” Hopkins misses 2 FG’s
  2. Just an opinion but the score didn’t indicate how much better the Bengals are. They were moving the ball at will against us, missed FG, missed extra point, and a crazy play that only chase young can make its 17-7....burrow doesn’t get hurt they continue to move the ball at will and score at least twice. With Joe Burrow they are far and away a better team that the Football team
  3. Burrow doesn’t get hurt we lose that game hands down and it ain’t even close. That being said the Division is winnable because it’s horrible. But the NFC East champ is a one and done in the playoffs so do you really even want it? Personally I don’t cause it’s a waste, it would mean nothing but give the ownership something to throw out there claiming “progress”.
  4. Well Joe Burrow is done....no matter who you root for hate to see a clearly talented guy get hurt like that
  5. Bengals might fire the kicker at half time.....if not for him they are dominating this game on the score board as well as all the stats
  6. The score clearly doesn’t show how much better then Bengals are than the Team that plays football
  7. If it wasn’t for the Bengals kicker and a huge Chase young hit it would be 17-7 Bengals
  8. Touchdown!!!!!!! Let’s see what it’s like to play with a lead for once!
  9. At least this team is consistent no opening drive points yet this season.
  10. I don’t know why and the WTF has given me zero reason to feel this way, but I actually think they could win this...... and usually when I feel this way I’m dead wrong, we have a history of making rookie QB’s and mediocre QB’s look like hall of famers so with that being said..... Bengals:18 WTF:16
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