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  1. So, here's a question: isn't there some rule that states a team can only switch their uniforms once every 5 seasons? I'm guessing the Washington Footballers get a 'pass' this year?
  2. I just binged watched Yellowstone and now I'm upset that I have to wait for new episodes to come out.
  3. To me, I can't just pick the team I root for.. it has always happened organically. I've been a fan of the Washington Redskins since I was 8 years old. The Washington Redskins don't exist anymore. I'm willing to check out the new team identity and see how they bridge the gap with our previous football heritage, but I have no idea how or if they will catch on with me. I can say it would be a LOT easier to for me to watch & support them if Snyder were gone.
  4. I was given a blackout Redskins cap that I like... and I also have two Red Mesa Redskins T-shirts that will continue to wear. That's about it for my gear. I have some vintage jerseys from the Joe Gibbs era but the only time I ever wore them were at games.
  5. I've been a fan since the 70's. Watching the Redskins games was how I bonded with my new step-father and grandfather. I have a lot of really cool vintage collectibles, but this is probably my favorite piece. I've been collecting autographs on it since the 90's. It is signed by: Joe Gibbs Chief Zee John Riggins Joe Theismann Mark Mosely Art Monk Gary Clark Don Warren Joe Jacoby Russ Grimm Jeff Bostic Doc Walker Ed Simmons Dexter Manley Charles Mann Dave Butz Neal Olkewicz Monte Coleman Darrell
  6. Six Years ago, the Patawomeck tribe in VA offered their support in both retaining the current name and renaming the team, should team leadership wish. The potential name was "Washington Potomacs" and branding would probably stay largely the same.. It would be a partnership similar to FSU and the Seminole tribe. I'm wondering if Dan is still in contact with them or reaching out to them again. Here's a link for anyone who is interested in revisiting the article: https://spectator.org/patawomeck-tribe-snyder-could-rename-the-redskins-after-us/
  7. I wish they would remove the normal logo from the helmets and just go with plain burgundy helmet and grey facemask when pairing with the 1930s throwbacks. I thought I read somewhere that teams were allowed three different jerseys, pants & socks for one season. They wore both combos of white & burgundy in the regular season and I could have sworn I saw the 1970s era gold pants in the preseason. Does anybody know if that would rule out the khaki-colored pants normally worn during the alumni games?
  8. It just feels like Nike half-stepped the design on the Skinz color rush uniforms. We have such a rich history of uniforms and logos from which to draw inspiration. They could have made some really cool fauxbacks for us like they did for Denver and SanDiego last year, but instead all we get is the addition of all yellow socks and a yellow jersey to augment our standard home uniform.
  9. LoL.. I've never heard of the faux leather helmets referred to as cantaloupes, but I like it! I think those were completely different helmets though. I guess they could repaint their helmets for one week to match the throwbacks and then paint them again to match their regular unies, but that's probably not practical. As Zguy28 pointed out: the whole "same helmet all year long" thing is BS because all you need to do is get the same size, make, model and swap out the existing pads. I agree.. teams should be allowed to wear alt helmets with throwbacks.
  10. From what I understand, the helmet itself has to be the same piece of equipment for each player, but they are allowed to alter the appearance of the helmet for throwback games by removing the stripes and/or decals.. Green Bay removes the stripes and decals for their throwback games.. I wish we would do the same.
  11. Gretchen Wilson & Alice in Chains covering Heart's "Barracuda".. Sounds like a crazy combo, I know, but man.. what results!
  12. Saint Vincent with Bill "freaking" Murray and Melissa McCarthy. The story stuck to a somewhat predictable format, but it was great to see Bill Murray given the lead in a film again. He can still do it. I thought he put in a fantastic performance and have been recommending this one to others.
  13. No new info on uniforms here.. just a cool pic of the white jersey 1938 uniforms. I had never seen a photo of this uniform with a white jersey and I think it looks pretty awesome. Interesting how the burgundy jerseys had a white outline around the gold numbers but these do not appear to have an outline around the numbers. Also it looks like the logo is higher on the white jerseys. Burgundy jersey for reference
  14. Oh, no I didn't. It actually showed up in a facebook feed today for some reason. Thanks for pointing the date out. Looked at it again - it showed up because it was related to this story from today: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/senator-strip-nfl-tax-exempt-status-league-won-push-washington-team-change-article-1.1941751 Sorry for the confusion.
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