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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he has been a great and loyal Redskin & has been the best LT in the game. But you can’t give a guy with his recent injury history and age a high paying new deal. The right thing is trade him and get something for him. No no hard feelings Trent you are the man but if this team is ever going to crawl out of misery it starts with taking emotion out of the decision.
  2. I honestly don’t even care, only liked Harper because he was a Nat, always knew he was only about him, he never wanted to be here in the first place. I would rather keep Trea, Rendon, Max, build the bull pen, get what we need to make a deep playoff run. Maybe im to much of an old school fan but I would rather ride with guys that want to be here vs guys who only want money, it baffles me that there are teams with players who win championships at all levels that the superstars take less to sign better role players to win championships, yet it seems like a foreign concept to people like Bruce Harper, Desean Jackson, etc. it shows me they don’t really want to win a title they just want money, and while that’s fine, I just don’t respect it and it’s not how you win the big one.
  3. Thanks, as to your question...that fan would either have his/her sign taken away or kicked out. Snyder doesn’t want to change because even bad teams make money...and quite frankly he is still gonna make money, he just isn’t gonna get anymore of mine.
  4. Eagles win and it’s not even close, and to be honest who cares! For the first time in years I’m not even gonna watch...we suck, there is literally no hope for change, we have zero plan to get better, I’m going to die without ever seeing another Redskins Super Bowl win. But I’ll still be back next year, only thing that will change is that I’m not going to spend money on this crap...no more training camp, no more team gear, no more game attendance. Eagles: 30 Redskins: 6
  5. Hdf561

    Redskins vs Titans Prediction Thread: Livin' On A Prayer

    Even more guys injured, 4th QB, players who are ping pong world champs, clueless coaching.... really, really It was a miracle we got outta JAX with a win...lightning ain’t striking twice. Titans: 21 Redskins: 9
  6. Hdf561

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    We just keep doing this same cycle over and over...we get a coach it’s a shiny new penny it’s ok for a a few years, we might even get a random playoff appearance, but then the wheels fall off, and it starts all over again. I dont expect any different this go around...for awhile I boycotted FEDEX I didn’t got to a game for 5 years...I only just last year went to a game, and this year went to another one....2 games in 7 years at FEDEX after several seasons of going to 5+...well the boycott is back on Dan Snyder ain’t getting anymore of my money...Inturned down free tickets to the giants game and I’m glad I did. I’ll always be a fan too invested at this point to quit, but the only voice I have is my wallet and it’s not getting spent on the Skins.
  7. This is gonna be worse than any prison beat down on OZ ever was...even Beacher getting all his limbs broken in the gym.... I voted it doesn’t even matter because it doesn’t down to a no talent clown like Sanchez, defense has been exposed for what it really is, and Jay Gruden looks as competent as the former high school football bench warmer that calls plays for the local youth football team. Giants win and win handily.... Giants: 32 Redskins: 6 (maybe) Only way we ever see the endzone is if AP breaks another 90 yarder.
  8. Welp that about wraps up this season...and as I sit and watch these losers laugh and socialize with the Eagles players swap jerseys and all this other garbage...it dawns on me that they don’t even care if they win, lose, suck etc. just as long as the check comes.... It makes me angry but I’m the fool for giving a damn when they clearly don’t...I just wish my kids could experience their team winning a Super Bowl I got to see three I fear they won’t even see one, and I’ll never see another one. Whatever I’m done for this year, be back next season
  9. Hdf561

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    Come on really, I mean really there is very little chance we win this. The debates are is this a must win, YOUR DANG RIGHT IT IS! Fastest way to win your Division is to beat the teams in your division, so yes this is a must win game! However we just don’t have the juice...the coaching staff has been figured out, and we are injured (again) without a legit NFL starting QB at the helm, and without a legit #1 WR. Eagles: 32 Redskins: 12 Colt throws 3 INT’s and no TD’s
  10. Season is over...even if by the smallest of margin we squeak into the playoffs we are a first round exit, so really what’s the point... I’m done I’m back on my Fed ex boycott I didn’t attend a home game for 5 years and only broke the boycott last year when my kids begged to go to a game, no more...f them they want my support play better and win. I’ll always be a fan but they get no more of my money until I see results.
  11. I never want to hear a word about how good this defense is ever again! Mediocre on its best day! This team is still a joke, season is over....if this coaching staff is not fired after this then I have lost all faith...BTW called IT I knew we would lay an egg in a game that mattered....I may be done for the rest of the season cause it’s over!!!!!
  12. Hdf561

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Time to Put Up Or Shut Up

    Yes why is that unusual...she is from Texas moved to VA met my Redskins fan dad got married had kids we grew up as Redskins fans
  13. Hdf561

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Time to Put Up Or Shut Up

    I’m glad everyone is feeling confident I wish I was. I just feel feel it’s too much against us. Short week, on the road, Thanksgiving Day game, Colt being the Qb, Cowboys with momentum, and now Cooper. Just seems to historically add up to a Redskins loss.....I hope I’m wrong going to have a house full of people watching this game, including my massive cowboy fan mother (she is from Texas) It just seems too good to be true that we might actually be better with Colt and beat our rivals on a Holiday. Redskins: 18 Cowboys: 28
  14. That will be remembered as the one that got away, Smith played bad while he was in the game, gets hurt, And we still had a shot to win it...this one hurts bad because it was right there. Never been a big fan of Colt but he showed he has been staying ready, need another solid veteran because our oline is still sparse. Still a lot of questions, defense played ok but tackling and coverage were average at best...quite frankly the whole unit is just average no matter what the numbers say. Needed this win, now we have to play Dallas with zero momentum and they have all of it.
  15. Hdf561

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    I just can’t see how we score more than a few points on this defense...even if our defense plays to it’s potential the Texans are gonna find the end zone at least once and that maybe all it takes. I dont think they blow us out but, we have shown we don’t put up, and we can’t play from behind. Redskins: 12 (all field goals) Texans: 14