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Robin Williams just found dead


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Beloved actor Robin Williams died at the age of 63 on Monday, authorities have confirmed.


Police were the first to confirm the death of Williams, who was discovered “unconscious and not breathing inside his residence” in Tiburon, California. A police report was the source of the announcement.

“The Sheriff’s Office Coroner Divison suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia,” the police report says.

An investigation into his death is now underway.

In July the actor had checked himself into rehab.

Williams is best known for roles in Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, and Jumanji.

More recently, the actor starred on CBS’ The Crazy Ones.

Developing… more soon.



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Oh man. Sigh. One of my all time favorites bar none.  One of my best friends came up to my house one afternoon back in 79 with this album in hand. 




His Shakespear meets 3 mile island meltdown was bizarre and genius. "What's this? A three headed fish? No big deal."  


His second HBO special was one I watched every time they aired.  "Nanoo. Nanoo" Robin. 



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Never much into his standup, but his acting was phenomenal. Very underrated in that aspect, imo.


Love a lot of his movies.


So many of his movies were apart of my childhood.


The man spent his life making others laugh, its incredibly saddening that he could not find peace.

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Hook was a staple of my childhood. 



One of the roles I admired him most for was one of his earliest.... "Popeye" from 1980.

While the movie itself wasn't great, I admired the way he was able to pull off a character you would think is to ridiculous looking and too strange to play in a live action movie. However, he did pull it off.

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Such sad news. He was a rare talent who started out as a comic and found a way to reinvent himself through dramatic acting.  HIs "dark trilogy" of One Hour Photo, Death to Schmoochie and Insomnia was one of my favorite eras of his career.

Yeah, I thought Death to Smoochy was hilarious.  He was awesome in that.

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It saddens me greatly to see a man that created so many laughs, smiles, and fond memories end his life depressed. I wasn't a fan of his standup but he had a lot of good movies that I remember often, not all of them funny.

May God find him and give him the joy in death that eluded him at the end of his life. May God help us all find a way to identify and help those around us that are battling depression.

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