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  1. Marvel is doing all it can to slow the tide that is Batman V Superman down. Now they are bringing in Spiderman in the middle of their cinematic universe? Seems rushed. A new Spiderman to appear in Cap 3... sounds like they are trying to copy what DC is doing with Batman.
  2. Damn, wish I saw this thread before starting a new one. I've never been a huge Bruce Allen fan, but these challenges have just tossed me off the cliff. I now know he's the current roadblock in the Skins return to glory.
  3. So a name change and a new stadium. Fresh start. Do we get a new owner too?
  4. Saw Guardians of the Galaxy, easily the most entertaining Marvel movie to date. Fun, exciting, great graphics, lots of laughs, really opens up the Marvel Universe. Just a lot of fun. I'd say the lead is a cross between Han Solo and Marty McFly. And he nails it.
  5. As long as you realize you are a racist for supporting the Redskins, we are good. cause that's what the socially commentary has turned into.
  6. I have a problem with jokes being made that make no sense. Dan Snyder is a racist because he wants to honor tradition? **** Drake and ESPN. The "Washington team is racist" commentary has got to stop. It's completely illogical. Why would a racist try to "honor" his team by calling it a name of some other race? It drives me insane. I swear, this all stems from Amanda Blackhorse watching Peter Pan with her children. Capt Hook calls the neverland indians Redskins and the kids from London run around in head dresses. That movie is 60 years old!!! C'mon.
  7. Punk ass Drake last night on the ESPYs made a crack that racism has no place in the NFL, unless you own a team in Washington. The good news is the joke totally bombed and he had to come back with "woah, it just got weird in here".... No Drake, it got weird the moment your mark ass showed up.
  8. You have to step back and look at the picture as a whole. I don't think any of the snafus the Skins have made over the past 15 years can be blamed on anyone but one guy. At this point, I'd call the team the Washington Cream Puffs if it meant Snyder was bought out. I really hate me some Snyder right now. He's the one constant. All this talk about how much he wants to win is horse manure. Dude is a walking catastrophe.
  9. I'm pretty sure most of the Cowboys revenue is already exempt from Revenue Sharing since they market and license their own merchandise.
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