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Newsweek: Alex Jones and Other Conservatives Call For Civil War Against Liberals

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You are all missing one thing. The ruling class - congress and the military to be specific - cannot make money and control things with civil unrest. Trump is secondary. They will decide together what is in their best interest and that is who will be supported. Any civil unrest will be met with swift and decisive action.  All those people going to buy guns to "defend" themselves, will have wasted their money. As Jim Jefferies said - "you realize you are bringing a gun to drone fight right?"




Our only hope is for congress and the military to decide that trump is more of a problem than he is worth. If so they will ensure we have elections. This is a good news bad news thing. The good news is there is very little chance there is some large scale long time "civil war". The bad news is I could very easily see the democrats in the interest of preserving what little power they have only putting up a token fight against trumps tyranny. And we already know the republicans are all cowards. So do not be surprised if we end up with 4, 6 or 8 more yrs of this buffoon unless he dies before hand. But of course evil never dies.  So there's that. 

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48 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Curious why you think only some if any of the military would follow trump?  As for hardware, I guess it would depend on what the commander on the ground says and if the people under him followed.  Possession is 9/10ths of the law.

I would say more among the general military population. The military is a microcosm of general society right? So, there would be some in our military who love Trump. He is commander in chief; so there's bound to be some who would be willing to follow him and do whatever he asks.

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1 hour ago, LD0506 said:


Man, there's an ambiguous answer.......


But to be honest, just from what I've seen of you here, I expect I'd be ok with your decision

I'm in a position where I can't make my answer more clear.  But from what I see, I don't think everyone would make the same decision  

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A civil war probably wouldn't involve the military except in police duty at first, and possible use later to root out terrorist cells if anyone with the proper sanity manages to get control.  

i think if it happens, it'll be like other places. Occasionally there's a hit and run with coordinated attacks using personnel,  but mostly it's bombs and terrorist activity. fires, mass shootings, executions.  There wouldn't be any centralized leadership.. trump would not proclaim himself for one side or the other, rather he would do nothing while pretending to do something and congratulating himself for doing it. he would lay responsibility for the attacks at Democrats feet, Fox and their ilk will keep the waters muddy, there will be protests, clashes, probably even violent ones, and they will be chalked up to civil unrest, not civil war.  By and large we will pretend what is happening isn't happening as we think, because we're all afraid to say so and name the enemies. They will be among us, and we won't know who they are.

He will play misdirection as he is now, and if he can, probably the most overt thing he may do is to interfere in military matters,   for example, lets say California is being hit with bombing attacks in LA and SF. the governor calls up the national Guard and trump figures a way to step in and delay or hamper operations while pretending to be helping, and we all point and say "look what hes doing' and he keeps doing it while arguing with us about what he isn't doing and how great he is at doing it.. (like he does now in so many other ways.)

I think as it progresses, worst case is they will use it to further erode the constitution, and probably install trump for a good long time.

Last week he started calling himself a "wartime president"..  started talking about the "invisible enemy" which right now is assumed to mean COVID germs, but can easily be propagandized. "Wartime president", as in FDR,, as in extra terms. Right wing media will trumpet it, gun toting lunatics will march on statehouses and demand it, and Trump will use it.

And we will pretend they can't, and they will.



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Lawyer says Infowars host Alex Jones no longer believes Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax


After telling his vast internet audience that the deadly 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an elaborate hoax, Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, no longer believes that to be true, according to a recent court filing in a defamation case brought by families of the massacre’s victims.

Jones, who has faced intense scrutiny from the families, the public and Congress, is asking a judge to toss out the lawsuit, arguing that he has First Amendment protections.

“The assassination of President Kennedy. The lunar landings. The September 11 attacks. Sandy Hook. From these shocking events emerged some people who thought them so disruptive that they questioned whether they even happened, scouring records in support of evidence that might prove them hoaxes. Alex Jones, host of a radio show and publisher of InfoWars, firmly believes that the December 14, 2012, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was not a hoax,” Jones’s attorney, Jay M. Wolman, wrote in a motion to strike the plaintiffs' complaint filed last week.


Wolman points to storied investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in supporting his argument for Jones.


“Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein relied on allegations from ‘Deep Throat’ to link the Nixon Administration to the Watergate break-in," Wolman wrote. “Such journalism, questioning official narratives, would be chilled if reporters were subject to liability if they turned out to be wrong.”


The filing says that just once, on Dec. 28, 2014, “Mr. Jones referred to the shooting as a ‘hoax’ and ‘fake’ in less than two minutes of an 83-minute show. However, Mr. Jones has come to the conclusion that the shooting happened. He has said so many times since then."


Eight families of Sandy Hook victims filed suit against Jones, who lives in Texas, in Superior Court in Connecticut in May 2018. Court records show that lawyers were scheduled to begin jury selection next month, but jury trials have been placed on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Click on the link for the full article 


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