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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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15 minutes ago, visionary said:



This is the wrong play right now with under 40 days left until the election. The Trump team would LOVE it because it would be a huge distraction from everything he's ****ed up so far and plans on ****ing up in the future if reelected. 

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One more thing to add to the long list of evil crap this administration has done:


New rule may strip pollution protections from popular lakes


Nearly 50 years ago, a power company received permission from North Carolina to build a reservoir by damming a creek near the coastal city of Wilmington. It would provide a source of steam to generate electricity and a place to cool hot water from an adjacent coal-fired plant.


Sutton Lake became popular with boaters and anglers, yielding bass, crappie, bluegill and other panfish. But coal ash from the plant fouled the public reservoir with selenium, arsenic and other toxic substances, endangering the fish and people who ate them.


Environmentalists sued Duke Energy, which settled the case by spending $1.25 million protecting nearby wetlands. But now the company — and other U.S. power producers — may have gotten the last laugh.


The Trump administration this year completed a long-debated rewrite of the Clean Water Act that drastically reduces the number of waterways regulated by the federal government. A little-noticed provision for the first time classifies “cooling ponds” as parts of “waste treatment systems” — which are not covered under the law.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the power industry describe it as a clarification with little real-world effect. But environmental groups challenging the Trump rule in court say it opens up reservoirs like Sutton Lake to similar abuse.


“These lakes are sources of food, drinking water, recreation and property values for surrounding communities,” said Frank Holleman, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. “They’ve been protected under the Clean Water Act ever since it’s been adopted, all the way back to Nixon. No responsible adult would have stripped away these protections.”


Click on the link for the full article


"No responsible adult would have stripped away these protections."  We all know Trump is not a responsible adult.

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Re: clown living on credit


That’s sort of being the accusation the whole time. His wealth is over exaggerated especially when the discussion reaches the “he derives part of his wealth from the value of the Trump name”.


Add in his lawyers testimony that he over exaggerated value for loans and downplayed it for taxes made it interesting. The new accusations about, what I would call fraud, dealing with things like paying ivanka as a consultant when she’s also an employee...


ive given up on him being held accountable for everything. 

but this is a textbook in why the conservatives philosophy on taxes is incredibly flawed. 

and they’d rather ask the bulk of the country making <60k a year to pay “their fair share” than go after people who a) can actually afford more taxes, and b) arent even paying what they’re supposed to be paying, and c) in some/enough cases are actually flat out getting away with fraud. 

it’s crazy how many people have been tricked into this mindset. 

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40 minutes ago, tshile said:

it’s crazy how many people have been tricked into this mindset. 


Its actually fascinating when you consider how they used greed, poverty, fear and hatred in general and religion or faith to do it. I could study it for years and never get tired of it. 

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The president has obtained $15 billion so far for the project, but just one-third of that money has been authorized by Congress. The rest, nearly $10 billion, has been diverted from the U.S. military budget, giving Trump enough to build 738 miles of new barriers, enough to cover more than a third of the 2,000-mile boundary with Mexico.


In addition to the 331 miles of new barriers completed so far, approximately 250 miles are “under construction” and another 157 miles are classified as “preconstruction,” CBP figures show.


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