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  1. No respectable coach is going to come here for any level on money. Until Allen is gone and Snyder brings in a hard nose GM we will continue to sign washed up guys looking to be "yes" man and collect a check.
  2. Agree 100%. The only show i can remember that did an amazing job with main characters switching from good to bad and us really caring about it was Breaking Bad.
  3. They are protecting everyone from bears. Terrible creatures they are. Yes, they are reformed. They no longer look to kill and rape everything they come across. They are learning math and are going to become accountants.
  4. Or better yet why not John just say i am the true king? I mean they spent what 6-7 years building up to him being revealed as the true king...might as well use that material for once? What they did to Danny was complete garbage. You spent the entire series making us love her and wanting her to win the throne...then in one episode you make her go mad and then we are supposed to be upset or sad about John killing her? GTFO. If you wanted us to be sad she was killed she needed to die and as a good queen. If you wanted us to be grateful she was killed.....well
  5. Someone posted it on here a few days ago. Was on reddit, freefolksite or something. These were pretty straight forward. Why? This place is fun on every Monday b/c everyone complains and a few people defend. With it being the last show ever how will it not be fun?
  6. I couldn't help myself but read the spoilers. This place is gonna be fun on Monday. lol
  7. It really is tho. There is no other FPS that will get your heart pumping like this one.
  8. Division 2 was pretty fun. Only game im playing regularly now is Siege.
  9. Right, she travels what....3 months by horse to get to KL. Get through all the guards and people to only turn back at the last second because the hound told her to? And then Cersei and Jaime literally walk through the exact area she was. The number one person on her list for the entire show basically she just walks away from. That was extremely frustrating and goes against everything her character has been built up to be. Basically D&D needed someone to follow through the hell that Danny created so they used her because shes someone most people like the most.
  10. Gendry is done. I dont think we see him, Braun or Giants milk dude for the remainder of the show. They wrote them all off two episodes ago.
  11. I agree, i can see it ending this way as well...but how in 1 episode is John going take over as king? By just the numbers he clearly doesn't have the power. Do all of the norther armies come to support him? Then just get roasted by the dragon? Does Arya kill Danny and all of Dannys armies just follow John? Seems like we have so much to wrap up and only 90 mins to do so. lol
  12. I enjoyed the episode, with the way they have been setting this season up. I hate that they turned Danny into the Mad Queen...but that was to be expected i guess. One episode to go with a lot of thing to wrap up.
  13. Dont think the majority of people are trying to ruin anything. Are most disappointed with how they are rushing to end a show that most have loved for the last 10 years. I would agree with that.
  14. This pretty much sums up my feelings after the last few weeks.
  15. I have the same feeling. Why is Euron looking up into the sky worried at the end of the preview next week? He was smiling when he looked up at Danny this week. Does she find more stones/eggs? There is no way one dragon is taking over KL.
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